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  1. and read through that LDS prep manual. I just finished for the second time over the last two weeks. WOW.. so much stuff. free for the download on this site. But how many of you have read it? So many of my questions are answered in it. It isn't my only book by far, but man, those folks have been preparing forever.
  2. HELLO! For those who know me.. I have been busy with a lot of issues going on in our area. Issues produced by politicians and their cronies. Remember my posts on having veggie growing issues and watering our gardens and all from the lake? Seems that that has led to a lot of my gardening problems. Recently, we were gone for awhile and returned to our homestead and saw that our lake is covered in blue green algae.. well, we filed a complaint with our state agency way before anyone even heard of the Toledo water woes.. Beginning of July 2014, I have the complaint on file now..well, nothing can be done they say. The government officials say this lake is a private lake. WHAT??? You police it! HHMM?? ok, but several articles put out by the Federal EPA says that this stuff is bad. (research it), especially when this algae dies off. This lake has been here for so long and so much pollution by septic tanks, people pour out cooking grease, old oil, throwing their grass clippings and stuff into the lake, illegal drains from their homes, chicken manure by the surrounding farms, too much fertilizer by home owners too many geese, cormorants etc etc. This Lake has high NITRITE AND NITRATE levels all of a sudden. One farmer got a permit to purchase and spread human sewage sludge from the city waste water and treatment plant over his farmland so as to grow a larger hay crop. and guess where the excess run off goes? YEP, Into this lake. This lake has no way to flush itself out because of no clean source of water to come in or go out. The city annexed an area up the road from us and put in 12 new drains from the asphalt highway directly into this lake without any bio remediation through grasses or wetland areas. AND to top it all off, they use this lake for irrigating rice farms and other crops for our food chain! NO ONE can say if this is good or bad for human consumption. Looks like we will be searching once again for a new homestead. Damn it. We wanted to just stay here after we retired a few years ago. I guess my research for locating to this abode was flawed.. We cant even drill any new wells in this area because of some newly discovered stuff by the Government. NOTE..research fully your real estate purchases. Worse thing is..I wont get what I paid for this homestead!
  3. sorry I haven't been posting lately. Been overcome by events here. As I posted erlier this spring that our garden and farm was up and starting to produce. Low hoop tunnels helped our early crops for our meals, but........then it all went to crap. We have had the worst year ever in our gardening and growing season. As you know we have degrees in horticulture and have made money as well as provided for over 75% of our family food needs. BUT, this year we have only provided for about 20%. WHAT HAPPENED??? well, we brought in a load of stuff to add for compost into our garden. AND it was loaded with stuff, that changed our ph levels. Our soil became too acidic. WE DID NOT pay attention and test our additives before and after placing into our garden. WE JUST PLAIN AND SIMPLE got lazy! Now we are liming and re doing our soil and hoping for better fall crops. One period of laziness on our part and we now will work our butts off to correct this blunder. So, if you have never grown your own crops, learn now. THEN, never get lazy. We do have a bumper crop of jalapenos though. My daughter says that they are a twice warming food group...once when you eat them and then when you pass them. We are having to procure supplemental crops for our family from the store. YUCK! Take care and see you all soon with more rants and ravings. .
  4. I always respond with: when you finally realize that you need to bug out to my home...I will have been gone for awhile. BE AWARE OF THE BURNING CANDLES I LEFT BEHIND! I know you will see some and blow them out, be aware of those you do not se and if you do see any candles burning and I am not there, leave fast. The candles will be burning for a reason.
  5. The better news report on this is on FOX> The event actually took place on a substation that provides for the silicon valley and had taken place awhile back. It was at first thought of as just vandals. Now hearings and congress is getting involved because of more info coming out. BTW.. the FOX news report also stated that the U.S. power grid is attacked by computer code hackers daily at an alarming rate of over 40,000 attacks per day.
