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  1. I have recently been tinkering with a real world, thought-game like "The Ultimate Altoid Survival Kit". PLEASE give me your feedback about "The Ultimate Emergency Car Kit" that fits in a #10 Can with the Plastic Lid. My Kit started with 4 large, plastic, double Zip Lock bags. 3 were folded and put into the bottom of the can. The 4th bag contained a 'over-sized' roll of toilet paper and is sealed to prevent moisture contamination. This becomes your family's toilet in a 'trapped in your car' situation, like stuck-on-a-roadway during a Blizzard, our while fleeing a Hurricane, Chemical Spill or Wildfire. In the core of the toilet paper, we usually keep three tampons: for their original purpose, or 1st Aid major bleeding wound plug or fire starting material. In the event of a disaster, you can remove everything from the can and put the items in one of the spare plastic bags. Unzip the bag with the Toilet Paper and set the whole bag down into the can. Fold the top of the bag backward around the top of the outside of the can. Remove the toilet paper and you have a workable emergency car toilet for men or women. The bag can be sealed and the lid snapped back on. When the first bag is 'full', you have several spares. In packing my Emergency Car Kit Can, this 'toilet' section only takes part of the space. I added: Hand Soap Hand Sanitizer LED flashlight Folding Knife 2 'Dry' Granola Bars Spare Asthma Inhaler for my wife 4 Emergency blankets (four people or front and back for 2 people) Foot Warmers What would you add? Not much room left. How would you fill the #10 Can differently? Be creative with 'Survival' as the foundation. I could add a pack of playing cards to pass the time, for example, while a hand-cranked radio is too large. What else? What would you replace? I appreciate your time to make this 'great' and practical. These will make good gifts - personal, 'hand-made' & practical. Survivor Jack™ Walk About Prepared®
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    dooms day prepers tonight

    The North Pole is actually moving about 30 miles per year toward's Russia. 2013 should be the Peak of the current Solar Flare cycle. St Malachy predicted 112 Popes and we are on 111. There are a lot of strange indicators in the wind. People are going crazy with fear. The numbers of mass shootings is way up. Will 2013 be the Year of Insanity? It's always the time to ask, "What more can I do to be prepared?" As one is the "Doomsday Preppers" (S1E9 & 'D.P. Bugged Out' S1E7) - who risked revealing ourselves to encourage our neighbors to wake up and get ready, I ask, "What can I do to alert our communities to the dangers before us?" Every One-More-Person who is prepared is one less we'll have to deal with later. Since D.P., I've been given the handle "Survivor Jack™". My wife and I are older, we don't mind speaking out publicly even though we realize the target it makes us. IF you know of any Radio, TV or blog Casts where I can get the message out (Survival Preps & Universal 1st Aid Training), Please feel free to contact me. Bless you all!