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    Mechanical and medical background. Working on BOL. Working on completing BOVx4. BOB's compleated.
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    Good Attributes Of A BOV?

    Our bug out group consists of 3 generations of family. We have a mechanic, nurse, and EMT. Most of us have been hunters of some form or another and we all know how to handle a firearm. We have four BOV in our group; one is a Chevy crew cab dually with a 454, our pushing and pulling vehicle, we have 2 4x4's and one AWD. They are all daily drivers. They are all equiped with defensive equipment, all vehicles have 1 oil slick and 3 rounds of road spikes plus each vehicle comes with its own unique defense. Those of us who are not medical or mechanical are the guards of our BOL which is still in the process of being built. Our BOL is on 2 acres in the woods with a small lake near by. Our supplies are divided umong all our vehicles that way if one breaks down we can abandon it in a pinch and lose little and if we have time we can quickly unload all supplies into the other vehicles and abandon the vehicle. Now how to protect yourself from an EMP. Look up faraday cage on google. It is basically a metal cage that is grounded and it will protect anything inside it from an EMP. This metal cage does not have to be open it could be a metal drum or how about a completely enclosed metal garage like the one in the following link be sure if you have window that they are covered with wire mesh. Also be sure to use metal doors and not the fiberglass ones. Cargo shipping containers would work well also.