  6. Background info: Where we live snow and ice is rare. Hot and humid is the norm except for the occasional winter storm. We built our home 15 years ago upon retireing from the military. We built the home with redundancy and alot of research. Lots of insulation, wrapped, 2x6 walls and brick. Southern facing across a lake for passive solar gain as well as the solar addons we built in.. Decidous trees for summer shade, but letting in sun in winter. We have a home with 5 acres and more acreage across the street. Our entire family of 11 live around here and close. TOO close at times. We grow 95% of all we need to eat. Lake is fruitful with loads of fish and a back up water source. . ELECTRIC failed on the first day of the storm. Limbs and trees down everywhere and snow then arrived on top of the ice. High winds came through on the second day of the ice. No sunshine for 12 days total and still no sun today. SOLAR is not an option after 3 days because no sun to charge up. Wind back up power is not an option here. Not enough sustained winds. We have a back up generator for minimal electric and 100 gallons of fuel. we did not use the generator except to run the freezers and refrigerators and occassionally for the small electric space heaters and some battery charging for the 12 volt system we use in emergencies. Our generator is not built to be run 24/7 year round. That is an expense we dont need. . After all the 11 members of family showed up due to them not having power at their areas, things got interesting. We have plenty of cranklight lanterns and flashlights. And tons of candles and lanterns etc etc. Light to see was never a problem. Candles inside of mason jars with sand in the bottoms (ease of removing spilled wax and candle replacement) and we took foil and mirrors and placed behind the candles for reflectivity. The interior potato and snack bags were wiped down and used as reflectors. We have propane and kerosene lanterns as well. We made additional candles with our outside cooking utensils to replace what we used. Also to keep some of the family from being bored. Again, LIGHTING was never a problem. BUT, we are looking at a bicycle crank generator now as well. Since the girls all love to bike, why not let them generate electricity. Tv and computers use batteries or 12 volt plugs. IPOD batteries charged via hand crank flashlight as well as cell phones. Cooking. We have an outside cooking area we always party in anyway. So that was a fun area when the adult beverages flowed. UNLESS you were on watch duty. No alcohol for watch duty folks. Everything worked well and plenty of wood and charcoal on hand. Wood smoker, rocket stove, propane stoves, webber grills, hommade grills, chimneas, all worked well and were adequate. solar oven was useless! WHY? (still no sun after 12 days). But The sun oven is awsome when the sun shines. Cooking and food supplies were never a problem. When that sun shines outside, we cook most of our stews in that sun oven. NO SMELL! Heat! When the electric failed, we lost all heat. The gas heaters couldnt get the heat blown out so they do not work. Again, thinking that fuel is a commodity we never used the generator except for the food storage and other minimal uses. Sometimes the occasional electric space heater was plugged into the generator to heat up the restrooms and showers for the women. (Remember i said it got interesting when family arrived? toilets seats were cold, the shower is cold etc etc.) The guys, we just took it in stride. More on this heat subject below in the natural gas section. Water!!! Then the water failed on day 2. It was gone for 5 days total and now a boil order is on. No problem. We had stored our water and family brought more when they came. PLUS..we caught the rain water once it started to rain with our tarps that we have on hand. Roof water isnt an option off the home due to shingles. (We should have built the home with a metal roof). We used our slow gravity sand filter system to filter all lake and rain water. Filtered Lake water was used for showers. Our showers for bathing are made from 3 gallon (pressurized by hand pumping) lawn sprayers. DEDICATED to shower use only!. We never use drinking water for anything other than drinking and cooking and medical reasons. Cooking water was on hand and stored. Water for Laundry for clothes and sheets etc etc... sand filtered from the lake. We washed our clothes and stuff in huge washtubs. We use the three tub system. One large wash tub with heated water and minimal soap. Two other tubs for 2 rinse cycles. We stir the clothes around with toilet plungers we bought andfor which we made new handles for that are alot longer so as to keep you from bending over. These plungers stay in the laundry tub area and are dedicated for that purpose only. We use a hand wringer and use our hands for wringing out the clothes. We hanged (hung??) up our clothes in our work shop on a clothes line with wooden clothes pins, so the wood stove can dry them. Natural gas was interrupted numerous times to our area. But, no problem we had propane if needed. Heat is one area we will fix. Buying a huge wood burning stove for the house. Our shop had one in it but shops are dirty for sleeping (from the girls perspective and their debrief,). The girls never really complained, just you could "tell" they were uncomfortable with conditions. Toilets. Ok, with no running water and no electric, it could have been a problem but wasn't. We are on a septic system and behind our shed is another septic tank and outside work restroom. All we did is use lake water after sand filtering, to flush our toilets. Plastic five gallon buckets used for lake water (our lake never froze over) to empty into our toilet. NICE! We opted out of hooking into the sewer system in our area when we built our home. NOW I AM LOOKING SMART TO MY WIFE for that!. Those folks who were on the city sewer??? they were trying to hook back up to their septics. City folks? Who knows what they did other than piss and moan to the news. Plenty of toilet paper on hand but remember guys: women use more than we men do in that area. HEAT HEAT HEAT was the most asked about and talked about issue through all of this. (AND