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    Fishing basics

    Excellent post thanks
  2. WOW Has anyone seen it? This is a story about a fellow who went to Alaska and used a 15 m camera to document him building a cabin His name is Dick Proenneke and he is in a very remote area. Does everything by hand from start to finish and even grew vegetables. Love even listening to his voice. Just a salt of the earth type of a person. They show this film on cable channels. SO good
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. I am now waiting for the delivery of a wondermill Can't wait to make homemade bread from flour I have ground
  4. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated friends. Hate buying things twice. Would like to buy one good one that will last. <3
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    Juzcallmesnake, alot of good advice there. I think I will go ahead and look for 2nd hand knee brace and two hand and arm splints. Am supposed to be wearing the hand and wrist splints every night I sleep but it keeps me in a mental injured mode when I use stuff like that. However, I can see the day where it will be a non choice item. The knee brace I used to own and gave away as I hated it. BUT same deal there will be a day of non choice. Will try to keep costs down and purchase one 2nd hand. If not for me might be for someone else. T Thanks for the support NavyVet_77 I think there are alot of like minded folk here. I do have tunnel vision when I set my mind to things. Always feel I can endure almost any amount of pain if its for a good cause. As long as I can say I have done my best then when I close my eyes the final time I will rest in peace
  6. Makes my fingers itchy to get in the garden you lucky. We have frost on the soil still
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    Yep, I have come to the realization that arthritis will probably screw me in a SHTF situation but I am not letting that stop me from doing the best I can. I probably wont be able to carry my backpack far, due to arthritis in my knees and both my hands have arthritis which might make it difficult to do the knots I am trying to learn or any of the many things I need to be fully capable of. (slingshots another tough one) I don't care though. Not going to give it power over me. I am going to pick that damn bugout bag up and get it on my back, put one foot ahead of the other until I black out if necessary. Have been practicing in my bedroom just picking it up and getting it on my back. Its the first step of many
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    Are your friends sheeple?

    Amen to that
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    Are your friends sheeple?

    Excoastie, something I learned a long time ago and I am still guilty of forgetting this is that we are not everyones teacher. For the dear friends that I love I will extend myself. So far it has alienated me from a couple that were dear to me. A Doctor and his wife. Both extremely cerebal yet incredibly stupid when it comes to survivalism. Okay, I realized I forgot that I am not their teacher. You have to allow people to make their mistakes and learn at their own pace. On the other hand, another couple that I love dearly are welcoming me to show them and help them get prepped. I will be flying down to the US for a few days to stay with them and that will be our focus. *other than laughing and eating of course* Extend your hand to the worthy ones in your circle. If rebuffed just try to not let it hurt your feelings.
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    Tinder Fungus And Pine Pitch Lamp

    As soon as I learn one thing I immediately need to learn another. LOL! I will google geprgia I assume it is a tree. LOL THanks again<3
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    Multi use items

    Tea tree oil, head lice, athletes foot, yeast infections, sore throats, chest congestion, sinuses, burns, blisters, open wounds, insect bites, canker sores, acne Cleaning- laundry, mold issues, disinfecting items One little bottle of tea tree oil goes a long way. I always travel with a small bottle and have it in my bugout car and bugout bag for home
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    1st time canning....

    Stop! You are making me hungry!
  13. Way to go!!! Walking the talk. I have received my Doom and Bloom book. SO well written. Love it! Good luck on all your endeavours
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    Tinder Fungus And Pine Pitch Lamp

    Thanks Inspirational Need to learn what punkwood and fat wood are
  15. I am SUPER new to all this and have to say that learning to survive is probably one of the most fascinating subjects and skills I have ever been involved in. Having said that.. I am quickly realizing that even the clerks selling survival stuff like Knives etc seem to react kind of different when I explain to them that I am creating a bugout bag in case of earthquake or disaster. First off they didnt know the term bug out. Thats okay. Maybe in Canada its a different term. I will learn. What is bothering me is the glazed over eyes or standoffishness that seems to occur when I explain my reasons for buying all the stuff I have been buying. They go from very positive body language and good eye contact to aversion and monotone. I work on an aircraft for a living and frankly, we are the most superficial bunch of people. Alot of judging goes on. I am dreading the discussions coming up when I am flying... Even the sweet old guy in Home Depot got all condensending with me when I explained my reasons for all the rope and asked him for advice. ya know what???? Those will be the same people that will look to those of us that have prepped to provide for them. Sorry for the rant. Feels good to have somewhere to do it
  16. Ahhh MommyLiberty you will know what I mean when I say its not cool in the airlines to discuss this type of thing. Its a very judgemental arena. Way too much time on everyones hands to gossip. I am interested in the Rolly Polly Extreme. Will check it out. I usually fly the YVR - Syd long haul flights. In an area like Sydney and Vancouver I know I am at risk of earthquake and need to keep myself on the ready. The only thing that holds me back is money. Have just finished vacuum sealing food for my cat and myself should SHTF.. Every day I try to do at least one thing to better my situation. Bless you and any tips will always be appreciated <3
  17. Thanks so much I will check it out <3
  18. I bought a FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer today. Started vacuum sealing my cats food then I will go into my car bugout bag and my main house bugout bag and start vacuum sealing the food stuffs and will work on vacuum sealing photo copies of important documents. If I am travelling and unable to physically enhance my bugout supplies then I make sure I read some of my survival books while on the road.
  19. Sherrie

    Glad to be here among friends!

    I am relatively new and was as green as you could get. These kind like minded folks have guided me with the utmost patience. A very intelligent, skilled set of people here. You are in for alot of fun and learning. BIG WELCOME!
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    I am so grateful to all you thread posters. Since joining Survival Cache I feel honoured and blessed to of joined such a skilled and generous group of people. I have learned SO MUCH since I joined in November. I am spending alot of time now trying to read all the books I have purchased and trying to keep up on the threads. In between all my travelling it is hard but I want to stress how much I appreciate the expertise shared here. Thank you, thank you dear kindred spirits. HAPPY NEW YEAR May we be blessed with wealth and health. <3 Special thank to Ricksconnected, Regulator5 Oh and so many others Sorry if I didn't put your name down but just realized there are too many LOL
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    obligatory christmas thread

    Merry christmas everyone
  22. Want a very lightweight and EASY !!!! way to quickly filter water. Dont want to spend any more money on water or replacement filters etc. This looks like a good option. Any thoughts my learnid people.
  23. Juzcallmesnake, are you in the hospital? We need to tell those nurses to run LOL
  24. Hello Wettahook, May I ask... what does HOW DO SEINE mean?