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    Survival Watch

    Hey Guys, Anybody know of some relatively inexpensive watches that are durable, and overall suited to outdoors use? And if I am to get one, should it wind manually or by motion, or should i just carry some extra batteries as they are pretty damn small?
  2. Has anyone on here just acquired or hasnt't yet begun to build on their land. Even as a hunting property. It would be cool to document the steps you take to build the food plots and trails and whatnot, and even a cabin with a garden and other structures. I think this would be cool for other people to see who do not yet own property or haven't the inspiration to do much with it. Anyways just my 2 cents as I am one of those people.
  3. LooseLou

    Another Knife Giveaway

    shite, was hoping to test my luck this time
  4. LooseLou

    Interesting op piece from a russian

    Very agreeable article. Having a russian father and listening to some of his stories about what happens in the motherland makes me feel sad, but what is happening today in the states is almost worse.
  5. LooseLou

    Trophy hunt?

    My step dad has gone on many guided hunts, from africa to alaska. He always has a great time and is willing to pay the price as we dont have very much land ourselves. He usually never has anything bad to say about them and almost always comes back with what he wanted. He has his african big five already and is working on some of the north american ones. I dont think you can go wrong with a guided hunt as you are paying for what you get.
  6. LooseLou

    Another Knife Giveaway

    this still going on?
  7. Hey guys, Been using this forum a lot lately because I love knives. Even just looking at them will do. Anyways If you are like me or if you are looking do some more intensive research or looking for a new blade you will definitely find what you need there for great prices. The forum looks eerily similar to this one and everyone on there is super nice. So check it out, make a profile and meet like minded people!
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    Next time your watching TV check out the show Yukon Men on Discovery Channel. Bunch of guys in Alaska trapping and whatnot.
  9. Kerhaws are great and I am in love with them, and they are great, and nicely priced
  10. LooseLou

    Toronto GTA meet up.

    Or own land? If you do I would be glad to help you out with some chores out in the bush or in your property.
  11. LooseLou

    Toronto GTA meet up.

    You hunt or fish?
  12. LooseLou

    Hunting Your Bug Out Hideout

    Don't forget rabbits
  13. LooseLou

    best friend for survival?

    Russian Harlequin Hound. Just look good and I like scent hounds
  14. LooseLou

    Ready made large cache?

    Been seeing the commercials for flex seal all the time, and it popped into my head when I read this...
  15. LooseLou


    I do a bit of posting and reading on the survivalist boards forums, and came across this thread. I have seen MtnManMike post before, and seen a few photos of his place but this really opened it up and I found myself reading for a couple of hours. Watch Ryder is a great writer and makes it enjoyable. I hope some of you go and check it out! Here is the link
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    did you read some of it?
  17. LooseLou

    Hatchet Project

    im with you brother
  18. LooseLou

    Home Defense Tactics - Pistols and Shotguns

    great point cappy
  19. LooseLou

    Survival Wiki

    Does anyone know a website similar to survival cache or whatnot? I was looking at wikis today and thought it would be cool for people on here to be able to contribute freely to a wiki and fill it with all of our ideas instead of hoping your article topic gets chosen. Whaddya Say!?!
  20. "cold cut meats can be canned as well as hot dogs being able to make these items having a grinder morton tender quick sugar spices canning jars lids stainless cook wear and bowls strainers clean barrels, crocks or jugs vinegar depending on how much you have as to how much of this you need" Juzcallmesnake Cmon man, could you at least try to add some punctuation? I have seen your other posts, and you are an intelligent guy but it makes the posts harder to read when everything is crammed together like that... Just saying...
  21. LooseLou

    Survival Wiki

    All very true points, was just an idea folks....
  22. LooseLou

    Survival Wiki

    I know this but just thought it would be cool to have everything easily laid out and anyone posting articles/blogs or whatever. I'm not saying I want to post huge things, but some people may, and it is easier to navigate a website than a forum IMHO.
  23. LooseLou

    Camoflage and Concealment (part 1)

    very informative stuff, except for some of the sidetracking in the earlier posts....
  24. LooseLou

    Optimizing property for hunting.

    Subscribe to any hunting magazine or even check out cabelas/bass pro for help. In any of the magazines I have read there will be multiple articles on where to place your plots, what kind of food to plant and everything else imaginable. I will take a look at my magazines to see some and maybe find it on the internet.
  25. LooseLou

    Help for students

    I dunno, I am still in highschool. I am saving up money for gear then eventually land, hoping nothing will happen until then. If something does I will end up bugging in with my family unless they want to bug out. We have plenty of firearms and gear but not very many knives/axes, and food. My stepdad also makes his own bullets for his rifle so that may come in handy. Still not sure what to so though.