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  1. I'm torn here. Does anyone have experience with both? The ultimate pro/con for me is that the Beretta is a lot easier to get. Yet even though I get a discount at the store I work for, the Sub-2000 still may wind up cheaper if I can get a good deal at an auction site. Can anyone here push me one way or the other?
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    Haven't found an article pertaining to Bartering and was thinking it could be an interesting article. Prepping is all well and good but after SHTF and we start entering the rebuilding process, bartering may well be how we get the things we need. I saw the "100 things" list and found some of it to be useful but who has goats and chickens on hand? A minority I'm sure. Especially for those of us relegated (regrettably) to more urban settings. Below I got a few things that could be traded for other essentials: 1. Cigarettes - People have their vices and despite the drawbacks many people are addicted. Me included. I can go without but there is an immensely satisfying feeling lighting up after a long sabbatical. Former smokers seem to agree with me that despite quitting (some for many, many years) they still feel the urge and temptation to have a smoke. In a bartering setting, Cigarettes are easy to store, last a long time (even if they're stale they're smokable) and can net you plenty of things that are actually useful. 2. Marihuana - I haven't smoked this stuff since college but there is no denying it's popularity. Not just for it's recreational uses but for it's (debatable) medicinal qualities. No idea how to grow it but neer-do-wells seem to do just fine at home and it's not like you have to add anything unlike cigarettes. One could grow small amounts in the confines of wherever they call their homes, harvest, replant, repeat. 3. Seeds - Not much to explain, people need to eat. They're cheap to buy at the store and can be easily stored and transported. I especially like the deer attractant they sell at the store I work at. You throw the stuff out and it (supposedly) grows with little to no interaction on your part and eventually you get a whole plot of varying greens. Not just edible, but they claim to be high in proteins and minerals. Also if you happen to find some game attracted to it you got a bonus. Plus after all the valuables have been looted, I'm willing to bet the stuff will be hanging around in the Hunting and Fishing department. Although seeds can be great for bartering, it's important to get ones suitable to your area. Otherwise you could be dealing with some angry torches and pitchforks. 4. Alcohol - Not the rubbing kind. A good hard liquor is just what the doctor ordered. Nuff said. 5. Ammunition - Definitely good for bartering but oh no, your down a handfull of shells and this hunk of beef you traded for will only feed your family for the night. Good thing you got acquainted with ammo reloading. Now you can not only keep your stockpiles in order, but barter your services. Granted there are some materials you might need (like the gun powder) but its still a great idea to know how to do it. 6. Nails - That zombie smashed a hole in my door! Now my goats and chickens are exposed! Better head down to so-and-so's, he's got some nails I can use! Better bring some milk and eggs while I'm at it... Seriously, remember when settlers would move and they'd burn down their homes to retrieve the nails? They're useful and in a collapsing world you might just be able to have some poached eggs with a glass of milk for dinner. 7. Feminine Hygiene Products - Not just good for clotting bullet wounds, women have needs too and men have those needs by extension. Imagine the gratification in her eyes when she feels fresh. A happy woman is a happy (or at the very least, relieved) man. 8. Fuel - Not the easiest thing to stockpile or carry around with you, but if you can manage to have enough to spare then good for you. Everything from gasoline, oil, propane and kerosene would be in high demand. Spare a gallon to help your neighbor, get some eggs and cook them too! 9. Cats - Yes cats. As in meow-meow, hiss-hiss, scratch-bite. All of you recognize that after a massive breakdown, rodents and insects could become a problem and spread famine and disease. You need to get yourself one of them fluffy kittens to hunt down the varmints! They're god's mousetraps! While they may not help you with insect control, at least the rats and mice will be held at bay from your food stores. No black plague for your children! 10. Dogs - Yup, dogs too. More plentiful in just about every location then goats and chickens, dogs have a breadth of uses. Companionship, home defense, hunting, the sky is the limit. Be careful of inbreeding though as places become isolated if your trying to get one. If your breeding inbreds then shame on you. In a rebuilding setting where stealth is not an issue, dogs can be a low-risk, high-reward asset to have. 11. Yourself! - I don't mean like what your thinking. Bartering yourself to provide valuable services will be highly welcomed. Strangers would be more inclined to help an engine mechanic as opposed to a former accountant. It's a simple and undying fact of the human spirit: help others and they will help you. That guy whose generator you just fixed might be an expert fisherman with a spare rod and reel and great spot to fish. As preppers and survivalists we see the value in planning ahead and learning new skill sets. So crack open a book and get ready to help the soon-to-be-desperate community! Honorable Mention: Toilet Paper. You wouldn't believe the things we take for granted. You guys have anything to add?
  3. I like dryer lint too. Its a free byproduct of me doing laundry that otherwise gets thrown out.
  4. Breaker

