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    I would recommend that you pay more attention to the Instructors skill at teaching and look at their practicality. I've been to many Phillipino, Kali, Etc. Schools Just because they have the name of a system with a good reputation, we all know that the Instructor could be terrible. Also within every system of combat there are various different schools/styles of that particular system. Consider each name the category of Ice Cream, but within that category you have various different branches/styles we will refer to as flavors of Ice Cream. Krav Maga has several different branches/styles/organizations or Flavors Phillipino: has many different flavors some are better than the others, but still boils down to Instructor Kali: Has many different family styles we will refer to as flavors also So i recommend that you compile a list of styles and schools you are interested in with the a list of all your key goals and needs, then go in and check out every single one of those schools and compare so you can feel the Instructor and Style, and then compare your list. I always tell all of my potential students that try my free class to do this. They always come back to me and ask when they can begin as a commited student. If any school is hesitant to recommend that you test drive every system out that you are interested in then i would walk away from them. Think about it when you invest alot of money into something do you do it blindly or do you typically do some research and evaluations before you invest alot of money. You should do the same when you are looking at getting Hand to Hand Combat Training since you will be investing money into it for the duration of your training.
  2. Yes MMA is perfect for your environment in Competition within the ring. I would like to offer this perspective. Sheriffs Dept. Jailers that were trained in and skilled MMA fighters have been hospitalized while trying Ground Fighting Restraint techniques in the Prisons, because the typical ratio of Inmates vs. Deputies/Corrections Officers is greatly steep 15 Inmates to 1 County Jailer/CO, so for this need you cannot engage in Close Quarters Ground Fighting. The other side of the coin is for Military usage as a Peace Keeping force it works ok, but in the crowded streets of the middle east where the typical ratio of 1 Squad of 10 plus solidiers getting ambushed by 100 + Insurgents in the crowded streets, read the incident that happened in Mogadishu (See Movie BlackHawk Down). This will surely get you killed much quicker while you are mounted on a bad guy or even reverse mounted on a bad guy. This is the current focus of Army and Marine Corps Combatives which is heavily MMA Based. I personally think both branches need to drop their MMA/MCMAP programs and find a better suited system similar to what MarSOC, SOFD-D and Seals are using, but allow this to all troops who will serve in a urban combat environment. My previous work with the Marines as a MAIT was to try and get our new Hand to Hand Combat program taught with the MOUT program since all the techniques mirror and mimic any weapon platform. But as you can see political agenda and connections will prevail no matter if it competes against a superior program. For analysis see my previous post under Mixing it up.
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    Krav Maga

    If Bruce Lee had learned Red Boat WIng Chun he would have learned the Ground Fighting component called Shuai Jiao and Chin'Na, but he only stayed in the system for 3 years and didn't learn the entire Wooden Dummy Set and all of the Sticky Leg and Slippery Surface Fighting that the Red Boat Wing Chun has. Ip Man lineage does not have the Ground Fighting Component so, with his available resources that particular branch of Wing Chun did not meet his goals. But Red Boat (Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun) meets all the needs for Grappling, GroundFighting, Striking, Trapping, Weapons, etc. This is a very rare lineage though and there are only 2 Master in the World that were trained in the Ground/Grappling, ICE/Slippery Surface, Blindfold, Multiple Opponents/Battlefield.
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    Krav Maga

    I would like to politely and repsectfully interject. I posted on a previous board about the advantages and disadvantages of Krav Maga and Mixed martial Arts. This is not meant as a threat or insult to your system or study, just a scientific analysis the I did as a MArine Corps MAIT Instructor while redeveloping and replacing the LINE Program. See thread on Mixin it Up. See link:
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    Mix it Up

    My experience as a CQB and H2H Combat Trainer in 94-98 There were several Reasons why the Marine Corps and Socom didn't use or like Krav Maga and all the ground fighting martial arts like Jujitsu (All it's variations), Muay Thai, and Karate and Tae Kwon Do. I will itemize the reasons. Let's first cover the needs of a Hand to Hand Combat system for a solider or SHTF Survivalist. You're typically carrying everything you need for survival and to accomplish your mission. This is referred to the typical combat load that all Marines and solider's typically need. Weapons/Gear/Food/etc. You need to stay mobile and balanced with your 60 pound load of gear. (A BugOut bag can weigh 30+ lbs). We did studies and anyone wearing a 15-20 load was unable to effectively use any of your listed martial arts without loosing their balance and it slowed them down drastically. You don't want to drop your gear in a fight because the enemy may and will take your gear, so you had to learn how to fight while maintaining any amount of weight in excess of 20-lbs. The H2H Combat system had to be able to perform well in any of the following environments: These sound extreme and impractical, but seriously think about what they simulate. A.) Ice/Snow/Slipper Floors/Decks of Boats (try out on Ice in Winter with Bug Out Bag on) B.) Enclosed spaces/Hallways, Urban Combat crowded busy street (Try in 4'x4' square ring) C.) Pitch Black (NVG's malfunction) (Put Blindfold on) D.)Fight with One Limb/Leg due to injury. (Tie one arm behind back to simulate broken arm) E.) Efficient and Practical with 20+ lbs of Gear and Equipment (Put on your bugout bag) F.) Skills must mirror all weapons platforms (Blunt/Impact, Blade, Handgun, Long Gun) As you can see anyone of these unforseen and uncontrolled elements immediately disqualifies your list. Sorry I mean this with Respect. 1.) I will call it Jujitsu (Brazillian, Aiki, and etc.) The very nature of trying to put your opponent in a joint lock, ground fighting speaks volumes as to why it's not suited. Items it failed: A Obvious,B Try wrestling in a 4'x4' square ring,C 50% blind fold yourself,D Try restraining someone with one arm tied behind your back,E With weight on back try getting up to fight 2nd and 3rd attacker,F Mirrors no weapons listed. 2.) Muay Thai: This is a very strong fighting form as we saw fit for competition, but not for our needs. This system contains very large circular movements. See items it failed on: A Try doing a knee strike to someone while standing on ICE, B Try it out in 4'x4; square ring, C Blind fold yourself, D Fight with one arm tied behind your back, E Put on your bugout bag, F Mirrors no weapons listed. The US Air Marshals have talked with me about this system not working well on an Airplane, too small of space. Thus HRT (Seals,Delta SFOD-D, MarSoc, FBI HRT) don't use this system. 3.) Krav Maga: This is a very nice system but it failed in several categories as well. Plus keep in mind their are several different branches/styles/variations of this system also. Here is the list that their system didn't score well on: A Try it on ICE/Winter, B 50%, C 50%, D Relies on 2 limb combos, E Torque and Momentum destroyed balance with Combat Load, F Mirrors no listed Weapons. Effective system but did not meet our goals. Sadly there were only a couple of systems that met this criteria completely 100%, but due to politics and the USMC wanting to scrap a battle field system designed to kill within 2-3 movements, they scrapped the program in 2000 and went with a Peace Keeping mission role and designed the MCMAP system which is the Opposite of our initial research program. Since LTCol George Bristol was friends with the Commandant of the Marine Corps he won the bid for the new Hand to Hand Combat program, even though our work was superior. Chalk it up to politics. What is nice though USSocom (Seals, SFOD-D, CIA SOG, NSA, Air Marshals) Have contacted me to obtain parts of this program to implement into their current training cirriculum. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.