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    1st post advice

    nice find wolf. ill be getting oneof those. my water table is at 18 feet so i should be good
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    1st post advice

    All excellent reads. Thanks
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    1st post advice

    Ok, thanks for all of your replies. I made a Sam's run and stocked the pantry somewhat. Ill continue to rotate and add for what I would consider short term food supply. In regards to my 2nd house or what I deem as my mancave, it has a well on it so i am good there. I priced a manual pump from a link on here and it seemed outrageously high. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. With regards to water purification, any suggestions on which direction to go in terms of product or model #s? Also, any specific suggestions on long term water storage. I have been kicking around the idea of a 500 gallon tank that the well pumps directly into and having some type of filteration system from the tank to the house but I am open to all suggestions. Once again, thanks for your replies.
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    1st post advice

    I have been lurking here for a couple of weeks. The information I have gotten has been awesome. The problem is that I am overwhelmed!!! I really dont know where to start. Ill start with what I have and any advice or short list would be much appreciated. 1. 2nd home on 5 acres next to thousands of acres of national forest 2. remington 12 guage shotgun 3. browning .270 4. browning 9 mm high power 5. 30-30 6. 6 mm mauser 7. loads of ammo 8. browning .22 auto Thats it. I just need a list of sam's items I can go and pick up and get this thing off the ground. I have about a grand I can spare. I have a wife and four kids. We have discussed what all I have been reading and she agrees that we need some type of fallback plan in case of some type of emergency. Thanks in advance for your replies