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  1. Ok Rick, I won't tell him he's all wet then.
  2. Howdy all for gun country. I hope everyone is well and prosperous. Too many American's are not on the gravy train right now due at least in part to our fearless leaders in D.C. I sure hope they come to their senses real soon before they do any more damage than they have already done. I guess I just don't understand politicians much. They go to D.C. or Nashville or whatever state cap. they go to and instantly they become Mr. Hyde from the ever present Dr. Jeckel. They seem to instantly become a political team player rather than to represent "We the People" as they told all of us fine voters. I guess I'll keep my rant short as this was supposed to be an introduction but I morphed it into an anti political party diatribe. Best Wishes to all 73 Roscoe, out here on his deserted desert island, Yea, I wish!
  3. Roscoe

    CB Radios

    CB radio is as old as dinosaur dung. Sometimes old technology is a good thing but CB is not a valuable tool these days. Using Marine radio which is a licensed system to communicate in a non Marine venue is simply silly, challenging the govt. to prosecute you for a criminal use of a radio is just asking for it. With the revocation of the Morse Code requirement Amateur is easy to get licensed. Take a few technical tests and your in like Flint. Amateur radio or Ham to some is so completely superior to any of the FRS, GMRS, Marine or any other service. a 2 mtr Ham transceiver can easily dial to the Marine band, FRS, and many other frequencies that it easily out shines all the other services combined. Ham radio is the way to go as it has all the freedom any operator can ever want. CB is old school as even truckers have mostly moved to Ham as a primary service, only the old die hards still use CB and then only for very short distance communications.