    Cat owners - Train your cat now to come

    Our cat is ok. She's sort of indifferent and doesnt mind being in her carrier. It helps that catnip puts her in that funny cat high. Unfortunately she likes to meow a lot in the car (unless super high on catnip).
  5. Waaant! I wonder if this would tank the bottled water industry. When/if this goes through I have to wonder when someone gets 100 of them or makes a giant one so they aren't reliant on city water. I can't help but think that some industry would complain enough to keep these off the market. Or more likely make them ludicrously expensive.
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    Goverment recomended 3 day kit.

    Yeah. PB is my favorite snack. Just give me a jar and a spoon and I'm set. The price is freakin' crazy, but not nearly as bad as honey. As for food/water preparedness I agree with what everyone else is saying. Just wish the crap was cheaper to stock up on. We got enough water to last us a long time but the food thing is something else. I'll have to scavenge/hunt after a short while.
  7. Breaker

    Rifles for the apoyclypse

    I like pistol caliber long guns. No need to worry about multiple types of ammo, they are light, some are easily concealable and some use the exact same clip as certain pistols for further interchangeability.
  8. Breaker

    Kel Tec Sub-2000 or Beretta Storm Cx4?

    The Beretta is compatible with any Beretta mag. So yes. I think it just comes with 2 14 round clips. Or at least the one at the store does.
  9. Breaker

    top 4 zombpocalypse weapons

    Thank you so much for introducing me to Kel Tec. That KSG is awesome and will be mine as soon as I can find a dealer that can order me one. That said, my ideal 4 weapons would be: Kel Tec KSG (compact shotgun for when the PMR30 isn't enough, holds double the rounds a normal shotgun. Wouldn't want to get killed because I had to reload often.) Kel Tec PMR30 (lightweight .22 handgun that carries 30. Zombies would be close to mid engagement so .22 should be fine. Not to mention just being able to carry 30 in a clip is awesome). Aluminum baseball bat (when reloading isn't an option, an aluminum bat is durable, light and capable of massive head trauma. Aluminum swings quicker and you don't have to worry about it getting stuck in bones like an axe). Until I get those I have a Mossberg 500 with some bells and whistles on it. I have a bunch of survival gear but my zombie preparedness is admittedly pretty bad.
  10. I recently came across THIS. Pull-String Alarms The ""Poor man's perimeter alarm."" These innocent looking little explosives have a 6"" pull string on each side of a 1 1/2"" charge. When rigged to a door, window or other entry point, a loud 85 decibel bang will wake up even the soundest sleeper. You can rig up these little gems in ways limited only by your imagination. Sold in packs of 72. Was wondering if anyone has tried these out. I'm wary because of the price and quantity. Seems like too little for quite a bit. Me and the wife were kicking around buying some anyway just to see what we can do with them. I'm thinking flashbang, she's thinking incendiary. From another stand point I don't think I've ever seen something like this anywhere. Something thats considered explosives intended to explode that is being sold on the net for next to nothing. Kinda shady.
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    Review Suggestion: Pull String Alarms

    Hey guys, I just found these on another web site for a better price. $2.65 for a pack of 72 as opposed $4.49. The website is Sword Demon and I have ordered from them several times so I can vouch for their reliability.
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    Zombie Fiction or Something to Chew On

    Reminds me of when the velociraptor learned to open the door in Jurassic Park. Terrifying.
  13. Breaker

    Zombie Fiction or Something to Chew On

    Does it have to be zombies? H.P. Lovecraft and Titus Crow by Brian Lumley are great. Also try the games Left 4 Dead and L4D2.
  14. Breaker

    Bug Out Motorcycle???