if we would run out of toilet paper). Old school wool military blankets came in handy. Wrap up in fleece then cover with wool and sleep. It stayed 20 degrees outside and 29 by day. Stand outside around our bonfire pit and we were good to go. Inside the home the worry of freezing pipes became a reality. We are on a crawl space and that area got cold. But, we didnt know it due to water not running anyway. But then the water came back on and now we know. We will wrap all pipes under our home. We had alot of fun times. We always talk about being ready and this was a good test. Never was it bad. Never did we do without food or anything other than the modern conveniences we have gotten used to. Hand pumps for water out of the lake worked well. We buried those lines and the hand pump is in the shop with the wood heater. MOOCHERS! Yep. Moochers showed up. Saw solar panels. Some wanted to borrow the generator and fuel batteries etc etc. These are neighbors down the road and their "hangers on" who never want to prepare. We handed the MOOCHERS hand crank flashlights with battery charging capabilities. They didnt stay long. We did have to keep watch over our stuff. 2 hour shifts around the clock two people at a time. Fully armed with lethal and non lethal devices. See, after 4 days the roads became passable but the utilities were still out and folks started to drive around and LOOK! Look?! As in what the F are you looking for dude? You are on a private driveway posted for ever, down a private road, and you are looking? HHHmmm We worried most about our freezers. We had just done our fall butcherings. A large cow, pig, fish and chicken and a goat. Plus our turkeys and all. so our freezers were stuffed for winter. Then we realized, why are we worrying? Its frigging 19 degrees. Roll the freezers outside of the garage. Plus snow everywhere. ANOTHER REASON for camp pee discipline boys! Anyway, hey its been fun. SERIOUSLY! For us. But not for all the folks waiting for someone to do their work for them, or the guy who put his generator inside his home and died, or the folks who put their charcoal bbq pit inside for warmth, or the folks who burned down their homes with candles. Or anyone else who suffered. Our stress was nothing. We actually have had it worse when we lived elsewhere due to our military service. Maybe our stress was small due to planning and prepping or my father who was the biggest hard ass I have ever known.Thanks Dad for teaching us to not rely on others! Our sign on the gate leading to our place says: No tresspassing. Lack of proper planning on your part doesn't constitute an emergency on our part. Oh, by the way, remember that all of this was over this 2012 Christmas and 2013 new years. WE all loved the holidays. It was about presence, not presents! This 2012 Christmas was Ice. LAst Christmas 2011, came the call that no parent wants to hear... We regret to inform you that your son was blown up by an IED. NOW.. That was worse than anything I could ever dream of preparing for. There is no prep for that one. BUT!!! The best part of this years christmas storm? He is alive, starting to progress and his humor while being here is amazing. He would call us sissy and how bad afghan was compared to this etc etc... But he never quit smiling, he never stressed and he taught us what was most important. PRESENCE! It is about presence not presents my son says. Now a challenge to those who say "not that bad of conditions". You are right.. Now Go turn off your power for 10 days. Just turn it off right now. No warning. Test yourself. It is a different world with out utilities, but not the end of the world. But man when the electric comes on, it's like ...............??????
  7. Now that winter is back with more ice and snow, I looked here to see if anyone is still interested in our experiences. I hope so. Also, please add to this discussion with anyupdates for this year you learned from this years ice.
  8. If you already have this info great. But for those that don't here is some personal experience info and products to think and research for you and yours... Water Bob We love this device...but it has to be deployed and filled prior to water issues Aquatank..bladders that will go under a bed or couch or??? we just bought two of these last November.. we are monitoring them. Seem to be good so far. My Christmas gift from my family this past Christmas was a Supertanker 275 gallon from WALMART online... LOVE THIS!!!! Less space than our 55 gallon blue drums! The blue 7 gallon jugs at big stores... watch for leaking on the faucet areas..if so just stand it up! Our cistern is Holding up...we are landscaping around it and building another cover over it for prevention of the UV destroying the material. Well, after all that we are now up to approx. 2500 gallons of potable water on our homestead. BUT.. With family and animals though and after seeing that WEST Virginia chem spill... IT STILL AINT ENOUGH!
  9. jerry

    Testing Water for Chemicals

    One aspect to consider is distillation. Distillation removes water molecules from the contamination. Research distillation from any reputable distillation website. NOT all distilled water is completely clean after distillation!! Research!
  10. I have been researching and asking questions about first hand accounts by victims of the chemicals in the West Virginia water supply. WELL!!!! I found an article and subsequent comments on another website called rethinksurvival. I hope it is allowed to post it here. This article and interview showed me what I am looking for. OUR filters here are woefully in adequate and name brand filters aren't working with the chems in the water supply. I am re designing my entire thought process. We just had an oil pipeline rupture in central Arkansas (about a year ago in Mayflower)and that is being cleaned up by folks...but that old pipeline is located under Lake Maumelle Arkansas, the source of our drinking water here. Folks on here know me as being a fanatic on my preps for water... I have so much invested in time and money and materials on water. BUT<<<<<<<<FILTERS wont remove some stuff. Also, showers are causing chemical pneumonia and rashes up there. I need more storage!
