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  1. yoyo


    i like how some of the women have tight fitting clothes and how all the clothes look really nice and new. I guess you can still shop at walmart and neiman marcus 15 years after the power goes out LOL
  2. yoyo

    Camper Ham Radio Mobile Unit

    was hoping to see pics of the camper ham radio mobile unit but oh well i guess not.
  3. yoyo

    CB Radios

    i have a set of 35 mile frs radios they work barely a 1/4 of a mile thru dense foliage in average southern woods. That said my group has ham radios for comms out past a mile. Everyone is trained and has handheld ham radio and two locations have larger antennas with more powerful base stations that are easily mobile and run off 12 volts if need be. Solar panels and batteries are used for backup power in a pinch.
  4. the problem is not enough money for me. I have delusions of gradeur and wanted more than my pocket book could afford. That said dont try to do it all at once. Take a step at a time and its doable. The old saying how do you eat an elephant one bite at a time comes to mind. Also build bigger than you think you need. You can never have enough space for all your stuff. And as soon as you fill up one part you will buy more stuff and fill that too. And think about if you have a group or family who will be coming to use the bug out location. They will need space to preposition items and for things they bring with them too. Think NO POWER, solar or wind or hydro power with battery backups for led lighting, fans, battery chargers, etcetc. All things you need to think about. How will you pump water, lights, heat, cooking, washing, medical, etcetc when there is no power.
  5. you cant hack what you dont know is there and you cant hack what you dont have. Trucrpyt allows hidden directories so you would have to know its there before you could hack something. Also you can trucrpyt a file or folder require a password or phrase plus a physical file say you keep on a thumb drive in order to unlock it. So even if you had cracked the password you still would need the thumbdrive with the specific file to unlock the trucyrpt file or folder. I dont think you or anyone else will be cracking a trucrpyt file or folder easily unless you are the nsa.