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  1. annieedell

    Fishing basics

    Can anyone tell me the proper place in Turkey from where I can do the fishing activity? I heard a lot about Turkey fishing place but I still didn't visit yet.
  2. We went last month turkey, its weather is too hot. So our driver has to take some rest in so hot weather. we have a window glass that we didn't suffer to direct sun stroke. but, it was quite not goof experience for us to enjoyed the destination.
  3. annieedell

    Turkey: Highway to the Danger Zone

    I would say that there are so many famous dive centers available in Turkey that you really enjoyed it, if you like to do diving. Turkey is really very nice city to enjoyed your vacation.
  4. annieedell

    Hello friends!!

    Hello , My self anniee dell. I am very much happy that I am over here. It's my glad that I am joining this community , we have a great conversation with all of you guys.