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    Hello from Gunner

    excoastie. I am sure I will learn a lot from the folks here. I may have some things to share if I can. Most of what I see is that most everybody is on their game here. Not to sure what I can add. Yup I do like guns. The bigest thing I learned from S&W was to concentrate on targeting while seven other guys were blasting away. You really need to trust the guys you work with. This is live fire in a small area. There was some protection between shooting ports but nothing ballistic. The second biggest thing I learned was targeting. Most of the handguns were fired on targets at 25 yards. To qualify and stay in the range you needed to maintain a small grouping on your rounds. 6 inch barrel 38 cal was held to an under 1.5 in group for 6 rounds. Shorter barrels like the 1.75 in 38 specials were at 10 yards and that was allowed to be under 2.5 in. The 8.75in barrel .460 cal was and still is my favorite. Way out performs the S&W 500. The power of that handgun is just awsome, and a big boom too:) If you want sometime we should get together and talk some smack........Ware is just under 30 min from you as you know. Gunner
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    Hello from Gunner

    Yes tinderwolf, I will have to admit even though there were some minor disadvantages it was a really good time and the other seven guys on the shift were a blast to work with. I do miss it to tell the truth, but I have a lot of fun stuff to play with at the house:)
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    Hello from Gunner

    I will have to say that it was fun but hard on the hands. Had one revolver explode in my hands.( Faulty ammo, WAY overloaded) That left a mark and removed a bit of my left thumb. We shot a combination of 200 different hand guns and .223 rifles and carbines a night. On average there were as little a 15 rounds to as many as 30 rounds per gun. Ok the math, average was 22 rounds per gun times 200 guns, thats about on the conservative side of 4,000 rounds per night. Five nights a week is 20,000 rounds per week and multiply that times 52 weeks. If my math does not fail me that's 1,000,000 rounds a year now I did that for three years. The best part was working with the research and development engineers. They made some really fun full auto .223 stuff and our job was to melt them down with rapid fire until the quit or just broke. We had an auto loader for the mags, one .223 we put 58,000 rounds thru one night. Yep, we broke it....
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    Hey Wolf. Here in Central Mass. Feel free to get in touch.
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    Hello from Gunner

    First, thank you for the oportunity to communicate with others that have some of the same interests. I am new(obviously)to the forum. I live in Mass. Not too sure if I am a masshole. LOL. The name Gunner comes from my past affiliation with Smith and Wesson as a weapons tester. This is a very good site with lots of info that I find very informative. I look forward to reading the articles and getting better prepared. Last years early October snow storm here and the subsequent week long power outage has enlightened me to be more prepared than I was. Got thru ok but the city dwellers were making their way out here for supplies(There were none) and there were some incidents that could have gone bad. Any way thanks, and feel free to bounce anything off me you would like. Hope I can add to the forums with good info.