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  1. Anything that is over used is bad for you. "Everything in moderation" is the old caution. We have thrown that out of the window and theses days its all about give me more..and make it easy to get. Even biblical sin is about moderation.
  2. Luckily I know the presidents of 2 of the areas land banks...they only loan on 10 or more acres...they said other than that criteria they had no problem.
  3. I will be armed with a high powered rifle. In a high point....just waiting. Its the first day of deer season! Honestly I've seen the the A.D.D. crowd at work...I'm not concerned about them at all. The Bond villains behind all this however are enough to make me pay a bit of attention...but with my location I will have plenty of time on this one. Ill spend it watching the plague spread across Africa...that one does worry me....No not in its present form but if it mutates....
  4. Depends on how much money George Soros put in to it. A few well place hard men in the crowd could bolster the snowflakes enough for the authorities to have to come down hard. A few roughed up transsexuals would be a win for them and their propaganda machine.
  5. Got a link?
  6. Just keep the "cork sucking bastiges" out of our country.
  7. For my work I need safety glasses. I buy the kind that are wrap around sun glasses. I have them on the brim of my ball cap at all times...its part of my everyday carry.
  8. I did difference at 100 yards...or 75 yards. IF I miss its on me...the rifle shoots true. Deer season (rifle) starts Saturday. I hate hunting in 80 degree temperatures....but I hate not hunting at all even more.
  9. Ok. I'm sighting in my 270 today. My stand is 14 ft tall. Do I really need to sight in from the same height or will level ground do? Thoughts
  10. I have a backhoe.
  11. Where that land is located (red river county tx) the well water has a strong iron taste south of kickapoo creek. This land is 3 miles south...dang it. Plus the wife REALLY wants a creek/ too so since we are technically in the "country" now this is sort of a no hurry situation so we may as well find the perfect spot. Does anyone know how to buy land for back taxes? I figure there has to be deep woods spits that have been inherited and forgotten. I'd never buy land out from under someone...but if they have just lost interest that is different.
  12. Yeah the water source has already bit us. I found 12 acres in the perfect area....but it was high and dry so its a no go.
  13. Yeah. That was annoying.
  14. The wife and I are discussing buying around 10 acres of the most remote land we can find and afford. What's the best way to find cheap unkempt land for a bug out location?
  15. Trust her. My wife is as well kind, careing, and trusting....but she is also observant, vindictive and honey badger mean if anything is a danger to her family. If that's your wife too then I'm sure that the change of disposition that would occurs in a shtf would shock's the Momma bear we fear the most. For now there isn't as much need to fear that jogger...when there is she'll knee cap that sucker in the blink of an eye.