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    Just a normal guy prepping for the unseen to make sure me and mine are safe.
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    26 year old Sgt of Marines.
  1. 83K10

    New from NC

    Its definetly a work in progress... the 350 I put in it to replace the 305 is a strong engine but I think I want to go with a 6.2 or 6.5 instead. I would love to put a duramax in it but those cost lots o cash. And its been sitting for so long in Colorado (where I am from) that its got a lot of rust. I tried joining the BOV group and when I go home for Christmas I'll try to get a video of it up on here.
  2. Pretty cold on the coast of NC but the rain has stopped, just windy now.
  3. 83K10

    hurricane slides up eastern coast

    Still raining in NC, not that windy any more, I'm gonna have to fix some siding when it stops raining though. It still looks like you guys up north are not gonna have a fun start of the week. Stay safe
  4. 83K10

    New from NC

    Thanks gents, The user name is for my project truck. Its a 1983 silverado k10, ill try to put a picture up here if i can figure it out... http://i1072.photobucket.com/albums/w368/1983k10/DSC00854.jpg
  5. 83K10

    hurricane slides up eastern coast

    Just an update from Holly Ridge NC, 30-40 mins north of Wilmington. The rain started this morning and some wind. The weather channel is calling for squalls starting around 1900. So far its been calmer than Irene but its only supposed to brush us. Hope everyone up north of me is prepped and ready.
  6. 83K10

    New from NC

    Hey all, found the site a couple days ago and saw some pretty useful insights and info so thought I would learn some and hopefully help out as much as I can as well. I'm a Marine at Lejeune, Heavy equipment operator with around 30 months worth of deployments. Hope i can bring something to the table in the conversations around here. Bill