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    Mix it Up

    it's true the best thing to do it's mix the best techniques of all martial arts i learn that way
  2. mariolemos

    hi from portugal

    Hello shawn, yes a crossbow or a bow it is an option because it's license free. which part of portugal they're from?
  3. mariolemos

    hi from portugal

    i really dont't know but i will post a foto it was from my grandfather maybe it's french... there's no brand marks :s
  4. mariolemos

    hi from portugal

    thank you wally. don don about knives i have some good quality hunting knives and some experience in knife combat because one of the martial arts that i practice was taijutsu but like you used to say in america don't bring a knife for a gunfight.
  5. mariolemos

    hi from portugal

    hello, the current economic situation in portugal is bad, the unemployment continues to raise... I live in the country but because portugal is a small country there are allways nearby cities, so a bug out plan for me it isn't necessary because i'm in the remotest and highest places in the zone. And i have my own source of water (pit and rain catcher deposit), food (animals and vegetables), but i think i should get more canned food and weapons but in portugal it is dificult to get a legal proper gun, handguns we can only have 6.35cal and rifles only for hunting but with a small magazine, 4 max i think. i have a bolt action shotgun but it is slow on reload... i've practice self defense and mixed martial arts for 5 years so i know how to defend myself but sometimes bare hands it isn't enought... Anyway thanks for all
  6. mariolemos

    hi from portugal

    thanks for the wellcome everyone!! i'm interested about survival because i think that we need to be prepared in case that the worst happens. If you have any question about me or my country just ask
  7. mariolemos

    hi from portugal

    Hi everyone. I'm Mário i'm 20 years old, i live in Portugal and i came to this forum to learn more about survival because in my country there's no websites or forum about this... Regards Mário Lemos PS: Sory if my english isn't the best but we just speak portuguese in portugal but learn a lit of bit english at schools