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  1. greatdogs

    Ice House ?

    Another old trick we used in the desert was take a soaking wet towel, pour a bottle of rubbing alcohol on it and them swing it around your head for a couple minutes. It got real cold.
  2. greatdogs

    Ice House ?

    I just checked the google using "building ice storage house" and there is a bunch of places that address the matter. I remember my dad telling us about cutting ice out of the Mississippi River and putting it up when he was young. The Amish still do it today in our neck of the woods. Most have ice houses and use the sawdust from their saw mills for insulation as many of them are in the wood business around here. We are fortunate having a spring that runs into a lake on our place for summer cooling and old man winter takes care of that the rest of the year. Good luck in you project.
  3. greatdogs


    Hi from West Central MN. I have been receiving newsletters for quite awhile and after checking out the forums, decided to join in the conversation. There looks to be quite a bit of useful information being discussed here. I am sure I can use the information to improve on my operation and perhaps can add something to the forum.