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    I am U.S. Marine Veteran, Certified Master Herbalist amongst many things I consider myself a hard working Father, Husband, Brother, Uncle and Friend to many.
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    West Texas
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    herbal Medicine, Gardening, Homesteading, Scuba Diving (Dive Master), Hunting, Fishing, Shooting
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    Certified Master Herbalist-Entreprenuer
  1. Desert Marine

    What have you done today to better your Prep? II

    Thus far this week I've plant Heirloom California Wonder Peppers. These are some of the sweetest tasting peppers ever. We planted about 75 pepper seeds. We also planted 75 Castle Rock Tomatoes as well. 4 raised bed down and 26 more to go. The weather here as been absolutely wonderful. By the end of the week I should be planting Beit Alpha Cucumbers and we want to be some Brunswick Cabbage started as well. Brunswick cabbage is known world-wide for producing 5-7 lb heads perfect for sauerkraut.
  2. Jerry here are two sites that I have looked over concerning bicycle generators: these units are pricey if you have the tools and resources for building one yourself (which I will do after I clear out a few projects like building my mobile battery bank for my truck). You can look at and find how to make many of these generators with detailed instructions. Parts or the actually motors can be purchased online from various sources like ebay and any scooter supply store. The only expensive part is the motor itself which can be brought from $36 to $95 dollars depending on your requirements. The bicycle holding frame can be made from wood. Attach a chain or belt to the bicycle, then 4 gauge or 6 gauge wire from the motor to your battery bank and you're all set.
  3. Desert Marine

    What have you done today to better your Prep? II

    In keeping in line with upgrading my battery bank and creating my mobile battery bank I brought the following items Plan B: (Some of these items are redundant as I believe in the philosophy that 2 is 1 and 1 is one: BESTEK 75w Dual USB iPad charger dc ac power inverter car dc 12v to 110v car adapter usb charger car $15.99 CyberPower Mobile Power Inverter Model Number: CPS160SU $29.98 Bayco SL-512 12-Volt 13-Watt Fluorescent Work Light $19.55 RND Power Solutions 2.1A (fast) Dual USB car charger for Smartphones $8.99 RoadPro RP-203EC 12V 12' Extension Cord with Cigarette Lighter Plug $9.35 Equus 3721 Battery and Charging System Monitor $15.69 Stinger 4 Gauge Shoc-Krome Crimp Style Ring Terminal 2 Pair $4.95 DC Power Adapter Car Charger for my Laptop Dell Inspiron $7.72 Shoreline Marine Battery Marine Terminal Kit (Red/Black) $8.75 Schumacher Instant Portable Power Source Model Number: XP2260 $59.95 Schumacher Charger Model Number: SSC1500A: $29.99
  4. Desert Marine

    Alternative Lighting

    Our whole house is electric also we use 12V DC current powered by 1.5K watt solar panels and 600watt wind turbine and a large battery bank. We used a CFB and LED lights. I do have some candles for emergency if it every comes down to it. Oh we also do have a 4.5K watt generator for back-up as well. Cooking and heating is done with propane.
  5. Jerry I would like to thank you for sharing you and your family's experience. It definitely allows us to put things into perspective. I too after reading your post with my family have decided to add a bicycle generator as a back-up tool with our off-grid system. Actually my wife had suggested this many months ago. I have found one that I will make for our system as many of the ones that you simply purchase are some what quite expensive i.e. $300+ range. Did any of your family members have BOB's? Where any of them even remotely affected by their experience to consider prepping now after the storm? I was speaking with a long time friend who does not prep, but wants to and he relayed to me that his grandmother used to keep the refrigerator on the back porch near the kitchen. In the summertime it was used 6 hours on and 6 hours off with a timer. In the winter time is was completely off as it get cool in Michigan. My friend is a contractor so he has equipment like an inverters, propane for heating a customers basement or home when there is no power, a generator, but he does not store any food whatsoever. However, he is thinking about adding solar to his home by 2014. One of things that I am upgrading is the power of my battery bank and that includes more storage power. I would like to get my solar up to a 3K watt system. I'm on a 12v system and the prices for panels have come down to as low as $1.25 per watt for 12V and I've seen them as low as $0.84 per watt or 24v. I am considering selling my 12v battery bank system and installing 24v or 48V system. However, at the moment I will simply add more panels. Love the discipline training that went on at your home and stressing the importance of hygiene. There are so many things to take from your 2 post. As they factored in the issue of not just prepping for your immediate family but others who may make an unexpected stay. Looking forward to hearing what else took place. Once again thank you so much or sharing. I am sure many here have benefited from it, my family being in the forefront.
  6. Desert Marine

    What have you done today to better your Prep? II

    Purchased and replace ALL light bulbs with LED Bulbs on my property. I mean every single bulb. This will reduce my energy consumption. Replaced ALL light switches and converted them to Motion detectors. This is going to reduce the non-usage of lights in the home. Place the refrigerator on a 6 hours on 6 hours off timer. Less usage or running the dare thing in the winter. Brought a 9watt TV/DVD player w/carrying case. Purchase waterless water tanks for kitchen and bathrooms. Buy additional propane tanks for powering stove and portable heaters. IMHO water tanks are a serious drain on gas and electricity especially in winter.
  7. Amature you're welcome to visit us anytime. Come on by and have a cup of coffee anytime brother.
  8. Desert Marine

