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  1. Thanks Capt Bart, I am definitely going to be doing lots of practicing. I made sure before I bought that I had the hand strength to rack the slide without any difficulty, and although I didn't get a chance to fire before I bought, most of the reviews I read said that the gun was very easy with regards to recoil. Although labelled a subcompact, it is much heavier and larger than the Sig P290, which will make it more difficult to conceal, but easier to shoot(fun, in fact, if the reviews on it are accurate) My CHL instructor was very clear about the likelihood that we would all have a negligent or accidental discharge at some point, so at no point when I'm at the range or home will the barrel be pointed at any part of me or someone else. Luckily I finally found a girlfriend who is also just getting into the gun scene (and from hints, I think also preparedness, but I haven't broached that subject with her yet, but I will) and we'll be hitting the range together over the next several weeks.
  2. Finally got my CCW, which I'm very excited about. Sig p250 9mm subcompact, and I'm anxious to get some ammo and try it out but that will have to wait for next week. Looking to get a holster and a few extra mags ordered this week.
  3. Got my E-tool from amazon today, also a field guide to medicinal plants. Have some non-gmo seeds coming later this week. Also, got money together to finally buy my concealed carry gun..yay!!! Going shopping monday.
  4. got in a survival whistle, another mainstay bar for the bob, and some seeds for practicing gardening this year.
  5. My survival fishing kit arrived, as well as my collapsable camp bucket and a mainstay bar to tryout. If I like it, I'll get enough for two for each bob; it seems like that is one of the best weight/calorie food sources for a 72 hour kit
  6. Shea

    Maine living

    I totally understand your concern about the state of the economy there; it's one of the reasons I left. I think that there are more people around of a like mind than you might think... Everyone takes operational security very seriously...even down here in Texas meeting like minded individuals can be difficult without sharing too much. Have you tried looking on to some of the regional blogs?
  7. Finally got my fingerprints done, and sent off for my CHL Amazon order: a sun gauge for checking where to plant in my sad yard this spring; a mini-fire starter, and a homesteading book. I also got to the gym to work on some body prep, and cleaned up all the christmas stuff so I have some space to re-do my BOB's next week. I'm on a roll
  8. Shea

    BOL size requirements

    As with everything it appears if it is nice enough to seem workable, it's priced that way. Who has a cool million to drop on a secondary property? There are a million websites for properties for sale in Texas; apparently it's a popular search. Everyone likes Texas I guess
  9. Shea

    BOL size requirements

    Great blog OC, some good things to think about. Already planning the plantings for my current place, but hoping i can talk my husband into...some additional property before planting season in a couple of months. I want to get a start on my failings
  10. Shea

    BOL size requirements

    Wow, lots of information. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge you all have on the subject, and of course no one who is not experienced in farming is likely to succeed. If we accept that some sort of economic/societal/global breakdown is inevitable(and after all isn't that why we are all here?) then the best we can do is take the steps we can towards learning as much as we can and preparing as much as we can. I know I'm not going to be able to buy an ideal piece of property, or make it work as a farm necessarily, but with the research I've done and continue to do, and the great points all of you have raised, I hope to find something that is at least a viable alternative to what I have now. In a long term breakdown, I'm currently living in the suburbs of one of the largest cities in the country. Not looking good if people move out of the city, which will happen if the food trucks stop running.
  11. Simple store bought flour lasts way longer than the storage date, by the way; I didn't used to be a frequent baker so the last flour I just finished a few months ago was expired in 2010...worked just fine, no one got sick. Looking into a grain mill for the future though.
  12. What would you say is the size requirement for a decent BOL? At this point I would imagine any BO would include 4-6 30-45 year old adults, 4-6 kids, and 2-3 older adults. (local family, depending on who would be willing to face the obvious) I'm looking at sites that are at least 100 miles from the largest city, but size seems to vary from 3 acres that has been used for farming, to 40 not having been used for any farming at all. The three acre site has been used as a "hobby farm" before, so has fences and barn...but 3 acres seems small for such a large group. I know technically 1/4 an acre is supposed to be doable for a family of 4, but when you add 2 more families of 4, plus some extra, that seems like it would tax the resources. Any thoughts? I'm just so lost here...I'm planning on coming out to my husband starting in the new year, including asking him to start letting us plan to purchase a "vacation home" with some acreage. I just really need to know what to do to start.
  13. Shea

    CHL question - texas

    The instructor was clearly a prepper too, mentioned a little bit about it briefly; several of the ladies taking the course mentioned it as well... First time since my LDS friend that I've seen anyone in the community mention it
  14. Shea

    CHL question - texas

    They actually had someone from Texas law shield come speak with us, thanks for the great advice capt Bart! Both the shooting test and the written were a breeze; all the ladies in the class passed. I rented the semi so I'd be covered. Thanks everyone for weighing in.
  15. Shea

    I think I actually surprised my husband

    lol no "nether region" shots for me; they were silhouette (sp?) targets and my groupings were all slightly right and up of center (if it were a person, facing me it looked left of center; I'm sure there is a special way to refer to that but I don't know which perspective is correct)