  11. By now, most of you have seen that West Virginia has had a chemical spill and hundreds of thousans are with out water for drinking, bathing, clothe washing etc etc. Is anyone here aware of anyone there that maybe using anything to filter their own water? I am interested in what individuals are using to help themselves. Any known filtration systems etc etc
  12. wow, I just went back through this post of mine about the winter storm we had and laughed at myself. I sit here in 110 degree days and 90% humidity with a garden that long ago gave up the ghost and wonder, wouldn't it be nice to have some of that cool temp back?? LOL
  13. This is getting really weird. The white capped suspect is still on the loose. Turn to your favorite news station.
  14. it must be said. The situational awareness of most folks is pitiful and apathy is killing and maiming people. I cannot believe that people are so self absorbed, that a person walks up next to you and drops off a bag or package and walks away and no one says or does or reports anything. Maybe it is my background, maybe the way I was raised, maybe where I am from; but if a person walks up near me and randomly sets down a package or bag and walks away, I will ask them if they forgot their bag or I am reporting it to officials and getting others alerted.. Most here know my background, but dang, random bag set next to me, I am leaving and reporting and asking the person if they forgot the bag. Flame me, cuss me or whatever, but wake up folks, it is here. Home grown, foreign or whatever, terrorism is here and we must pull our craniums out of our rectums and notice and report. See something say something. APATHY IS HORRIBLE! Then again, I am preaching to the choir here hey?
  15. today on FOX a retired FBI investigator said my exact words: Frmr Agent said: our society's vigilance is abysmal.
  16. pass it on,, FBI says these two suspects are who they want. Please review and tell folks.
  17. lets see how I get flamed. Lets see how many posts we get?
  18. twits. HHMM MSN Iisn't even relevent anymore. Also, current TV started by Al gore is being sold to AL JAZEERA. Saw it this morning on the news.
  19. As i posted here previously as a question about the crank a watt hand or bike generator, I wondered how it would work and if anyone had one. Well, I can answer all my questions with first hand experience. I LOVE THIS THING! Real easy to bug out with in a vehicle or a boat or on a bicycle with a basket attached to the bike. WORKS AS ADVERTISED> and the folks at were awsome to deal with. I ordered the larger invertor with it. This thing is really good for the folks who live where they can't have gas generators or solar etc etc such as apartments or condos. I placed it on my work bench and wired more batteries for extra storage capacity and it worked really well. Took it on my pontoon boat and made margaritas with it. So, in my opinion, I like it and I do recommend it! If you have questions on how my homestead is setup... please read my winter storm debrief. It lays out alot of things without violating too much opsec for my family. We have only had 12 good sunny days here since december 1 2012. RARE that we have this much winter darkness here where we live. So I needed a back up to all my backups. As a reminder, we live on a small lake, no current flow in the water and wind power is not feasable due to not enough sustained wind. The wind occasionally is above 6 or 8 mph but not up there long enough to make wind power viable.
  20. jerry

    Hidden garden plants

    Thanks. However, in my area that I live, It is not feasable for hordes to maraude and take our garden food. We live where if you dont know our road, your trappped. So, please keep posting for city folk. Out here, we know you are coming before you know you are here.
  21. high winds. Rarely do we get any high winds or sustained winds that are rough on things. BUT today the wind is howling and the sun is shining really bright on a blue bird day. So I loaded my sun oven with food and set out my sunoven (like a moron, I didnt think about the wind and how it could damage my reflectors), and phhooossshh the wind collapsed my reflectors. I was able to close it up before any major damage was done. Then I moved the sun oven into a sheltered area that is still in direct alignment to the sun and free of winds and had no further issues. Temp in the oven right now is 320 degrees F! Chicken is gonna be good. My daughter says all the time that common sense is so un common now adays that it shouldn't be called common sense. I was the perfect example of that today! As I watched in horror to the issue brought on by my lack of common sense, I also remembered the phrase: "you can't fix stupid". Today I was the example of both. Now where is my knob creek adult beverage?
  22. So we are getting ready to sow our cool season crops. Finished putting up our low hoop houses. Soil is perfect. 3 straight beautful days here in a row. Our small green house (REALLY SMALL) has been having to be ventilated due to heat build up and it's location on the south facing wall of our home. Sproutings are up! So if you are in an area where you gardening is getting ready to kick off, theres lots of work to be done!
  23. yes i saw the dvd. I ordered it and recvd it fast.