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    I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Scouting... Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Explorer, allowed me to have time in and to fall in love with nature. I spent a year in Vietnam in the Army as a combat soldier. After the Army, I spent 2 1/2 years far North of Fairbanks, Alaska in the remote wilderness. A rustic cabin featuring no amenities-- Wood burning stove, no electricity, no running water and an outhouse for nature's necessities.

    I know how to survive, what plants to eat and how to trap, fish and hunt. I have splinted my broken bones and sewn my cuts with needle and thread,(other peoples too).

    I can do anything with tools, welding, carpentry, electrical and almost as many things without tools ... Give me a knife and I'm king of the world. With a knife I can survive anywhere, rural or urban.

    At the present time I am building a place in Missouri -- off the grid with solar and wind and I'm in the process of stocking supplies and clearing land for planting. I reckon I'm a prepper, but mostly now, in my later years, I'm a loner.

    I love to read. When I was little, there was a Goodwill store directly across the street from my house. Books in the fifty and sixties were only a nickel each--- 20 for a dollar. Twice a week during the summer months, I'd take a dollar over-- my earnings for watching the watermelons my father sold from our front yard. I'd read while I watched the melons at night to keep them from being stolen.

    When I turned 62, I found myself, for the first time in my life, without the responsibility for others. While reading an Amazon book online it came to me I wanted to write. Found out wanting and being able to were two different ballgames. I spent the next year and a half studying the craft while writing "HARD ROADS". I was in a tent most of the time up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains on some WMA property. I had the truck parked beside my tent with an electric cord from an inverter running from the truck to the tent to power up my desktop. I spent many nights during the winter --- my preferred writing time is night --- huddled in a blanket shivering. I spent just as much time trying to keep the sweat wiped from my hands during the summer months.
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    Traveling, no base, camping mostly on WMA and National forests.
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  1. Thank you Texas Bill and Oregon Chick. I'm glad you enjoyed the book and thanks for the review on Amazon Tex. Reviews do help indie writers. One of these day I'm going on a road trip. Maybe I'll get to meet you guys. In the past I've been all over Texas. I hitch-hiked through Oregon once. The only place I remember was Medford. What I remember most is that along interstate 5, Oregon is a beautiful state. I like North Texas up near the Oklahoma border. I spent some time in San Antonio. The River Walk there in wonderful and a good place to cool off during the long hot days of summer in South Texas. My son and I spent a great deal of time sitting under bridges and buildings that crossed it, chilling and watching the tourists. Terry
  2. Thanks Texas Bill. Your reviews on Amazon have been very helpful. I hope you find time for this one. I'm glad you were able to get a copy Wally. I do hope you enjoy reading the story. The responses to my work here is very inspirational. If not for Texas Bill's enthusiasm for Gran De Daddy I would not be as far along with the sequel as I am. I peruse this forum every time I run out of something to read. The reviews you guys do saves me a lot of filtering looking for gems. Oregon Chick is right that PA stories do seem to follow set patterns. I hope to step outside the box with Gran De Daddy's sequel. With Gran De Daddy I tried to create intensity and fast motion. It is a real challenge to put an old man in violent, physical situations where he wins without seeming contrived. This time he will have Willa by his side and watching his back. Yep, the old man made a hook up. Anyway, so far the follow up is very fun to write. Terry
  3. Today is the day 'THE TRASHMAN' is free. I hope you have time to download it and that you enjoy reading it. Terry
  4. Hello Texas Bill, Oregon Chick and Wally. I've been a while but I am publishing another story in the next couple of days. Taking note of Oregon Chick's lament about PA survivors have tons of money, weapons and supplies I wrote one where they do not. The title is 'TRASHMAN'. Wanda from 'W' has a cameo scene in it and her past and reason for her attitude is revealed. Texas Bill. The follow up to 'Gran De Daddy is progressing well and I think you will like it. The premise for an Apocalyptic Disaster opens up and of course Gran De Daddy and Willa are going to be hot on the trail of the bad guys. I have to say, this site and this thread is the go to place for my reading selections. The reviews posted here are well done and are a good guide. Terry McDonald. PS, I usually run a couple of free days soon after the book is published and available. I will do so for 'TRASHMAN' an when I do I'll post the days here.
  5. Hi Texas Bill. I too am awaiting your book. I read 'Without' on your recommendation and I agree with the points you made. It was an excellent read. I liked the ending and the fact the cause of the catastrophe is never resolved. Terry
  6. Hi OC. I recently finished reading Cyberstorm. Very entertaining and informative and the ending was twisted in a good way. Terry
  7. Well cool. I'm glad you enjoyed it OC. Maybe later I will expand the story into a novel. I have three sequels to complete, one of course is for Gran De Daddy which I promised Texas Bill. I think a sequel to 'W' would be loads of fun. If you find time, I hope you will leave a review at Amazon. I hope you're having spring up there and over there in Oregon. Terry
  8. workquick

