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  1. Yup, Invision is a lot more versatile and up to date than that other program and will let the staff do what they need to do to protect the place without having to take away anything from the members. Heck, that other program was so unstable, had a test forum on my server to play with and just about every edit I made to that program caused something else to crash. Thought I had that whole timed edit button worked out, it was working smooth and seamless, and as soon as the time set for edits ran out it erased the entire database. Anyway, I hope to be diving back in real soon, SHTF for me last year but I'm almost back to a point of having time to enjoy this place. Will be talking to the boss later this week, and maybe we can start to liven things back up.
  2. Amen to that!! I couldn't have said it better. Merry Christmas everyone!! And no, I'm not actually back yet. This post is just a figment of your imagination. LoL
  3. Only if your fishing with hand grenades!!
  4. VB, your not getting old are ya?? LMAO Like I can talk, I can't see to dial a phone number without glasses anymore! Sherrie, any change to the issue with privacy off?? (sorry guys, been out of town a couple of days and may be going again tomorrow)
  5. I also own a lot of chain, probably close to a mile of it if you put it all together including two unopened barrels of 5/16 I got at a surplus auction that have to weigh near 500 pounds each. I never pass a deal on chain or cable, never know when or where you may need it. And even when I have to buy new stuff, I buy a full roll rather than by the foot just so I have the extra. Cable, Geez I think I have 5 rolls of the 3/8 cable for the winches on my trucks I found sitting in an old warehouse after a company moved out, you bet I took it home with me. I also use 3/4 inch cable for the big winch on my service truck, when what's on the winch gets kinked or damaged on a job the company will usually buy me a whole new roll, truth is that cable on the winch has been there for 20 years, and may be 30 feet shorter, but I have I think 4 brand new rolls sitting here if'when I decide to replace it. Fact is, if shit does totally hit the fan, industry will be shut down and your not going to be able to just go get this stuff from the local hardware store. You have to plan ahead if your planning for that kind of scenario, just because the way you have lived your life up to this point hasn't lead you to need items like this, does not necessarily mean you won't need it then. And as I said in that first reply, it could be good bartering material if you have some to spare. And even if your just prepping for a storm, if you or your family gets stuck in the mud or stalled in high water a length of chain or cable to pull a vehicle out could not only save the vehicle, it could save lives.
  6. Thanks VB, I would have had to go look that up, I haven't gone the iPad route yet as they aren't versatile enough for everything I do. And Sherrie, yes try turning private browsing off just to try and see if that clears the issue. If you do use your iPad for financial transactions or keep personal information on it then you may want to turn it back on after you do this test. Next question (and this is for anyone), is there a version of another browser such as Google Chrome that will work on the iPad?? Also, what about updates on the iPad and Safari, are they automatic or is there a setting for that?? (guess I am going to have to get one now just so I can play with it)
  7. Sherrie Check your iPad and see if you have privacy enabled on the device for me. That's the only issue close to this reported to tech support for this program but the report also stated the iPad would pull up white blank pages, so I suspect I will need to dig deeper. Also, please don't expect real quick replies from me for a while, I will be checking in but I have a whole lot happening IRW right now. But I will do what I can to find you an answer.
  8. How many uses can you find for chain? Chain is not just good for pulling out a stuck truck, it makes a great improvised weapon, makes a great weight for tent flaps, can be shot from a cannon to slow down hordes of zombies and could be included in the list of good bartering items. And that's just a short list before my morning coffee is finished, I suspect by the time this thread is done it will be a very long list.
  9. Autonomous is correct and that is one of the little things I will be looking at after I resolve the bigger issues, it works but it does look misleading. However, Sherrie's issue does sound like a cookie issue, but I need to investigate the whole iPad thing which I am not familiar with before I can attempt an answer for you Sherrie.
  10. Ok, since I still have that Moderator thing under my name I will speak as a moderator. That is currently being worked on, I have no date or time set yet as I/we have not found the proper solution. It will be back but with a time limit (probably 24 hours) so you have plenty of time to fix your mistakes and allow us to protect the older posts. As for why, a few for whatever reason went back through some very old but good threads and removed their posts, thus wrecking those threads. It was the decision of the owners to make this change to protect the archive of information on this forum. Rest assured it is being worked on though, please just give us time to sort it out properly. In the mean time you can use the advanced posting feature which will allow you to preview your post. We know it's a tad more trouble and apologize for that, we are doing the best we can. **Moderator hat off** Dang, that think make my head itch!! LoL Oh yea, me bad, I had to edit this because I forgot to add something. Sorry!!!
  11. I want a big one mounted in back of my truck!!! (pressure washer that is) LoL
  12. Dang, do we actually all agree on something?? LMAO Love the power washer, one should never leave home without one.
  13. Ok, once again I am accused of haven spoken as a Moderator, I do sincerely apologize if it came across that way as that was never my intent. Now I will speak as a Moderator, Things will be sorted, on that I give my word. And this thread has served it's purpose so far as I can tell so I am closing it. (at least for now) As for Awake, he is more than welcome to leave if he wants but I do hope he decides to stick around. Nuff said'
  14. I'm more than happy to help clean up spam and help in any other areas I can, but I never volunteered to give up my right to speak my mind. But I have sent a message to SC and they can decide what to do with that title, if it means I have to give up being who I am then I would prefer not to have it. I don't even need it for the biggest part of what I am trying to do to help out around here. It simply give me the power to clean up the spam. And yea, I have a really gruff sense of humor and a first class jackass, but I have not said one word against Awakes contributions here, just his little temper tantrum over a silly little button. Heck I even said in that post HE was one of the many reasons I joined here in the first place. I just have a real problem with pity posts, everything he listed as a reason why he is claiming to leave has either been dealt with or is currently being worked on. Nuff said
  15. Ok, so because I have some thingy under my name I'm supposed to pretend to be something I'm not??