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    You Tube

    this was just funny and Ronald Lee Ermey make a cameo appearance. I cant seem to embed the video so I will paste the link Glock is really trying to do something right. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1cZdvJUf-k
  2. heavy chevy

    I think it may be time

    Rayz, I have to agree with you as I'm investing in Beans, Bullets, and Bandages. Precious metals are good, but Im thinking short term. I will get my hands on gold and silver jewelry in due time.
  3. heavy chevy

    TV show, documentaries, and movies

    Capt bart I agree with you on the .50 cal, It is an amazing machine gun and the fucker "jammed" but the damn gunner kept riding the bolt forward which to me made it look like he wasn't charging it right, I know he knows better, so I assume the producers made this happen to add drama for entertainment purposes. He would charge the machine gun and would get no resistance when charging it, everytime i charged the .50 cal I had to put my ass into the motion. LOL
  4. heavy chevy

    Another Knife Giveaway!

    I would like a good knife. Im IN
  5. heavy chevy

    Solution Used To Clean Water Bladders?

    That taste will go away within 2-3 complete uses. Fill with warm water, disconnect the bite valve and sit on it to empty it faster.
  6. heavy chevy

    Flea Market/Garage Sale Finds

    Reviving this thread, because I got some good deal on stuff today shopping at Thrift stores. I bought 3 Dakine Back pack $13 for the 3 of them, $1 quicksilver beanie, $1 small fleece blanket, ¢25 for 5qty 5" candles, $1 for 2 packs(5ea) of Bic razor blades, and $6 Alpine Sorel boots. 30ft of rope for a dollar each. and s $2 riggers nylon belt. total today Not pictured is the beanie and fleece blanket. I'm planning on selling the black/blue bag and the white one. Dakine makes great bags the white one is designed for snow boarding and sell in upwards of $100 dollars, So im excited about my profit margin once I put them up on ebay. Im keeping the grey one I like it and its design for hiking.
  7. heavy chevy

    TV show, documentaries, and movies

    I agree it everyone on the NATGEO having addicting and interesting shows. I recently caught "Inside Combat Rescue" about the AF PJ's conducting rescues in Afghan and its pretty gruesome stuff they deal with. The only thing I didn't like was that they always seem to make you feel like something is going to go wrong and its gonna get them all killed, like when the wounded are brought to the plane the narrator says shit to imply they are gonna die from suicide bombers, but the thing that got me was that they had their .50 Cal "malfunction" while in route to a hot location umm hello the entire country of Afghan is hot, I don't believe that gun would inoperable I just refuse to believe that shit happen twice.
  8. heavy chevy

    rain water collection

    It not that its illegal to catch rain water its that certain areas certain people (the rich) have water rights and if you take water that falls from the sky you are taking water from the people who own the right to water. Colorado is one of the states actually enforces such laws, I believe that the laws have not caught up with the times. Also its only illegal if you get caught Camouflaged collection system and good opsec should be enough to keep the law away.
  9. heavy chevy

    You Tube

    So I've noticed that many of the videos I've come across on youtube in regards to EDC and B.O.B. "reviews" some of these guys just go to walmart buy a bag and stuff it with camping stuff that they have never used in the field, much less tested around their yard. I dont knock them for gathering preps, but it bugs me that so many of these "reviewers" just shop at walmart, I just dont truly think their shit would last under heavy use. I have used the current GI folding shovel and broke the end handle while using it as a pick which is bummer I know, but I have dug like 3 fighting positions (for those that dont know its about 1 m-16 length by 1 m-16 width and deep enough to cover the tallest person in you hole, Im 5'9") I carried it over 7 years and used it many times. Can anyone really say the same about the walmart stocked folding shovel? Also yesterday I found a water bottle at a thrift store for .75 cents, a thermos container $1, an 8" pouch .50 cents, and a plastic case .50 cent for a total of $2.75. the bottles alone can cost $5 and $10 respectively in new condition, but there were really clean and metal is smooth and dent free. Im just trying to say these fools on youtube claim to be on a budget buying shit at walmart and not really making there dollar stretch. I also hate Walmart but their stock and prices are very tempting.
  10. heavy chevy

    Survival Watch

    I own a G-shock had it for over 5 years went to Iraq wearing it and its held up very well in all outdoor activities I've brought it on. I recommend it from personal use/abuse.
  11. heavy chevy

    Kill Your Television!!

