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    Equestrian volunteer and mindset prepper. Living off the land is nothing new out here. Trips to the store are getting less often. Looking for like minded people to bug out here. I know the land, need a doctor and some sharp shooters to protect the perimiter.
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  1. urehideout

    How much is 1 Acre? Near You.

    Property value here in central NC (next to the forest) nearly doubled this past year. 10 acres was 16,000 now is 28,000. That is the tax value.. sales prices vary drastically with 2 acres going for 400,000 just because of the view, the riverfront, and the fact is is adjacent to public forest land. For Bug Out purposes I am thinking a community with a strong survival capability will be the 'boondocks' where most rednecks can hunt/fish and don't worry about bathing or carrying a change of clothes... would be the best scenario... and land would be cheaper in those very rural off the main road communities.
  2. urehideout

    Central NC Bug Out Location

    The URE Hide Out will open in 2013 for recreational uses like gold panning, horseback riding, geocaching and primitive camping. Great place to work on your survival skills. Offering 7 private lots for annual lease great for 'bug out location' and willing to barter for cost if you have a skill set I need. Need: Medic, Gunner, etc. Located on a spring fed creek and I have horses, chickens and hogs (transportation and food) This is the first year I'm getting into survival but if someone was local to me and wanted to offer a course using my property for the base camp that would be awesome!