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  1. I have been talking to the makers of the crovel and have told them my problems with there product. It turns out that they have come out with a new model and the head on this model is made of 4140 chromoly steal, so I am guessing that they have had a lot of complaints about this rust problem. They assured me several times that my findings are not the normal, and they are actually going to exchange mine for this new model. So at least this company is fixing there problems and also they are willing to compensate for there problems. if you have a crovel with the same problems I would urge you to contact them about it because they will do what they can to make you happy.

  2. That is a great post Dan one thing that I think you may look into is yoyo reels. These are a spring loaded reel that you tie onto a solid anchor and then through out the line, when the fish takes the bait the spring sets the hook so a fish can't sit there and strip you bait. I have a doz. of these in my bob, and I use them when I go fishing regularly and really like them, they open up a few more opportunities IMO anyway. They are about 2.5 inches by .5 so they don't take up much space and they are very light.

  3. Never mind I know what your talking about vonBayern, squirrels have this strange thing they do where they faint basically and it can actually kill them. I have seen this happen twice once it was a squirrel we were raising from an abandoned baby and another when 2 squirrels were fighting and one bit the other neither of these squirrels died from it though. It is kind of a defense mechanism that will save them from the pain of being eaten. Rabbits have a similar thing where they can actually kick so hard that it breaks there spine and kills them, also to save them from the pain of being eaten at least scientists think that's what it's for.

  4. Another primitive weapon or style of making weapons is flint knapping, I personally think a lot of people are over looking this. I did see Shawn mention a book he has about this, I think this is an essential survival tool what happens when you loose your knife? You need to be able to make a blade of some sort, a lot of people don't realize that flint knapping is more than just making arrow heads. This is truly an art and kind of tough to get the hang of I have been doing it for several months now, I am not amazing at it or anything like that but my smart ass buddy didn't think one of my knives was sharp so he tested it on his knee and laid it right open probably could have used a couple stitches. I saw a program a couple years back on the discovery channel about flint knapping and they said that a properly knapped knife or arrow head will actually be sharper than a surgeons scalpel, the edge can be as thin as two molecules thick. When you get one of these pieces you know it you can actually see through it and it will cut through just about anything like a hot knife through butter.

  5. I read through these threads and noticed that nobody mentioned the sling (like david killed goliath with), I have been messing around with several that I made this year. A sling takes up very little space so it's perfect for a bob and all you need for ammo is a properly shaped and sized rock. They are kind of tough to get the hang of but they are a lot of fun, I have made mine out of paracord and some leather from some welding chaps that I had from my former profession. You would be amazed at the range you can get out of a sling and with regular practice it's not all that hard to get accurate with one it just takes some time. Everything I have read says that within 2 weeks you should be able to hit a human sized object at 50 yards, now that's practicing every day for a couple hours I don't have that much time on hand nor do I have a place very close to practice at a 30 min drive is my nearest place with a good number of proper rocks. I personally have 2 slings in my bob one large one smaller. A little known fact about the sling one of the romans most feared weapons was the sling they would take control of high ground and hurl football shaped hunks of lead at there enemies and cause very serious damage. In my opinion the sling is about the most efficient weapon there is all you need for ammo is a rock.

  6. sorry regulator you had another question I have a 16" barrel on this gun not sure if that's considered a rifle or carbine. But I am looking into getting a 18" for it both a .223 and a .300 blackout just to make the gun a little more versatile.

  7. I have my zero set at 50 yards, I still need to get some more range time in and I am going to change the zero to 100 yards. It's the 125 grain that I have been using but I think I am going to change to the 110 grain, because it has a little more muzzle velocity. this cartage was created to compete with the 7.62x39 or the ak-47, the 115 grain bullet has the same energy transfer as the 7.62x39 upon impact. the difference is the .300 blackout is a longer bullet so it breaks up a bit more on impact. Oh ya this thread was also about side arms I LOVE my glock 35 it is the most accurate pistol I have ever shot and has a very manageable recoil at least for me.

  8. So I have read through this thread and noticed that no one mentioned the .300 acc blackout. I know this is a very new cartridge and hasn't proven it self yet but I have recently purchased a daniel defense AR .300 blackout and I love this gun it does have kind of a lot of drop about 12 inches at 200 yard depending on what grain bullet your shooting. I have a very nice scope with mil dots to help with this and plan to get a 18" barrel in hopes that it will help. The bullets vary from 110-245 grains so you have a very large selection to choose from depending on what your hunting or range your defending. the 110 grains are shooting at about 2200 fps and the larger 220-245 grains are going about 1400 to 1200 good close range or hog hunting though. another thing that I really like about this gun is all you need to shoot a .223 out of it is a different barrel, it uses the same magazine so my 100 round beta mag works great. I also picked up a keltec su22 the only thing I don't like about this gun is the rear ghost ring sight but I will be changing that. I was recently on vacation and popped a couple rabbits and squirrels with it and over all I am very impressed with it. breaking it in was a bit different because it doubled on me several times but after about 200 rounds or so it is shooting great not doubling anymore and is pretty accurate, it folds in half and only weighs 4 lbs great for a bob.

  9. Ok so I have to touch on this I have owned several pistols now, torus, beretta, an m&p, a h&k, RR 1911 and a glock 35. I ended up getting rid of everything but the 1911 and the glock 35 I have to say that the glock 35 is the most accurate pistol I have ever shot. I would highly recommend the 35 however it's a 40 cal but I will not ever own a 9mm again IMO the only up side to a 9mm is the ammo is every where and cheap but ballistics wise it just can't keep up with the .40. the 35 has a light recoil not bad at all I am not a very big guy about 5 10 and 150 lbs so a polymer framed 45 was too much for me. I LOVE my 35, I will soon be getting a after market barrel for it not that it needs it but just for fun.

  10. well I just have to say that not only is the keltec sub2k a great gun but keltec as a gun manufacturer is a great company(in my personal opinion). I have shot both the 9mm and .40 cal versions of the sub2k I didn't notice a whole lot of difference in recoil, but I did notice that the sub2k is really a short quarters weapon but I don't like goest ring sights very much. So the problem I have with the sub2k is really just that you can't change the rear sights on it. I have a glock 35 and noticed that I actually make tighter groups with that out to 50 yards but again I don't care for goest ring sights this may be why my groups are better with the glock. Now keltec was having a problem with the sub2k jamming a friend of mine has one and had to send it back in to get the problem fixed I don't know what the problem was he hasn't gotten it back yet so I don't know what they are really doing about this. Over all in my opinion a great bug out gun once you get the jamming problem fixed.

  11. sorry I didn't finish I am actually not going to be using my crovel in my bob, I am looking into something different simple because I don't think these things will last. I am looking into the chinese survival shovel a friend of mine has one and likes it so I am going to get ahold of one of them and test it as well. If you have any questions please ask

  12. Ok guys myself and my best friend purchased a couple of crovels and have been testing them for several

    months now. Let me put it this way we are very disappointed in the quality of this product, the design is

    pretty good. The main problem we are having with them is they rust very very fast, the inside of the tube

    had rust in it when I received them in the mail. The powder coat wears off very quickly faster than it

    should I know powder coating I ran a powder coating shop for 3 years the problem is they are using cheap steal and it isn't prepped correctly before it's coated. That being said the design of this product is good the main problem with the design is the saw, it's pretty much useless as a saw it gums up way too fast and is too short to cut anything over one inch thick or so. Over all I wouldn't recommend the crovel not unless they change the material they are using for $110 they need to use stainless steal at least on the head of

    the shovel.