    Wild crazy weather.

    I call it global poisoning with a touch of weather thrown in... I have a great longing for clean water, unmodified foods and breathable air. Clean clear water is--- well, go drink from any river and see what that gets you. Food from the store is polluted with poisons and hormones along with built in insecticides and fungicides. Lower nutrition too. The air-- well what does it matter if it's full of soot, radiation, and a host of other industrial poisons. Weather, yep it's changing, who cares if it due to mankind? I say use any excuse to clean our environment. Do it for the kids. People made Al Gore a laughing stock, but his message about the filth in our environment is dead on.
  9. oops. laughing at me sentence in the previous post "and it want me friends". Correct -- I want my friends to get it for free.
  10. Hi all, it's been a while. OC, I'm definitely going to check out about Sam Houston. Thank you for mentioning him. The history of Texas is something I've not looked at and I have a knowledge gap that needs to be bridged. I recently published a new short story 'W' and it want me friends here to be able to get it for free. It will be free tonight and tomorrow the 28th. Partsman, most of my reading lately comes from the recommendations or analysis by members here and I've yet to be steered wrong. Terry McDonald.
  11. Wow, it's hard to keep up with all the recommendations. Texas, I'm about half way through Against the Grain. You're righ that the story grows on you. Hope you enjoy Shelter. Just finished ANNIE by Lenore McKelvey Puhek (2009-10-30). ANNIE (Kindle ). A TRUE STORY From slavery To A Montana Homestead.* Philipsburg, Montana Territory. * 1833 – 1914. It was very informative about the time. Finished and found a full length bonus novel at the end. Oregonchick is probably familiar with the area. EMP and Earthfall are good reads too. Read 'THE MARTIAN' about a man stranded on mars. Excellent read. Ya'll take care. My writing has been nada for the last two weeks. Developed tendonitis in my right wrist-- probably from trying to write three sequels to novels at one time. Terry
  12. workquick

    Hidden garden plants

    The total Daylilly plant is edible and delicious. Root-toast nodules like peanuts or use in stew. Flowers taste like sweet lettuce. Flower buds just eat em raw. Stalk- peel and eat.
  13. Hi. I finished reading Shelter, humanity abides. It was well written, good characters, lots of action and a great wrap up. I think you will enjoy it. Terry McDonald
  14. Thanks Texas. I'll check it out. In the middle of reading 'Shelter Humanity Abides. About survival after a nuclear holocaust. So far it's a good read. I'll let you all know if it ends cool. BTW> Thanks for the glowing review on 'Disaster'. Sales are fairly good so far. Am definitely going to write sequel to 'Gran De Daddy'. Terry
  15. workquick

    Surviving the night in cold weather

    I'm sure you all know this, but a lot of the younger folk may not. When I'm camping I've found that two trees close together, say a foot apart, is real handy for snapping larger pieces of dead wood. Doesn't take long to build a big pile of short lengths. I spent quite a bit of time in the boonies near Fairbanks Alaska in the 70s. Once found it doesn't take long for fingers to get too cold to light a lighter or strike a match, especially one of the book matches. In cold weather have one of the trigger lighters handy. Terry