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    Located in Central Virginia, and devoted to my two children and the youth in my church. I am a simple-minded person, but with two teens at home right now life is not as simple as it will eventually be. :-) I am a true believer that the more stuff you have the more your stuff has you. Simple is better.
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    Youth Ministries, Firefighting, Emergency Communications, Commercial Sound Reinforcement
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    2-way Radio Emergency Communications Engineering
  1. kd4hvz

    Vehicle kit

    I keep the following in a medium sized duffle bag in my trunk. Small first aid kit Set screw drivers Adjustable wrench Wire cutters Pliers Flashlight Jumper cables Tire repair kit (Used it many times on other people's tires) Compressor (check this out - cheap and small, and I use it often; http://www.harborfreight.com/12-volt-100-psi-high-volume-air-compressor-69284.html) Two bottles of drinking water (for drinking or for filling radiators or cleaning up Road flares A couple cherry flavor survival bars Set of straps for tying things down (or holding things up until you get home) I also have a crate that I keep in my car with. A car in better condition than mine might not require such extra planning. Oil (my car drinks it, so have to top it off every week) Repair manual for the car Coolant Gloves Spare t-shirt in a large baggie This is just me, and everyone is different. Just some things to consider. :-) -Michael
  2. kd4hvz

    Living in a BOV??

    Taking the inner paneling off to check the insulation might be easier said than done. I tore apart an old camper a couple years ago to reuse the trailer frame. To get behind the paneling you have to pretty much destroy the camper. I suspect that most are built like that. Rezmut mentioned putting foam board over the existing paneling. That is exactly what I plan to do personally, and then add another layer of paneling on that. It will add ~3/4" of depth to every wall, ceiling, and floor to an already small space, but should be much better insulated and worth the trade-off I think. FWIW
  3. kd4hvz

    Anyone have a bug out truck camper?

    Very nice solution. While not the answer to everything that can happen, as an engineer I think in terms of statistics. So, statistically speaking, the chance of having to drive through a post-apocalyptic war zone and being shot at or roving mobs is just shy of zilch (though admittedly those odds are looking more probable every day). Again, statistically speaking, you will almost certainly deal with storms (winter/cold and summer/hot), evacuations if you live is wildfire or hurricane areas, and the obvious things like camping for pleasure. Given those statistics I think your solution is a very effective one and trying to maximize your ability to weather those things that are most likely to occur is a very realistic approach to survival (at least to me). I also bought an old truck-camper a few months ago and am converting it to be more BO/BOV friendly. For the sake of sharing ideas, here are some of the things I am doing with mine. They might be useful to you, maybe not. *Removing toilet and adding a compost-style toilet so that I don't need to worry about water for it or gray/black water storage. *Switching everything I can to 12V and lighting to LED to minimize power consumption and eliminate need for a generator. (I also have some solar panels that will go on it.) *Removing refrigerator and adding 12V cooler. *Removing stove/oven to make more room for storage and using single burner LP for indoor cooking. *Adding a handgun safe that is bolted such to make it as difficult as possible to remove. *Stocking it for long term camping as that is largely what I will be doing either for pleasure or for BO purposes. *Replacing some windows with windows that are more like home-style windows and more efficient, and adding a layer of plexiglass to others and sealing them for efficiency as well. *Lastly, I'm going to add 1/2 foam board over the existing walls/ceiling and then cover with paneling so it looks "newer" and is better insulated. Perhaps that will give some more ideas to you. Great thread. Keep up the good work BuggingOutMan. Don't let anyone discourage you. Your choice of BO solutions will be very used and enjoyed even if civilization remains civil.