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  1. waterjetguy

    Anyone have a bug out truck camper?

    my plan is not to sit in trafic or bug out with everyone else im bugging in . this is but 1 of my bug out vehicles and when i do move to 1 of my locations i got stuff to bring so ill be leaving my bug in local and carying my arsinal and food and fuel and other things with me . this is how i choose to leave my location im praying to god i have time to cary my shit out . if not i have a get through anything vehicle on the trailer to get me to my final destination . the side roads and fire roads will not be over packed were im going ..
  2. waterjetguy

    big boy,s hand gun?

    im partial to my f.n. 5.7 . or my glock 21 . the fn is light and nasty and easy to shoot and the round it light and you can cary alot of it .
  3. waterjetguy

    big boys handgun...........

    im not as all knowing on the stats but my carry is an fn5.7 shit loads of amo and light weight along with my ps90 sharing same amo . i guess i would keep my 45 glock on my chest for take down but the only defense i think i have against a bear would be my d.e. .50 cal and it beter drop after 7 shots cause that all it holds . i have a bunch of guns because thats were my early preping began . id say my wife would go 40 call pistol and carbine , im going f.n. and my daughter is going .22 long .that being said im throwing everything in the hummer as i evade and saving the easy cary stuff for the verry end . in my everlystock back pack i have a 308 kimber sniper setup as a go gun only so i can go distance when needed . but i cant cary that much of that amo . im babbeling sorry
  4. waterjetguy

    Anyone have a bug out truck camper?

    dont knock it . thats 1 cool camper . i got to set mine up to use it . you just stop and get in . advantages to both ... cool set up
  5. waterjetguy

    Diesel: Is it really important for a BOV to run on it?

    were i live it will be easy to get extra fuel when the shit hits the fan because ill take it out of all the home heating oil tanks around . my hummer sucks it back but it can go through anything but my f250 superduty will go 500 + miles off a single tank and it will get 400 towing the hummer and full of gear . so for me yea diesel is the way to go . pluss alot less issues with water buildup on stored fuel
  6. waterjetguy

    Anyone have a bug out truck camper?

    this is my rig and trailer set up