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  1. antony

    BoB food selection

    Thanks for the video it defiantly convinced me I probably should not try to live off ration bars in a situation I am going to be doing a lot of work in. I think I will pack some thing along the lines of 14 days worth of meals 30% mainstay 70% dehydrated hiking meals plus olive oil, peanut butter, trail mix and pemmican with dried fruit in it.
  2. antony

    BoB food selection

    My planned bug out location is at a family friends farm which is about 270km(168 miles) from my own home out in the country. So assuming I had to hoof it all the way there which is a depressing possibility I could easily be on the road for 12 days assuming I am not slowed down by injury catastrophe what have you. So I guess I plan to have 12 days worth of food in my bag 2000 cal a day. Does any one have any experience eating ration bars for any period longer then a single sitting? If so how did it effect you? I guess its possible that the human body can not live off those bars after a certain period of time. I would like to thank every one for there input.
  3. What food do you think is the best option for your BoB? To me the obvious answer is calorie dense ration bars like mainstay rations. They are nutritious and very calorie dense and need little to no time to prepare. As weird as this sounds olive oil might also be another good addition to food supplies in your BoB. Just add it to what ever else you are eating and you have some extra fat a good long term fuel for your body and a heap of extra calories. I really don't see the advantages of MRE's or dehydrated hiking food. Both are heavier per calorie and the dehydrated food takes more time to prepare. I guess you have the flavor advantage but that seems silly to take into consideration in a life or death situation. Can any one give me there opinion on why alternatives to my preferred choices are worth considering.