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  1. My 6 volt trickle charger is .5 amps...I know that won't run a house but in a teotwawki I'd take it over nothing.
  2. I'm new to keeping bees...we just got our hive in September. We bought 2 at that time but one was infected with wax moth larva so we returned it. Other than that they have been very little problem and a lot of fun to learn about. I will say they are not cheap. We got a good deal on the hive its self but after buying all the gear to go with it we spent around $500. Now that we have all the gear and can split our hive the cost is me t to nothing...and with local honey costing $9 a pint we should have paid for its self by next year. I had use of a backhoe today so I prepped a new area for our garden. First I sprinkled our 2nd year compost pile over the area (50ft ×50ft). Then I covered that with 4 inches of sand I had stock piled. Lastly I saturated the hole area in 300 gallons of rabbit "poo tea" from our rabbit pellet catchment system. For the next few months ill dump 20 or 30 wheelbarrow full of rabbit pellets on top of that and till it in. With that area our garden has grown to nearly 1/4 acre...not bad for having to haul in every bit of quality dirt ..our natural soil is terrible.
  3. Awesome day today. We started it by butchering the deer we killed Monday morning (8 point..3 days in the cooler). As soon as we had the buck cut to steaks and the rest ground for burger we cracked open the bee hive. We removed the top box of 3 boxes for the winter...leaving the bottom 2 for the bees. I had only added the box about a month ago but we still harvested 8 pounds (5+ pints) of really clear fine honey. Since we were on a roll we headed to the garden and pull the beets...we canned them as pickled beets using the wife's grannies recipe. All in all a great day. One to be thankful for.
  4. kevin

    Escapism in life and survival

    Anything that is over used is bad for you. "Everything in moderation" is the old caution. We have thrown that out of the window and theses days its all about give me more..and make it easy to get. Even biblical sin is about moderation.
  5. kevin

    Cheap land

    Luckily I know the presidents of 2 of the areas land banks...they only loan on 10 or more acres...they said other than that criteria they had no problem.
  6. kevin

    ...So, what about Nov 4th....

    I will be armed with a high powered rifle. In a high point....just waiting. Its the first day of deer season! Honestly I've seen the the A.D.D. crowd at work...I'm not concerned about them at all. The Bond villains behind all this however are enough to make me pay a bit of attention...but with my location I will have plenty of time on this one. Ill spend it watching the plague spread across Africa...that one does worry me....No not in its present form but if it mutates....
  7. kevin

    ...So, what about Nov 4th....

    Depends on how much money George Soros put in to it. A few well place hard men in the crowd could bolster the snowflakes enough for the authorities to have to come down hard. A few roughed up transsexuals would be a win for them and their propaganda machine.
  8. Just keep the "cork sucking bastiges" out of our country.
  9. kevin

    Safety glasses

    For my work I need safety glasses. I buy the kind that are wrap around sun glasses. I have them on the brim of my ball cap at all times...its part of my everyday carry.
  10. kevin

    Bullet drop charts important information

    I did difference at 100 yards...or 75 yards. IF I miss its on me...the rifle shoots true. Deer season (rifle) starts Saturday. I hate hunting in 80 degree temperatures....but I hate not hunting at all even more.
  11. kevin

    Bullet drop charts important information

    Ok. I'm sighting in my 270 today. My stand is 14 ft tall. Do I really need to sight in from the same height or will level ground do? Thoughts
  12. kevin

    ...So, what about Nov 4th....

    I have a backhoe.
  13. kevin

    Cheap land

    Where that land is located (red river county tx) the well water has a strong iron taste south of kickapoo creek. This land is 3 miles south...dang it. Plus the wife REALLY wants a creek/ too so since we are technically in the "country" now this is sort of a no hurry situation so we may as well find the perfect spot. Does anyone know how to buy land for back taxes? I figure there has to be deep woods spits that have been inherited and forgotten. I'd never buy land out from under someone...but if they have just lost interest that is different.
  14. kevin

    Cheap land

    Yeah the water source has already bit us. I found 12 acres in the perfect area....but it was high and dry so its a no go.