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  1. GotTurbo

    22 handgun & 22 rifle

    I currently own a Glock 17 and a Mossberg 500 Thunder Ranch. I was looking to get a 22 handgun & 22 rifle. Looking for them to both use the same type of ammo. 1 handgun I was looking at was the Kel Tec PMR 30 which shoots a 22 magnum round. The other hand gun was a Ruger SR22. That fires a 22LR round. Has anyone fired either of those guns? Can anyone recommend a 22 magnum or 22lr rifle? I would prefer to have a removable clip, but I would consider a lever action.
  2. GotTurbo

    My Sandy Survival Story

    The landlord had left her apartment and all the panels were in her place. I only wish I was able to turn off the breakers. The one nice thing that came out after this week is my brother in law said he wants to become a prepper.
  3. GotTurbo

    My Sandy Survival Story

    My car was a lost cause. Thank God I had comprehensive coverage on the car.
  4. Monday the day of the storm. I headed into work. I sell insurance for a living so it was going to be a busy day due to people calling about the approcahing storm. We closed the office early due to the storm coming so every one could go home. On my way to my fiances apartment i stoped home and filled 2 gas cans and then dropped them off at home just in case. The area by her apartment is know to flood(howard beach, NY) so I parked my car 20 blocks away and walked to it with my bug in bag in tow. Once I go there she began to cook, we wacthed the news about the storm and we had some cocktales. Figured this storm would be like any other storm we experenced at her palce.( we survived Irene with no issues at all) Well were we wrong. At 6pm the water level started to rise. Once it was about 1 ft we went out side and just watched the water rise. We headed back in to relax, in about 1 hr the tide had risen about 2 feet. The street was now flooded and the 2 cars in the street had water at the door jam. Well the water kept coming and didnt stop. The water level reached about 7 ft. the house across from us was a 2 story and the first floor was completely gone. Now as the water rising the power would flicker but always come back on. Once it hit 7ft in the street we decided to turn off the apt breaker, but we could not turn off the landlords who was on the first floor completely submerged. Now with the lights out and the water still rising we sat and watched. Thinking if it kept coming would we have to try and leave the apartment. Well it didnt get high enough to floof her apartment, but due to the power still being on there was a burning smell. it took us about 5 mins to figure it out. The wiring under our hard wood floors were over heating and starting to smoke. The floors were getting hot. Now the first thought is we in a house, surrounded by 7 ft of water. Power lines are breaking and falling into the water and the house might also catch on fire. This tense 45 min ordeal evently came to an end when the transformer in the street finally gave out and power cut out. about 2 hrs after that happened the water finally receed. It took until 8 am the next morning for it to be low enough to walk out. We hiked to her brothers who is 5 blocks away. Only to find his basement had 7ft of water in it. Looking back on the whole situation we were very lucky we or any of our family and friends were injured. Just made me realize you can prepare as much as you can, but life will allways thorugh in a curve ball. (house setting fire surrounded by water)
  5. GotTurbo

    Good Attributes Of A BOV?

    All great points Dr. Def going to look into one of the buses once I have secured my BOL. What kind of space dp you have at your home/BOL? I was looking at 40+ acres.
  6. GotTurbo

    Good Attributes Of A BOV?

    The other question I had is how many people are you trying to bring/care for. Unfortunetly I am from a very large family. Fathers side is 60+. Now I am not saying that I am brining all of them with me, But there is at least 25 people in my survival group. To carry all those people and supplies I would need 2 box trucks and two E350.
  7. GotTurbo

    Good Attributes Of A BOV?

    Dr K30, That is great stuff to know about the Ford tranny issues. There are so many issues to consider for the vechile you purchase and your community. The biggest issue is getting a BOL all setup before you need to use that vehicle.
  8. GotTurbo

    Good Attributes Of A BOV?

    Great ideas. Keep them coming. I am not so concerned about emp. My biggest issue is space for people. I need something that can get 9 family member and that doesn't include my prepper friends. I need enough space for at least 20. I was looking in to a set of these. Gives me the space, most the capability I need.
  9. GotTurbo

    Getting out of NYC!

    Musicman, I am in a simular boat. I live in queens and work on Long Island. My fiance, Brother and his girl friend all work in the city. Not a big fan of them working in Manhhatn but that is where the good jobs are. Now once they have made if off Manhattn island we are then stuck on another island. There are 3 bridges and a ferry off the islanand that dont take you back through Manhattan. Now if the bridges, tunnels and ferries are still accessable it dosnt mean that they would be blocked by vechiles all out of gas. The boat is the best and most likely the only way off any island. The biggiest issue is once your off the boat. No transport, supplies (only going to have what you can carry) where to go from there. ex. BOL is 300 miles from where your boat would ground you r talking 10 days at 10 miles which is unrealisty to keep up. So double the time. 20 days to get to you BOL. Living in the city sucks for preparing.
  10. GotTurbo

    Cool New Army Tire Technology.

    Wow those look awesome. I can only imagine how much they cost per set & how long they last.
  11. GotTurbo

    Picking the right bug out vechile

    warrior7r thanks for all the info on the differences. if you could send me those links that would be awesome.if you could also include links/photos of your truck that would be awesome. I was also looking today and an e350 van with a 4x4 conversion for carrying all the family memebers I need. Truthly I need both the m1009 and the ee350 for all family members and gear.
  12. GotTurbo

    Picking the right bug out vechile

    With looking at the xterra or fj cruiser it gave me the capability to drive it every day. That's why I was originally looking at a newer truck. How many people drive there m1009 every day? What is the difference between m1009 and chevy blazer/ ford brunco? Does the m1009 come in any other color other then camoflaug? Is there more of a concern for buying a m1009 and mechanical issues due to age and wear and tear from previous owner? For the fear of emp how would the m1009 fair?
  13. I am new to the forum, but have been doing alot of reading to pick the right bug out vechile for my family and myself. I currently live in queens of New york which is heavly populated. So i want something i can modify to push,winch cars out of the way. The 2 questions I have is do I spend more money and purchase something more new or buy something older and save more cash for other supplies. Which ever one I purchase the truck will get heavy duty bull bar, lift kit, upgraded rubber, winch, roof racks with lighting all around, trailer hitch cargo rack, side rails I am looking at 2008- 2012 Toytoa Fj Cruiser, 2008 - 2012 Nissan Xterra or 1992 - 1996 Ford Bronco. What are some pros to the newer vechile. Also what is everyones oppion on 2 door vs. 4 door? Any suggestions on any other trucks that might work would also be awesome.