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    I Love to hunt and fish. Especially while on a long canoe trip in the canadian wilderness!
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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    Mountain Biking, Hockey, Dirt Jumping, Canoe Tripping, Hunting, Fishing, Shooting
  1. shite, was hoping to test my luck this time
  2. Very agreeable article. Having a russian father and listening to some of his stories about what happens in the motherland makes me feel sad, but what is happening today in the states is almost worse.
  3. My step dad has gone on many guided hunts, from africa to alaska. He always has a great time and is willing to pay the price as we dont have very much land ourselves. He usually never has anything bad to say about them and almost always comes back with what he wanted. He has his african big five already and is working on some of the north american ones. I dont think you can go wrong with a guided hunt as you are paying for what you get.
  4. this still going on?
  5. Next time your watching TV check out the show Yukon Men on Discovery Channel. Bunch of guys in Alaska trapping and whatnot.
  6. Kerhaws are great and I am in love with them, and they are great, and nicely priced
  7. Hey guys, Been using this forum a lot lately because I love knives. Even just looking at them will do. Anyways If you are like me or if you are looking do some more intensive research or looking for a new blade you will definitely find what you need there for great prices. The forum looks eerily similar to this one and everyone on there is super nice. So check it out, make a profile and meet like minded people!
  8. Or own land? If you do I would be glad to help you out with some chores out in the bush or in your property.
  9. You hunt or fish?
  10. Has anyone on here just acquired or hasnt't yet begun to build on their land. Even as a hunting property. It would be cool to document the steps you take to build the food plots and trails and whatnot, and even a cabin with a garden and other structures. I think this would be cool for other people to see who do not yet own property or haven't the inspiration to do much with it. Anyways just my 2 cents as I am one of those people.
  11. Don't forget rabbits
  12. Russian Harlequin Hound. Just look good and I like scent hounds
  13. Been seeing the commercials for flex seal all the time, and it popped into my head when I read this...
  14. did you read some of it?
  15. im with you brother