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    What have you done today to better your Prep? III

    In the past three months or so I have been canning everything in sight. 12 qts plus 16 pints of saurkraut, 22 pints of piccililly, 16pts sugar free strawberry jam, 16pts mixed berry jam, 16 qts pickled beans and corn, 16 qts green tomatoes, 16 qts carrots. Will soon be canning green beans and also corn. I have dehydrated lots of fruits and veggies. I will also be canning some of the dried beans I have put away. In a worse case senario I am worried about water for all the beans and rice so I figure I should can some beans and leave alot of liquid so that when I prepare it I an add some rice or pasta. I have also added some tacticle stuff. Oh, I have seined for shrimp and have canned 12 pints. That was the first time I've canned shrimp.
  2. Would you mind sharing where you got you panels and the approximate cost?
  3. My husband and I were given a new crab trap each for our wedding anniversary last week. Today I went to Big Lots and got large cans of green beans for .90 each. Also got another two packs of LED yard stake lights. Really good buy on tea lights 100 of them for 1.00, 20 vegetable plant starter pots, sheperd staffs for my Topsy Turvy tomatoes. Purchased two large jars of Vick's Vapo Rub. Will be dehydrating apples and jicima tomorrow. Sunday, will be dehydrating turnip roots and smoking 10lbs of Salmon.
  4. Hi ArkansasFan30, I pack my rice in a gallon zip loc bag. Not the kind with the slide loc, but the kind you have to close with you fingers. I then put a large clothing size zip loc bag in a food safe five gallon bucket.(Get those bags 2 in a box at the Dollar Tree). After I fill the bag as tight and full as possible, I zip it up and put the lid on the bucket. I do not use a gamma lid for that. I have rice that is 7 and 8 years old. If you think you might have gotton critters, just rinse it good and run it through a collander. I do the same with beans. My other dehydrated veggies I pack the same way except I do use a gamma lid. BTW, pack some bags of beans and rice together in the same bags and you will only have one bucket of food at a time to keep re-opening.
  5. wettahook

    teen needs some help.

    Gunna, for your birthday or other occassions, ask for money or gift cards to stores that interest you. This is week 1 grocery prep list. I always buy 5$out of my regular grocery budget for prepping.1)1 gallon water.....1.00 2) 1lb all purpose flour....1.40cents 3)1lb rice..........1.00 4)..2 cans tomatoes 2.25 for both That would be a great start with what you have already. I can help you get together some info and PM it to you. Keep on Keeping on. 0 0 0
  6. You have been some busy men!!!! Today I went to the Bass Pro Shop at Myrtle Beach, SC. The gun display was pitiful. The ammo was in even sadder shape. Was able to purchase some .308, 22LR, and 40 calibre FMJ"S. Also got a hard case for the big "BB" gun. Put up 6 gals of venison gumbo this week. It was really good. Gave away 30 lbs of pasta I made a month or so ago to the Senior Center, so I will most likely run another 50 lbs batch this week. It is easy to make and will last forever.
  7. Sherrie, I hope you enjoy your sealer as much as I enjoy mine. Just today I bought 15lbs of carrots and 6 cartons of sliced mushrooms....all on sale on the reduced produce stand. Tonight I will start dehydrating. NOTE...when you seal the sliced carrots, first wrap then in some plastic wrap, otherwise the sharp edges will puncture the sealed bag and break the vacuum on it. Today I bought 10 more jars of Planters peanut butter w/cranberries from the Dollar Tree. Saturday I am taking 3 ladies to the military surplus store. I have arranged for the owner to talk to them and demonstrate some items he has.
  8. wettahook

