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    Right handed,left eyed?

    I just found out my son is left eye dominate , yet right handed. I was wondering if anyone here is knowledgeable with this as far as shooting is concerned.? He has just started shooting in the past year and has fired less than 1000 rounds so I'm wondering if switching him to left hand shooting would be a good idea. Along those lines I was also wanting to know if shell deflectors would be effective if used on right handed rifles for left handed shooters.? ( I have already purchased a battery of firearms for him, just in case the anti's win...of course they are all right handed). Any idea's?
  2. Since it appears the lazy ass admins of this site need some prodding to do thier job I have started posting ever evolving rants on the facebook site. I intend to take it to the point they either fix the problem we are having or boot me off both sites(Im betting I get booted). But lets face it, the site sucks as is. If you agree RAISE SOME HELL!
  3. Reg..I'm with you brother, I'm with you.
  4. Pig

    Rossi trifecta

    I have a rossi 22lr , 410 gauge combo for my son.....the 410 kicks more than any other I've ever shot, but he's getting good with the 22.
  5. Preppings not cool? wtf....thats why I was into it, to impress the cool kids.....darn it. Oh well maybe I'm just one of the first in on a new trend....one that if your late to the party on you REALLY wish yu'd seen the benefit in when one of THOSE weirdo "survival nuts" had tried to wake you up about. Guess I'll wait and see.
  6. Pig


    that'd be a short war.
  7. Pig

    End of My Rope

    OH GOD...teotwawki HAS happend.
  8. Pig

    Field Test

    I'd smell like bacon..lol
  9. Pig

    Field Test

    just checked amazon....$13
  10. Pig

    Field Test

    Hand warmer for tent heater....I like that Reg.....I'm stealing it.
  11. Pig


    I don't want to leave the U.S. I just want someone to realize all this "progress" is going to take us back to the stone age.
  12. Glad to hear ya'll are on the case.....now. Thanks
  13. Pig

    Doomsday Preppers

    Oh I watch....I laugh....But Who knows I might actually learn something one of these days. So far survival cache wins on learning from the internet and survivor man from the tv....and Mom andDad fromthe real world. Funny part is they don't even know they are preppers....to quote Dan they are just "old school Texans".
  14. I agree matt... death cams= bad idea.
  15. Pig

    Goverment recomended 3 day kit.

    noodles are cheap and keep well....
  16. Tyrants get the job done. No I'm not saying Hitler is a hero of mine....quite the opposite. But damn didn't he get close with just the bare minimum. If he wasn't bat shit crazy and evil and had directed that passion in a less vile direction ...... I make no apoligies. If you believe the local hood rat who is so self absorbed he won't even care for his own children, while out doping and robbing , should have the same voice in deciding the future of our nation as say the local farmer who says his prayers and pays his taxes then we disagree. You have your opinion ....I have mine...ain't freedom grand.
  17. Pig

    Goverment recomended 3 day kit.

    have yall noticed the price of pb lately? wow
  18. Pig

    Goverment recomended 3 day kit.

    I'm at two years and ,for me that's as far as I see taking it. Now it's about making sure I have the things I need to replenish. As far as "shot term"...depends on how short... I make sure mom and dad have at least 1 month worth of suplies, so I guess 1 month.
  19. Just one problem I can see with joining together to fight this battle......we would lose...In a democracy the majority rules....and the majority are stupid(wizards first rule), lazy and selfish these days. It'll take a MAJOR shake up to prove to the masses that the weak willed should just sit down and shut the f@#K up and let the strong make the rules. These days everyone thinks their voice should matter.....and for the most part they are wrong. If you can't keep your house in order then I don't want your advice on what I should do in mine. Oh well, I have all these preps for something.
  20. Pig

    Why to Prep? and News reporte..

    Hey matt ...sry so long to reply...spam....soaking in salt water pulls out a lot of the blood...makes em less gamey ...and helps tenderize too.
  21. Pig

    Why to Prep? and News reporte..

    how does it compare to squirrel? I have 3 "tree rats" soaking in salt water right now....gonna make chilli after I get back from the deer woods...life is good.
  22. Pig

    Food Prices jump

    I understood it fine......could be the translation gets lost when converted to moron.
  23. .....................................
  24. any that'd cut these spammers nuts off.