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  1. 7thgroupdoc

    'Bout time I introduced myself....

    welcome intothewild! lots of good folks here with plenty of knowledge!
  2. 7thgroupdoc

    Glad to be here among friends!

    welcome bio! lots of good folks here and lots of good info.! jump right in!
  3. 7thgroupdoc

    Lessons from Red Dawn

    very good points navy, but you also have to consider that not all military personel are going to side with the gov. just because they work for them doesn't mean they will blindly follow them. most of them can't stand the gov.either! i think there will be a lot of them going to go to the other side and bring their weaponry with them. just my two cents worth.
  4. 7thgroupdoc

    So what's in your fire staring kit ?

    great idea about the trick b-day candles! i'll have to pick some up next time i'm at the store!
  5. 7thgroupdoc

    Anyone use this product??

    testors model glue does the same thing and it's cheaper.
  6. you said it brother! when i was being "interviewed" in the service one of the questions i was asked was," would you live fire on civilians if ordered" make no mistakes, this government cares nothing about you and yours!! in a shtf keep on the move AWAY from your government! my answer to their question was it depended on my own personal situation, i don't think they liked it but i still got in the "clicke". that's how i learned as much as i did.
  7. 7thgroupdoc

    The Colony

    the one thing that really bothered me about this show was the "group" come on now, what is going to be the chances of your group having a dr. or nurse, an electrical engineer, master carpenter, solar power expert, spec.ops military guy, etc. !! what a load of crap! why not just jerk ten people off the street and drop them in that situation! now folks, THAT WOULD BE A SHOW WORTH WATCHING!!!!!
  8. 7thgroupdoc

    Where did all the ammo go?

    that'st's right kevin!! never sell anything!!! unless you are upgrading! just my paranoid opinion but ALL of it will be worth it's weight in gold!
  9. 7thgroupdoc

    My next firearm

    just a thought here, i would check with some of the surplus stores. i managed to find ten boxes at one and bought them all. but when i went back later on to pick up some more for a buddy a couple of months later the old gentleman that owned the store had passed away. but i would still check the older small surplus shops.
  10. 7thgroupdoc

    Where did all the ammo go?

    just about everything here in west(by gawd)virginia is gone also. i think matt might have had something to do with that!! i'm glad i've buying for a loooooong time now! i tried to tell folks but as usual it was just doc being paranoid, the poor old crazy vet!! who's crying now! what ammo that's left here is so expensive you can't afford it! (which was the goal all along)
  11. 7thgroupdoc

    We the People

    i don't know whats hotter, her or the table full of ak's and ar's!!LOL! (that just goes to show you how far gone i am!)
  12. 7thgroupdoc

    We the People

    amen!!! lets ALL fight the bastards to the bitter end!! it may very well do no good but at least i put my two cents worth in.
  13. 7thgroupdoc

    We the People

    snake, i never said you CAN'T say what you think, it's just that with the type of folks here when you start talking about the oathes they took you should know better! your going to step on a lot of toes questioning peoples oathes! i took an oathe to this country, the constitution and the bill of rights! i may no longer be in the military but that doesn"t mean my oathe ended! i never once said you can't state your opinions! hell, you do all the time! but that doesn't mean i can't state mine either! i just think you don't like the idea of being called out over something you said.
  14. 7thgroupdoc

    I hope you're on my side of the weapons ban.

    go ahead coastie! someone needs to let him know how it is ! his opinion is not the only one that matters, even though he seems to think so!