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    Shelter in place?

    My dad use to tell me that gold mines and silver mines eventually run out, but stupid people are born every minute. LOL
  2. heavy chevy

    Shelter in place?

    the active shooter video which i think was either houston or dallas said to hide, run, barricade doors and offices, and if all else fails fight back with fire extinguishers and in larger groups. Some people are just not meant to be fighters, You know what I mean? Like those scared people would have to muster up a lot of courage to fight back and lets face you can't defend yourself confidently against a gunman without a gun. True Story. It truly is a sad time though in the US.
  3. heavy chevy

    Wanted Good Used Camelbak Bag. Details Inside.

    im kinda late, but I have 2 camelbacks I want to get rid of. 1 is a 2liter black color, and the other is a 3L i believe it also with a small pouch try-color desert camo
  4. heavy chevy

    Sawyer Water Filter Review

    I have this same filter found it on clearance at walmart for $15 dollars, I read that you can use a 2liter soda bottle as the threads are the same, I have yet to try it out though.
  5. heavy chevy

    Something in the wind and it ain't good

    I think that the politicians are gonna allow Obama to use US troops and US money to support the Rebels, despite unpopular among american people.
  6. yesterday was the first day I attended a community college class in person, up until now I had only done classes online and I rather enjoyed it because they were a short 8 week class, fast paced and to the point. I find myself surrounded by young people (I'm only 26) who are kinda careless and inconsiderate. The first 20 mins of my History of photography class was a discussion of the book, not the content, but the price and how expensive it was and I agree at 150$ its kinda ridiculous. In that same class discussion people just keep seemed to always coming back to the idea of taken the book and making photo copies of each chapter so that no one had to buy the book, sounds illegal and lazy these kids all have fee waivers so they dont shell out any money for tuition, but they still feel the need to dodge the fee for the book. One girl said she rented the book online for $26 dollars and thats kinda reasonable. I dont care about the book price I will covered by the VA for all my books and supplies. Anyone want to share or add anything here?
  7. heavy chevy

    Biden made me angry today

    Ham is absolutely right they cant push their liberal agenda on the people and they wont stop until they have what they want. Why are they so adamant on gun control? I must be missing something here, I guess ill go watch more news to better inform myself, ya right!
  8. heavy chevy

    What have you done today to better your Prep? III

    I found ammo at walmart .22lr remington thunderbolt 50rdns $2.27 and .45cal FMj 100rnds federal $34 i bought 3 boxes of each
  9. heavy chevy

    First day of community college

    we all gotta start somewhere JCMZ, Im in it for the Education and young females.
  10. heavy chevy

    First day of community college

    Oh yeah I know book are expensive they are always full price at school people search online for cheaper prices, I couldnt bring myself to spend over $100 for a book. I wonder if there is any Investigative Documentaries on the text book industry.
  11. heavy chevy

    What bag is in your bag?

    I know this thread is old, but I REI dot com has really good sleeping bags and they always have sales and they have an outlet store with good stuff gonna get me a hammock soon.
  12. heavy chevy

    Fishing basics

    there is a sale for fishing line at Sport chalet dot com 65lb 3000yards spiderwire stealth for .012 cents plus shipping I bought 2 for under $10 dollars
  13. heavy chevy

    Post Pics of your EDC

    So here is my attempt at reviving this thread. I have this insulated lunch box type bag that I carry a small amount of backup stuff that never really gets any use aside from snacks and gum. I live and go to school in the city, So I'm never really in need. I mostly ride public transportation (bus and train) so i keep it minimal and in the this pouch so I can move it from pack to pack. I keep my keys and stuff and that little swiss knife sees many uses daily. Im pretty comfortable with my set up.
  14. heavy chevy

    If you were starting over what would your survival guns be?

    I had no idea the Taurus Judge was banned, but you should be looking at a S&W Governor it is a way better gun than the Judge, its a 6 shot revolver that shots .45LC, .410 shot shell, and .45acp with moon clip attachments. I mean Snake is right on with saying .45 LC and .410 is expensive, but I would put my trust in the Governor model any day of the week.
  15. heavy chevy

    Fuel in vehicle how much do u have?

    I miss read and thought "wow 300 gallons jerry cans is a lot of can" then i realized its litres and still think that is many jerry cans, just not as high.
  16. heavy chevy

    Leather goods!

    damn these things look beautiful. Nice job.
  17. heavy chevy

    post your bob & contents. (:

    BUMP! I want to see more BOB contents!
  18. heavy chevy

    rain water collection

    spam bots are back!
  19. heavy chevy

    looking for ammunition

    I agree with this gunbot.net is worth the search saved me so much time and money, because it list ammo prices by caliber then you can make it list them by Price per round, So it saves you time. of course its only helpful if you are buying in large quantities or sharing the shipping with a buddy. Every cent counts when it comes to ammo.
  20. heavy chevy

    Vehicle kit

    I only fill my 5gallon blitz can with 2 gallons unless Im driving more than 1 hour, so I don't notice any problems and If you fill up to the recommended line you can store no problem if you keep it out of direct sun. Hope that helped.
  21. heavy chevy

    What have you done today to better your Prep? III

    ordered myself a hi-point 9mm pistol depending on how it works I might get a carbine in 9mm soon after I save up enough money.
  22. heavy chevy

    Alcohol Stoves

    Ive seen people spit Ever Clear to make fire balls with a lighter, highly flammable and highly stupid. LOL.
  23. heavy chevy

    Alcohol Stoves

    I would be willing to maybe trade, I have extra items laying around.
  24. heavy chevy

    How to get my Girlfriend more into Prepping

    Starting fires, cooking meals you know stuff to make camp would be vital.
  25. heavy chevy

    your wish list

    Thought maybe this thread place for discussing and/or sharing your newest "needs" or "wants". For example, I want a new knife and a ferro rod, Light my fire has knife with a built in ferro rod and BAM we discuss and share information. Mostly trying to get discussions going the forum seems dead lately.