    BOL size requirements

    I own two ranches in West Texas. One 10 acres and one 20 acre Ranch . Purchased one of them from Sunset Ranches. They're running a special for 20 Acres for $99 a month or $11K cash. I'm a Yankee by birth but Texan by choice! Here is my backyard view:[ATTACH=CONFIG]1753[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]1754[/ATTACH]
  9. Desert Marine

    Be honest here, who really has prepared

    Are you living in city in an apartment or house? Just wondering why you're factoring in the type of structure that you've outlined above for your preps. Is that for your BOL? Or you're factoring in one of the 3 little pig to come and blow down your house?
  10. Desert Marine

    What happens when you run out of coffee?.

    I've never been hooked on any one type of beverage. I personally like herbal teas such as, hibiscus, green tea, clover, cinnamon, ginger, and many others. They have health benefits so as a Certified Master Herbalist I plant and grow as many of them as I can and of course store them. There are so many herbs and even fruit tree whose leave have medicinal effect it just make sense to drink them. Your body will thank you for it. For diabetic cinnamon and ginger. Those who have high or even low blood pressure should store and drink Hibiscus. If you have high blood pressure drink hibiscus HOT and if your blood pressure is low drink it cold. Green tea is your super anti-oxidant and excellent for those who are overweight as it is a appetite suppressor as well.
  11. Desert Marine

    Be honest here, who really has prepared

    This is an on going process with us. Our lives are centered around it and in fact they (our lives) are depended upon it, in or out of a disaster or the SHTF situation. This is the main reason why we moved out of the city and onto two different homesteads. We prep in a manner that we called sustainability, which means we live our lives in abundance but without a lot of hassles or at least what we perceive to be hassles. The bean, bullets and band-aids are covered. We raise, cull and eat MOST of our meat. We are even at the point that we have the basis of an Aquaponic system in place, but have just not completed the project. This will allow us to raise Tilapia fish for personal as well as sell in the local area. I have built two 3,000 gallon tanks for this project. Being self-sufficient in these challenging times allow us to save a lot of our income from our Heirloom Seeds business and re-invest that in our preps, savings, various other investments (we are very active in our community and support community gardens nations wide). We've have been debt free for about 12 years. Everything and I mean everything is purchased on a cash basis. I can't tell you how well I sleep at night without worrying about whether or not I'm going to lose my house or car. The taxes on one of my 20 acre properties in West Texas just came in for 2012 and I nearly fell out of my chair is was a whopping $47.35. That's $3.94 per month. How awesome is that? We live off the grid, our properties are paid for in full, we raise our own livestock (rabbits, chickens, ducks, sheep, and goats) and of course grow MOST of our vegetables, not all but MOST. If the SHTF we'll be okay fruits and vegetable wise as we have our heirloom seed garden and 25 fruit trees. Next month we plan on purchasing an additional 40 lambs AND when we do we will purchase 1 year's worth of food for them at the same time. That's how we do things. Not for a second did this happen overnight. As I mention it's been a 12 year continual process. The name of the game is to make a plan and work on that plan each and every day. 2013 is about to roll in and now is a better time than any. Happy New Year! Desert Marine Troy B
  12. Glad to hear you and the family is okay Jerry. I own some land in Cherokee Village, AR and it just dawned on me that had I been there (and I wouldn't in the winter) I would have been in the mist of the storm. One thing is reassuring is you are a prepper. I bet few people are laughing at you now! Stay warm, be safe and I will definitely be looking forward to reading your debrief when the worst of it clears.
  13. Desert Marine

    Offgrid solar

    One of the excellent things about wind/solar power is that if your system is generating excess power you can always divert that power to your passive heating system. If your panels have done their job during the day, then the turbines will be an added comfort especially for those living in cold winter climates. Use your diverted loads to heat hot water tanks, water tanks for your livestock in the winter, etc. There so many uses for this application.
  14. Desert Marine

    Learning from older farmers

    We've been prepping for a better future for over 12 years and for us each day does look brighter. It's been our experience to learn and benefit from others who have come before us. It is our secret recipe for avoiding the mistakes and pitfall of others. Learn, practice and horn your skills. I hope to see many post from you so that we can benefit from you as well. I do some blogging about living on our Homestead and making a living from it. It is like a uncharted diary. I also blog about Heirloom Seed preservation, recipes, medicinal usage, etc with vegetables. Hope for the best and prep for the worst! This requires making plans and re-evaluating those plans (from time to time). Now is a better time to start than any. Warmest regards, Troy B
  15. Desert Marine

    Doller store are nice BUT

    This example solidify the saying: "Two is one, one is none and three is better for me!" Always have a back-up even for things that are durable. In the Marine Corps we my TOP always said: "It is better to have it and not need it, then the to need it and not have it!" Let the word to the wise be sufficient. Desert Marine Troy B