    Weapons mount would not be possible without a sidecar and second person to operate. You need to be able to turn and unless your target is directly in front of you, you won't have a high degree of success. A motorcycle is more suitable to fleeing then standing your ground. Now being able to include detachable weaponry might be good idea. Make it easy to draw and re-attach. Still, shooting accuately and driving a motorcycle regardless of how you mount the weapons is going to be really tough. On a side note I can't wait to own a bike again.
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    Oh man i forgot about wood stoves. So many memories at grandmas house, tossing wood into it and getting a little too warmlol
  16. I don't like saying just from Louisiana because even though thats where I live, thats not where I'm from. My name is Bret and after checking out a lot of the reviews and articles I decided to join the forum. Seems legit. Some personal stuff about me: I consider myself a Jack-of-all-Trades, Master-of-None. Raised in West Virginia I grew up hunting, fishing and camping. My wife goes to school for Law in New Orleans which is why I'm here now, riding out Hurricane Isaac. Still got power for the moment. My hobbies mainly include video games, prepping and my dogs Tun-Tun (Border Collie) and Boomer (Blackmouth Cur). I consider myself a knife guy who isn't afraid to admit he likes cool looking ones in addition to practical ones. I'm into firearms but thats more of a field for my wife. Lets just say I own 4 guns to her 10 (or so). I'm also a bit of a nerd (Transformers). I currently work at a Sporting Goods store but am usually involved in Construction or generally laborious positions. I was also previously a mechanic and park ranger on various Naval Stations while my wife was in the Navy (also Army). I especially liked the article on the Get Home Bag. Never considered that I wouldn't be able to get to my vehicle in a crisis. Great stuff in there.
  17. Breaker

    Hi from West Virginia in Louisiana.

    Meaty parts... Btw, GO MOUNTAINEERS!
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    I forgot about bees. Me and my wife like honey because not only is it delicious, but keeps forever. No bees of or own unfortunately. i don't plan on having children with me when SHTF. im sure kids clothes will be valueable to some but its nothing I'd plan to stock pile
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    EDC (Everyday Carry) Contest 2012

    Oh and whoever said cell phones dont make for good flashlights because they aren't very bright or have good sustained battery life, try out the Galaxy S2. Great battery life for a phone of it's caliber (the reason I purchased it) and that light is freakin' bright!
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    EDC (Everyday Carry) Contest 2012

    A pair of Grease Monkey fingerless gloves. A pair of cheapo gas-stations sunglasses. A safety boxcutter (can't carry a knife to work). A sharpie. House keys. Samsung Galaxy S2 And occasionally my wallet. I like to travel light. In my vehicle I have on-hand a variety of tools including screwdrivers, socket wrenches, wrenches and saws. A vehicle emergency kit with tire pressure gauges, jumper cables and spare fuses. My tow hitch and the extender. A flattened cardboard box, 2 towels and a sleeping pad. A spare change of socks, a spare hoody and 6 hats. A car-chargeable flashlight, emergency strobes, bungie cords, ratchet straps, a survival knife, matches, firesteel, several boxcutters, straight razor-knife, another knife, an extra pair of sunglasses, about 12 different IDs, a compass, a waterproof container, 2 gas masks (one full face, one half) and several different cartridges.
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    Hi from West Virginia in Louisiana.

    Captains log 8/29 3am - Systems check returns positive results. The hull has held together since the initial leaks and the wife provided essential nutrients for myself and the canines. She was delicious.
  22. Breaker

    hydration pack question

    Only thing i can think of offhand is one of those Camelback cleaning tablets. You have to be careful though and make sure you get it all out after cleaning. Never done it myself but I've read plenty about it at the store I work at. Maybe it can help. But then again if baking soda doesn't work...
  23. I initially had difficulty. Then I realized I confused the Newsletter activation for the forum one. Took about 10 minutes but when I finally got the activation email for the forums everything has been fine. Wish the avatar settings were set to accept more complex avatars. My usual one is too big (it's a .gif) :/
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    Hi from West Virginia in Louisiana.

    Thanks for the tips. We got plenty of water and provisions, as well as our medkit and survival gear by the door and ready to bug out. Also got the Dead On pry bar in the extreme event we have to smash our way up to the roof. No shrimp boats or gambling boats around here. I'm uptown near the Mississippi in Orleans parish. The power has been surprisingly stable. We've had a handful of flickers here and there but thats about it. That permanent marker thing is genius. Even better then re-identification photos.
  25. Breaker

    Hi from West Virginia in Louisiana.

    Thanks guys for the welcomes. Also nice to see a fellow Mountaineer. Were everywhere I tell ya. So far were mostly dry. Water is seeping under the door and there is a leak in the roof. After taking extensive video to prove once and for all to the landlord that it's not our fault (he always blames us and the dogs for this place being a dump) I applied a handy dandy bucket. No problem with hoodlums yet. I heard they deployed the National Guard around the city to ward off looting though I haven't seen any myself. I'm uptown near the Mississippi and I've been told that this area didn't flood during Katrina so we should be fine.