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    It will never happen here

    Pretty sobering.
  2. "If it even saves one life, its worth doing...." same mantra heard over and over again used to control society. If that was the case, why don't we ban alcohol, prescription drugs, knives, cars, trains, planes ect ect ect because people have known to be killed using them. This has got to be stopped, things are becoming more and more out of hand.
  3. I voluntary volunteered!
  4. Navy2thDoc

    surviving the fiscal cliff.

    In the end, they win, we loose.
  5. Navy2thDoc

    I hope you're on my side of the weapons ban.

    Let's think logically here: 1) Sandy Hook nut bag took 26 innocent lives with a gun 2) 911 terrorist took 3000 thousand lives without firing a shot Did we ban airplanes? No Did we forbid Muslims from entering the country? No So why all the outrage against guns? It is on the Liberal feel good but does no good agenda.
  6. Navy2thDoc

    gun bans

    They are trying to press the ban through a new method: Gun Owner Guilt. They do this through guilty of association. If you own an assault style weapon, you will be shamed into handing it over because by having it, you were practically there encouraging that fool. Fight it, don't let it get to you. Point out the stats, cars and alcohol kill more people every day than guns but you don't see them going after Chevy or Miller. Challenge these politicians all the way and don't let them pass another feel good legislation that does nothing but restrict our freedom.
  7. All these "smart" gadgets have done is to dumb us down and has made us rely on them. The only people who have gotten smarter are the ones who designed and made these phones and tablets while the rest of the population uses them in place of their own brains.
  8. Navy2thDoc

    Howdy from West Texas & Egypt

    Glad to have you aboard. Look forward to your postings. SF
  9. Navy2thDoc

    Howdy From Houston!

    Aside from the AD-6 Skyraider, which my father flew, the C-130 is my all time favorite airplane. Everytime I see one taking off, I look at it longingly. Everytime I get a chance to fly in one, the sound and smell of oil, metal........ahhh, feels like home!
  10. Navy2thDoc

    Howdy From Houston!

    OOhrah brother!
  11. Navy2thDoc

    Howdy From Houston!

    Hi everyone, I have been a folllower of SC for years and a prepper way before that. I have been living in the Houston area most of my life and have been through three hurricanes and many tropical storms. From those experiences, I feel I am pretty honed in my skills of surviving through natural disasters. However, its the man made events that I worry about. My family escaped Vietnam in 1975 in a shot up C-130 while the runway was being attacked. There is nothing like the feeling of rolling down the strip expecting to be shot out of the sky at any moment. Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Mark and Mike while doing an episode for SC tv which will be shown on the Nat Geo channel. I know we talk about opsec alot and the risk of showing your hands but I wanted to show a more positive light on preppers unlike that "other" show. It was a great experience and I did not show everything I have or reveal all my plans. Either way, I hope it will be educational and entertaining. Thank you everyone here for providing an avenue for those of us who live by the motto: "Hope for the best but prepared for the worst"! Captain Bart, thank you for your time in Nam. Veterans like you is part of the reason why I serve today. Rick
  12. Navy2thDoc

    sc tv

    Hi, the Nat Geo crew was in Houston filming an episode and told me it will be soon. They already have the graphics for the intro and the name, which I can't reveal just yet. There are at least five episodes. It is looking likely in December, timing makes all the difference.