    Doller store are nice BUT

    Most Dollar Stores are having some promo items this week......Planters Peanut Butter with cranberries 12 oz size.....a really great buy. If is not on the shelf...ask for it. My store was only putting out 10 jars at a time...pissed me off....asked the manager for 10 jars and he got them from the back.
  9. I did a 50$ after Christmas discount prepping shopping trip today. 10 LED stake lights. ea..50. 10 Pkg.. Velveta cheese sauce...50 ea. 200 paper plates x5...2.50ea.......5 gals h2o....1$ ea...5 jars pasta sauce....1$ ea. Didn't spend all my money but Big Lots was the bomb today. Its the time to get great buys on candles, LED lights.
  10. Seining is dragging a net attached to two poles. Hold the poles at about a 40 degree angle and walk (takes 2 people). After you've walked a bit, lift the net so that it holds the content, in my case shrimp. You will get other little creatures....throw out what you don't want.
  11. Yesterday I made 50lbs of pasta. Started drying it last night and will vacuum seal and store it tomorroow. Bought another 1000 paper plates and 300 paper cups. Added alot of first aide supplies including suturing stuff, medications, antiseptics. TP and PT, also got alot of ammo for my gun, ammo for my sling shot, fire starters, gun cleaning kit and some really neat thingies to go on my key chain. Over holiday break I will be teaching my teenage grandkids how to forage, how to throw a cast net and where and how to seine. I hope we will have time to oyster some.Keep on keeping on!
  12. Do of you guys or gals know anything about the Deadwood Stove? I really like the looks of it and am thinking about purchasing one. This week-end I am going to buy my Glock 23, ammo and a bunch of Gamma lids. Really interested in any info on the stove. Thanks
  13. I have Food Saver vacuum sealer. I thoroughly dehydrate my food......until they snap when you bend them. I then seal them in bags. I put as much in a bag as possible so there is not much air. They then go in large zip lock type bags(I get three per box for 1$ at out Dollar Store. They are the kind you've seen that you put clothes in and roll to get the air out. I dehydrate 24hrs a day.....green beans, squash, zucchini, instant mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower. I also vacuum seal my dried beans, rice, pasta. Once everything is bagged, all the bags go in food grade white buckets with lids. I do not use oxygen absorbers. My grandmother, who was a West Virginia mountain woman taught me to dry foods in the sun during the summer. Our food lasted for years and I expect the food I put up to last at least five years. Thanks for your inquiry.
  14. 1000 paper plates, 500 cups, 36 rolls of PT, 166 roll TP,3 rolls plastic wrap,10 boxes qt. zip lock bags,2 gals bleach, 3 bottles Lysol, 6 prs heavy duty elbow length rubber gloves. That is all the Black Friday shopping I did. Will answer your question about the gal barrels when they get here. I know they are heavy dense plastic with screw on lids. They can be made air proof. My son's a chemist for a power plant, specializes in water. He gets them 10 for ten $ .They come with a heavy plastic liner and contain chemicals for water treatment. He says they are very safe and efficient for my uses. My son ended up having to work and can't get here before next week-end. Maybe I can get a picture on here.
  15. In the event of a nuclear disaster, the soil would become radiated. Could you actually store regular garden dirt in 55 gal drums?
  16. Today I ordered a new seine net and a clam diggger Most of the time I use my feet to search for clams. I decided to try a digger. Also obtained a recipe for brining and drying shrimp. I'm excited to try this out. My son is bringing me 6-55 gal plastic barrels tomorrow. We are going to fill them with high quality garden soil and tuck them away. If we survive a nuclear attack, the soil may work or not, but the barrels and the soil is free. Oh, Walmart has 98 cent LED yard stake lights so I got 10 of them. I use them inside when we loose power. Tomorrow I will take the left-over turkey and bones to make soup to can.
  17. Applied for my handgun permit. Dehydrated 40lbs of sweet potatoes, 15lbs of apples, bagged 100-2 serving breakfasts, 100-2 serving lunches, 100-2 serving dinners, 50 servings of dried fruits, 50 servings of various snacks. I am going to try dehydrating some salmon and halibut next week. My sis and I are working on our saline distillery. Bought 6-55 gal barrels. Bought 20 gals water. This was all done in the last 2 weeks.
  18. wettahook

    New Sci-Fi Show "Revolution"

    This is filmed in my hometown...Wilmington NC. Its doubtful the sets are the same as seen on those other shows. I do know alot of the background scenes are digital. I have run into the set designer at the military surplus store buying things for the show.
  19. Must remember to stock up on apple cider and ginger beer. Might be eating alot of pelican, duck, geese, seagull and egret. Not necessarily in that order. Must also remember there is a nuclear power plant 10 miles down the river from me. If that goes.....oops!
  20. I checked out about a 5 block area around where I live. I noted the vegetation, good areas to seine for shrimp and a good area or 4 to throw a cast net. I then came home and read up on the vegetation that I wasn't too sure about. There is alot of good food close by. I also live on a salt marsh. Don't know how pelican tastes but I bet I could catch,clean and cook one! Today was spent really looking at the area I live in. Also tried out some of the recipes I have made this week using my dehydrator. The broccoli, cheese and powdered milk soup, with some ceyenne pepper was awesome.
  21. Hi, new here and first time posting. You folks have inspired me to do some prepping. This is my first week and I think I have done pretty well. 1. Purchased a dehydrator...it's been going 24/7 since Sunday 2. Purchased 2 large waterbed bladders. Have sanitized and filled them...(thank goodness for cement floors) 3. Purchased 15 gallons of drinking water and equipment to make a distiller for ocean water..( thank goodness my grandfather and great grand father were moonshiners) 4. Practiced my stitching on banana peelings..(dehydrated the bananas) 5. Cleaned and prepped an area to keep everything 6. Checked over all my fishing gear and made a simple prep pack of fishing supplies Like I said, this is just the beginning and I have a long list. I do plan to keep it simple, but effective. Thanks for all the info on this site. An "old" lady like me can use all the info she can get.