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  1. Sir_Vive

    post your bob & contents. (:

    I do too! I will post my updated eberlestock pack eventually!
  2. Sir_Vive


    yo i'm back! Active from Salt Lake City, Utah.
  3. P21, sell it to me for a deal [:
  4. Sir_Vive

    It is NOW TIME to Leave the Cities!

    Here's a compilation, but there are more individual videos from around the world on YouTube aswell
  5. Sir_Vive

    post your bob & contents. (:

    ^^^ Link for that purifying pack?
  6. Sir_Vive

    It is NOW TIME to Leave the Cities!

    It's funny, I was on youtube a while ago and found a bunch of videos from all around the world of eerie trumpet sounds every few seconds in major cities.
  7. Sir_Vive

    post your bob & contents. (:

    Very awesome setup. How do you like the Gunslinger? Also I enjoy your shelter choice
  8. Sir_Vive

    Do you have STOCKS?

    I've decided against investing in stocks. Instead in Rare gems, gold, silver, and REAL things.
  9. Sir_Vive

    Good suplement plan

    Thanks for the tips guys! Will check them out right now.
  10. Sir_Vive

    I'm worried about guns

    Sounds reasonable enough, do you see any potential in a ban of the weapons you mentioned? Everywhere around here is out of all common rounds though , 22lr, 223, 357. Hoping trend wont continue.. . Sounds smart, will most likely follow advice, this seems to be the general consensus around here anyway. Does this include semi-autos, and large magazines? In your opinion, do you see those being banned in the future?
  11. Sir_Vive

    I'm worried about guns

    I assume you all know about the potential gun bans and things. I am 20 years old, and since a kid have always wanted to have a collection of at least every common caliber of weapon. I currently have no guns, and am quite worried that by the time I'm ready to start buying them up, a lot of them will be banned or outlawed.. What do you think about this legislation, when could this proposed legislation go through and affect citizens etc? Will I be able to have nice guns in the future? Mainly, what do you think would be smart to buy asap? Thanks
  12. Sir_Vive

    Rossi Tuffy 22LR/410 survival gun.

    The link is broken
  13. Sir_Vive

    Good suplement plan

    I'm afraid that then they will try to just sell me the most expensive items. Just trying to get all the information outside of the people selling them before I buy. I want to walk in smarter than the person trying to sell me the 200$ vitamin c pills lol
  14. Sir_Vive

    post your bob & contents. (:

    ^^^ Going to order the Wave, and a knife sharpener tomorrow. So excited to test out my Bag + Survival Skills onces the snow melts. Thanks for all the tips. POST SOME OF YOUR BAGS PEOPLE, ALSO THIS THREAD HAS A LOT OF GREAT INFORMATION ON GEAR/BACKPACKS/TECHNIQUES, so go back to earlier pages if you are interested.