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    "Revolution" CBS Series On Life After An EMP

    I was able to catch the first episode of Revolution from Insight a few days ago. It's an interesting premise, though I have to agree, I would like to have seen a bit more of the transition after the lights went out. If any of you are readers, there is a decent series from an aussie writer, John Marsden, called The Tomorrow Series. It's seven books from start to end, the first of which is titled, "Tomorrow, When the War Began". In brief, it's an account of a group of friends who go camping and find that while they are away the majority of the country was invaded overnight. They find themselves stuck trying to figure how to survive and help regain their homelands while keeping their sense of humanity intact. The first book was recently made into a movie and has hit the US just a few months ago, they did a pretty good job with it and the second film is soon to be released I believe. It's worth checking out, and is quite easy reading as well.