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  1. I was going to say that they are good the protect your barrels from dirt & mud too. Hey, did you know that all the magnum condoms have serial numbers stamped on them at the end of the roll ??? Oh, I'm sorry, guess you never needed to unroll it that far before !!! Gunpacker
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    Hey Guys, I just thought of a couple good items to carry, I have not read all 17 pages here yet but, I was reading a blog the other day about mapping routes to your home or safe spot after the SHTF and started mapping routes home and found that I have to cross a major river. So, not wanting to cross any bridges. I'd have to swim or float across. So some type of inflatable design & a good waterproof bag big enough to put your BOB in to keep it dry & shoes, clothes, etc.. Just a thought,, great site, I wish I had found this site years ago !!! Be safe,, gunpacker:cool: