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    Quick questions

    How about someplace to ask a question? I know I feel kinda silly starting a new thread every time I want to ask something that could be answered by yes,no,a store,or a website.
  2. rezmut

    Bucket caches

    I'm thinking about placing "mini caches" every few miles on the way to my hidey hole-nothing much,just some water,a couple cans of food,maybe a knife,matches&roll of TP. I live in high dessert country so stuff gettin wet isn't much of a problem. Thinkin about using 5gal buckets and maybe painting them redish brown to blend with local rocks. Anybody got an answer as to what spraypaint will work good? Any other thoughts?
  3. rezmut

    water filters?

    Can y'all explane to me about water filters? Should I be using a filter pluss tabs/bleach? I've always just used a bandana to filter out stuff, (if i could see stuff in the water), then purified it. Have I just been lucky all these years?
  4. rezmut

    Ready made large cache?

    I wanted to keep some stuff stashed at my BOL,and have been using 5gal buckets,which I fill almost full,then put a chunk of dry ice in,letting it melt to almost gone,then putting the top on and sealing it with tape(in effect a primative nitro-pac). Anyway,an inlaw recently had a large chest freezer go out, and I was thinking of using it sort of the same way. It looks to me like it should work pretty well-it's fairly sturdy,with a fiberglass liner,it seals with a rubber gasket,and it even locks. I measured, and it will easily hold 10 5gal buckets(Ifigure 6months pluss worth of food for 2) and still have room left over for some other stuff I want to keep there. It's real dry here,so do I need to paint it with asphalt emmission or anything like that before I put it in a hole with a few inches of dirt over it( I wanna be able to get into it fairly easy to get out tools etc.) Any input besides the usual about caches being unsecured storage?-once again,where I'm doing this is remote enough and hidden enough that the chances of anyone finding it are realyrealyrealy slim.
  5. rezmut

    Ready made large cache?

    We tried to repair an old portable water tank with flex seal and it didn't work for spit.For all their hype and commercials, I was under impressed by the stuff! by the way,the freezer is working out real good-just had 3 days of rain,and stuff inside stayed nice and dry.
  6. I've been makin my own since the last buck a pack tax hike-my way of the flee biting the elephant-I like Kentuky select,and use rollits papers:even drop a filter in one end of the roller,ends up looking like a marlboro72 light. smoke all month for less than a carton costs!
  7. What about putting lists of non gun owners in the paper-see how they like being singled out!
  8. rezmut

    Duh! Protein powder!

    It comes in tablets too-not the taistiest thing I've ever eaten,but not too bad in a pinch.
  9. rezmut

    Multi use items

    OK- I admit I stole the general idea from another site,but how 'bout we list our favorite multi use items,and as many uses as we can think of for them? My personal favorite is Everclear-antiseptic, fire starter,linament,cleaner,anastetic(ok,we all know by now I cant spell)sedative,pluss a sip or two in the evening makes the whole day seem brighter.
  10. Guineas are death on snakes too-I plan on getting a few for my BOL when I get settled.
  11. rezmut

    3 Die on MO Trail Due to Exposure

    So too bad. I realy feel for the rest of the family.
  12. rezmut

    An oppinion on gun control.

    Ya mean that aint what it means?
  13. I've used the dry ice "nitro pac" for years-put all but your last bag in the container,then drop a 1-2lb chunk of dry ice on top. Wait 'till it's almost all melted,then put your last bag in,pop the top on&seal it with plastic tape. Works great:I'm using flour I put away in early 2010 with no problems.
  14. rezmut

    Woodworking tools in your BOB

    EDC has a multi tool,8"adj wrench,1/2"chisel,good 2 blade pocket knife. also carry a cut down xacto in my firstaid kit along with a small assortment of blades. In my EOTWAWKI stash I have woodworking tools that would let me make about anything-otherwise I could stoke up the forge and make a tool for the job.
  15. rezmut

    Hunting Your Bug Out Hideout

    Has anybody else considered cutting back the preditor population as a way to make more small game available? Planting gamebirds? Right now,we've been seeing mountain lion sign at my BOL-may have to hunt it down before time for calves.
  16. rezmut

    New Property

    I hope to be totaly set up within a couple years,to the point that a simple move would be my answer to a teotwawki type event. Limited solar power,icehouse,smokehouse,sustainable garden,livestock&the whole 9yards-BUT posting pics would deffinately go against opsec. I have been gathering info from a wide range of sources,and materials,and it's all coming together. I'll be glad to share some of what I've found out over the last few years,just PM me and ask.
  17. rezmut

    Woodworking tools in your BOB

    I'm a maintainance guy by trade-I fix things-so I probabley carry more tools than most.I recently got a lenox try fold saw:it uses sawzall blades,so gives me quite a bit of cutting ability.I am in the process of making my own "hammer/hatchet/prybar" type tool(haven't been able to find 1 that I like).I also carry a small amount of hardware in a ziplock.Never can tell when you'll need a nail or two.
  18. rezmut

    Fun little quiz

    Ever haer of the Nobel fly? beats a trap anyday!
  19. rezmut

    Multi use items

    I quite agree with you on the WW2 e-tools,much better steel than later issue. About 1-2 hours with a file and you can have a saw too,just pick some time when you're realy realy bored!lol
  20. rezmut

    Fusil Arbaléte....the day wrecker

    Somebody who's a Nam vet wanna tell Snake about the 'Yards and their lil bitty crossbows? OH by the way,emergancy brake cable,motorcycle brake or throtle cables all make good bowstrings in a pinch
  21. The other night my wife asked me "how are we gonna keep things cold?"-got me to thinking. I'd like to build a small ice house for off the grid refridgeration,but I don't know much about them. What I'm thinking is sort of a dugout type thing,maybe 8"x12" with a roof made out of 2 thicknesses of metal roofing,covered by 3-4 feet of sawdust,and another foot or so of sand(it's what passes for dirt around here).Will I need to have insulated sidewalls or will just being underground be ok? I,m thinking of packing the back 8x8 or so solid with ice in the winter:will this last all summer? Ithits 100 pluss almost every day here all summer long. OH YA-I would plan on building this where it would always be shaded. Any input anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated!
  22. rezmut

    Hey, everybody!

    A bunch-oh wait a minute,that's grapes. ANYWAY, welcome to the site stealthrunner. I had a room mate while working at the Grand Canyon who was from Romania,last I knew he had moved to Alaska.
  23. I don't grow much of my own food right now(planning to change that),but when I was growing up,we raised just about all of what we ate-as well as large ammounts to sell by the roadside.
  24. rezmut

    Quick questions

    ya-but a lot do!