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  1. Martial law is hardly ever a shock.The most important thing is that death of democracy.The declaration has made people be mute for a moment.The rights of the people to speak and share their opinion in that current situation was totally denied and deprived.
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    Weapon(s) of choice?

    Primary -Shotgun Secondary -45 ACP/45 LC/.410 Revolver Blade -Folding blade knife, my choices....
  3. Looking sounds good!!! Especially its grip...
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    Four Eyes - Glasses and Contacts?

    Certain two facts on this post unequivocally the best we have all had.I'm totally agree with you.You'r 100% good here that a plain jane clear or smoke wrap around style pair of safety glasses are very effective and comfortable.I agreed what's said above!!!
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    Water for health!!!

    According to recent research,water and green tea is the best way to lose your weight.I took 8 to 12 glasses of water gradually and 2 to 3 times cup of tea in a day.And now i feel much difference in my weight.
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    thanks man!!!
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    Irish Soda Bread=Awesome!

    Looking sounds good....i sure will must be try this at home...i also found one this type of nice recipe from home weekly magazine.I sure will must be next time post here.....Thanks for sharing this....
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    Hi, my name is Nathanial.I'm newbie here.I have huge knives stuff.I just discovered this site a couple of months ago and it has been a great source of knowledge and temptation.