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    Starting from Zero

    Welcome Zero! Nice to see another Ohio member ( youngstown/warren area here ). For a supposed noob starting from Zero, you sure have a nice laid out plan of action. Looks like you already have done alot of research. My 2 cents would be 1) I wouldnt worry about a weeks worth of "survival" clothes. My thoughts ( and Im a noob so I could be completely wrong ) are that if your buggin out space is gonna be at a premium for what you can carry/take. I would just make sure you have enough to layer for the weather/environment. And 2) Be careful when getting into firearms. Its very addicting and money consuming, lol.
  2. ErnieB

    Newb from ohio

    Greetings everyone. Just starting to get involved in being prepared and trying to research/learn as much as I can for myself and my family ( wife and 12yo son ). Recently got into firearms ( also got my CCW ) and need to start working on my 72hr pack ( seems to be the #1 on most of the lists I have seen ). I was a boy scout and am an Army veteran and hae been an electrician for the past 13 or so years. Hope to be involved and learn as much as I can. Ernie