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  1. CulexPipiens

    Zombie Fiction or Something to Chew On

    Thanks for the comments OregonChick! I really appreciate finding out that others have read and enjoyed my work. I've got another new story on my site, have another one in editing right now and a third one in progess at the moment that's coming together nicely. All basically in the PAW theme although non zombie related.
  2. CulexPipiens

    Survival Fiction or Learning is Fun!

    Thanks Bill. Big Box was written as a single story but I got a number of requests to continue it so I did but with the twist of differing points of view. I'm not sure I've ever seen a story written, at least partially, from a guns point of view so I thought that would be a challenge for one of the sub stories in there. I just put out a new one, pretty short, only around 18 pages. You can find it on my site (in my sig.) as a free download. I don't plan on putting it on Kindle although overtime I might do a series, like Big Box, and compile them into something larger. Dunno yet.
  3. CulexPipiens

    Survival Fiction or Learning is Fun!

    Regulator5, I definitely agree that skills are as important if not more important, but gear does have an appeal too. I've done a lot of gardening (although the drought this year showed me I have a lot more to learn), canning, dehydrating, have taken CERT and first aid classes (and want to take more), have various kits for Mrs. Culex and I for various needs and I know how to use everything in each kit, practiced various ways to make fire, made my own solar panel and have been working towards getting our home on the path towards a greater level of self sufficiency and making it through a short or long term power outage.
  4. CulexPipiens

    Survival Fiction or Learning is Fun!

    Thanks Wally and Capt Bart. Since you spray nightly and "we're" still around I believe you can see my viewpoint on how Culex is a survivor! I'll take a look at that sub forum but I was thinking more of a "PAW Fiction" sub forum which after looking around some more I didn't see.. then again this site seems more focused on gear which I think is kind of neat as I'm always on the look out for some new (to me) equipment.
  5. CulexPipiens

    Survival Fiction or Learning is Fun!

    Thanks for the (mostly) positive comments Texas Bill... Culex Pipiens is the scientific (or latin) name of the mosquito who I like to think of as a survivor since they've made it through an awful lot of planetary disasters. I use that as my screen name online. I've put out some additional stories. You can buy them (99 cents each) on Amazon or download for free from another forum (I won't advertise it here though). A friend directed me to your posting about my book and I just joined so I'm not sure if there is a forum for fiction stories here or not. If so and there is any interest I'd be willing to also post my stories here. All are themed on survival and prepping. Two are shorter stories and one is a compliation of seven short stories all centering around an event and a core group of survivors with some of the stories told from differenting points of view. I've also got three others in progress. One that I'm stuck on, one that started really good and now I'm also kind of stuck but I do have some ideas on how to continue it and one that is about half done and is fully outlined so I know what I still need to write. After reading JDY, Halffast, TOM and some of the other well know PAW writers I took a shot not expecting to even complete it let alone find anyone who actually likes it so it still really means a lot to me to find someone who has read it and did indeed like it.