    I stopped paying for cable way over 2 years ago, and just started streaming on my macbook and xbox 360 HULU, Netflix, and Project-free.tv <--- this one is free to stream. It was a very smart decision and Im glad I made it.
  12. heavy chevy

    TV show, documentaries, and movies

    I watched a PBS documentary "Battle for Haiti" which followed a 7 man team of police man who searched for escaped prisoners from the prison that was damaged during the 2011 earthquake and held 4,500 prisoners. They started operating around the tent cities and raped women, girls, boys and committed other crimes as usual. It was shocking how crazy things get after social order is collapsed and how helpless some people can be.
  13. Im sure these "cops" just nag and nag until they get in your home. I personally would never let them into my home and I don't know of anyone who would happen to keep their guns in plain view for anyone to see, because it just doesn't make sense. I like how the one person never opened the door or made any contact the they simply left empty handed.
  14. this is interesting. "The state Senate agreed March 7 to expand the seizure program using $24 million in surplus funds from fees that gun dealers charge buyers for background checks." this is the biggest shit sandwich I have ever been presented with. I mean I pay all type of fees to purchase firearms and they use the money to fund gun grabbing? And how in the hell is there a "surplus" of money California is in massive debt. They confiscate guns and ammo? then destroy them they should at least try and let you sell them of gift them to relatives.
  15. heavy chevy

    3 days? Gee ... Ya Think?

    You know I was thinking the same thing this morning when I was startled by the earthquake luckily it didn't last long at all (that's what she said), but I was thinking about stocking up on some supplies incase there was more or bigger aftershocks. I did fill up my truck and a few gas cans just in case. I picture the city of Los Angeles would turn into a war zone quick and in a hurry.
  16. heavy chevy

    The long awaited return

    went to another Big 5 store and found 1 box of .308 winchester buck and wild boar load for 25.99, problem is they only had one box.
  17. heavy chevy

    post your bob & contents. (:

    I have a brita water pitcher and a brita water bottle. just in case.
  18. heavy chevy

    post your bob & contents. (:

    Sup y'all thought I would post my BOB contents and wait for criticism. Background about me I'm not particularly onboard with bugging out, because its out of my comfort zone especially living in a large city and Im not fond of running away. My pack is a top of the line Seabag as pictured. sleeping bag 1 man tent 50rnds of .45 ACP hammer flashlight 2 tenis balls hygiene bag with hygiene products 1 baseball cap 1 ear muffs 1911 .45 with 3 mags IWB holster Gortex Jacket pepper spray monkey fist brass knuckles 50ft paracord to make bracelets for barter items sunscreen bug repellant reflective safety belt dog food, dog bowl, GI canteen, canteen cup, and canteen pouch. dog leash long bow with a 3 arrows (need to buy more) red bandana cuz I'm a fan of the blood set Oakley polarized sunglasses with mirror finished (gotta stay tacticool) marbles and porcelain (to throw at windows) stamps to pay for stuff or mail stuff hair comb (cuz i gotta look good) 35mm canister filled with vaseline covered cotton balls 1 ziplock bag with socks, tshirt, and boxer briefs telescoping baton with sheath Schrade knife 4" blade full tang. Glock bayonet 1 IFAK pouch 6 glow sticks FRS chewable energy candy (look it up, good stuff) day planner/journal wooden baseball bat hand sani assorted zip cable zip ties universal cleaning kit roll of TP S&W governor with PDX1 ammo I will carry a pouch outside my bug out bag that I would then carry on my belt -metal whistle -signal mirror -lighter -salt packets, first aid kit -pen, sticky notes -wet wipes -1 granola bar -pack of gum -ear plugs -pocket knife here are some pictures maybe I dont plan on bugging out, so most of what I have is for bartering or if i need to go and scavenge, but I guess I could bug out if necessary.
  19. heavy chevy

    The long awaited return

    went to a sporting goods store today to check on ammo prices, guy there tell me 20 rnds of .308 is going for $45 dollars I said in amazement "for one box?", then walked away?
  20. heavy chevy

    Vehicle kit

    I carry a small air compressor, I don't need the stabile fuel I change it out frequently enough that its not a concern.
  21. heavy chevy

    Vehicle kit

    I have an older truck 1969 Chevrolet Truck and I carry a few things to mostly make small road side repairs, I have roadside help through my insurance so I can always count on a low cost tow, gas, and jump start options. I still carry the following -Jumper cables -5 gallon gas container locked with a bicycle cable lock in the truck bed(with 3 gallon I don't keep it full). -Road Flares -tire plug kit -some hand tools -spare fuses and wire connectors -Flashlight and extra batteries -gallon of water and P.O.L.'s pretty much if I cant fix it on the side of the road I will call for a tow truck.
  22. heavy chevy

    The long awaited return

    Just to clarify It's Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) they can still be destroyed and disabled. The MRAP's are designed to keep the occupants safe and alive and they work very well.
  23. heavy chevy

    You Tube

    this guy has simply useful stuff http://www.youtube.com/user/indoorsurvivalist?feature=watch I mostly search specific things
  24. heavy chevy

    what do you carry when recreational boating/fishing?

    I just remembered I carry Green and Red Glow sticks to tape to the bow incase my bow lights go out for some reason. Catfish Hunter I'm gonna find a way to make a float for the anchor line I like the idea of ditching the anchor momentarily.