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  1. MuckSavage

    N.J. Man arrested for cannibalism
  2. MuckSavage

    The Importance of a Shovel?

    Yes! When I use it in axe mode, I surely don't to the "one hand fixed, one hand slides" routine. I need to see what a "Chicago Screw" is. the tool surely has room for improvement!
  3. MuckSavage

    The Importance of a Shovel?

    I carry one of these in my Jeep. It's not the best (kinda clunky, not balanced) for every job, but it packs well and serves a purpose. I didn't buy it (and probably wouldn't have) I won it as a door prize at a 4 wheel drive club function.
  4. MuckSavage

    Fuel in vehicle how much do u have?

    What I want to keep & what my wife leaves in the car are 2 different things. We have a Jeep Cherokee (holds 17.5 gals) It doesn't get great mileage due to modifications. For me, when it dips below 1/2, I'm filling up. If my wife drives it often, I'll hop in & the light's on. It kills me. Aside from the inconveniance, consider this.....Almost every fuel injected vehicle has a fuel pump in the tank. That pump is liquid cooled. It needs fuel around it to cool itself & be happy. When the tank is continually run low, you're running that pump out of it's cooling media. Thus, shortening the life of that pump.
  5. MuckSavage

    I hope you're on my side of the weapons ban.

    -Just heard on Sirius 125 "Patriot"......."Coming up next hour, PROOF that Republicans are set to cave-in to the Liberals gun ban" I'll assume that this is in the 10:00 am hour. Back out to the truck to listen for me......
  6. Oh, just hanging out & reading....getting my learn on!
  7. Digging up an old thread......Are there any updates you can add to the review? Santa-Wife brought me one for Christmas
  8. MuckSavage

    Newbie from California

    Greetings from the other coast! I'm sure you'll find lots to learn around here. I'm new myself & can't stop reading.
  9. MuckSavage

    Handle for sawzall blades

    I have a folding saw from Lenox Tools I bought at either Lowes or Home Depot. It uses Sawzall blades. It locks in an intermediate position on it's way to full (180 degree) open.
  10. MuckSavage

    best friend for survival?

    I'll say the best dog to have is the one you already have. If it's anything like my 2 black labs, they already have a sense of loyalty that's unmatched.
  11. MuckSavage

    Survival Watch

    My wife just picked me up one of these at Kohls. It has both analog & digital dial, (I like hands) It's a great looking watch & hope it performs well. The best part was regular price was $150, it was on sale for $122.50. With a few coupons, she was able to get it for $85!
  12. Greetings all, I just want to take a few moments to introduce myself. I suppose I've been better prepared than most for my entire life, as an Eagle Scout, growing up in & maintaining a hunting & fishing, outdoorsman lifestyle. I also geocache, camp (in an RV & tent/backpack trips). I'm also an Overlander, driving a well equipped (mild lift, winch, recovery equip., small food/water stash) Jeep Cherokee. Also a self contained bus-style motorhome. My job is a millwright/construction manager, so by nature I do everything myself (mechanical, pumbing, electrical, welding, etc.) I've always prided myself on the fact that I could live within my home for days without anything from the outside (heat my home with wood), and I guess I've gotten a little more serious after recent local events like Hurricane Sandy, the Train Derailment/Vinyl Chloride spill, and the election. I'm a gun owner, and while I know it's a tough task here in NJ, I recently applied for a cary-permit. My wife recently enrolled in a self defense/MMA course. I've taken self defense courses in the past and used to pick up side work as a bouncer. Wife & I are both first aid trained. I could go on & on, but I'll leave that as a brief introduction for now. I look forward to reading & learning, all while contributing when I can. Thanks for having me! -Muck