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    Texas Judge talks Civil War

    So bitchn isn't against the law yet. whew. I wasn't looking forward to the jail time.
  2. nobody

    Gun control Hysteria Rate Highest in Anti-Gun Metropolitan Areas This puts in perspective.
  3. nobody

    Gun control Hysteria

    Cain didn't shoot Able.
  4. nobody

    General Religious Question

    Or any who use suicide bombers. Just another form of human sacrifice.
  5. nobody

    Very common issue now days

    Common because it fits the media's agenda to report EVERY firearm fatality. 24 hour new is desperate for filling the voids of time they have. I think when national news was a 30 min program it was far less slanted. The things that made the news were news worthy. Now there is nothing but ratings to worry about.
  6. nobody

    big boy,s hand gun?

    Pricey little things too.
  7. nobody

    big boy,s hand gun?

    Haven't you heard, the mosquito is the new bear, and i have plenty of
  8. nobody

    Labor Day camping

    Something is better than nothing.....or at least that's what i keep telling my wife. Enjoy your day off vet.
  9. nobody

    big boy,s hand gun?

    For edc i agree. I was thinking of home defence. "old timers" have proven we will make it that long. Jury is still out on you "whipper-snappers". Jfwy
  10. nobody

    big boy,s hand gun?

    To me 9mm is the breaking point of "big boy's hand gun". Anything above 44mag is "why don't you have a rifle". I believe the fellow who started the thread corrected the "bear stopper" statement into "man stopper". a 454 to stop a man? over kill.
  11. nobody

    often forgotten

    And i thought all this time that a towel was the most useful item for survival.(It's a Douglas Adams thing)
  12. nobody

    CB Radios

    I am by no means an expert on cbs, but it seems to me that "radio silents" would be the order of the day in a teotwawki. After all wouldn't it be easy to read signal strength and track someone who keyed the mike?
  13. nobody

    10/22 barrel upgrade recommendations

    I have a 10-22 that was purchased in 1987. It has not been treated with kid gloves, but still shoots as true as the day it was made. Imo i would spend the money to buy a second, or even third 10-22. After all 2 is 1 and 1 is none. But if your into pimping your preps go for it.
  14. nobody

    It’s that time again. Another Knife Give Away!

    Not IN. I have more knives than should be allowed, and would not fell right taking what another may need. I would however like to thank you for your generosity. It is a nice looking knife.
  15. nobody

    Labor Day camping

    Camping is fun. Survival is not. While camping gives a chance to try out all the equipment we hope we have for survival, it does not test the most important aspect of a teotwawki, the will to live. Having said that i hope to be camping at Albert Pike state park in Ark. The weekend after labor day. I , like JCMS have no interest in camping shoulder to shoulder with the masses. After all camping is fun.
  16. nobody

    Weapon(s) of choice?

    While I understand the use of zombies as a tool to describe the hordes of people who, almost certainly ,will be desperate enough to act as mindless as a zombie. I do think it is a mistake to even jokingly prepare for "killing the zombies". It won't be zombies, it will be someones father,son,mother,or daughter. Killing in self-defence may be unavoidable but should be a last resort. In answer to your thread however, whatever weapon would kill a human being.
  17. nobody

    Modular Container Homes

    Excellent idea.
  18. nobody

    Texas Judge talks Civil War

    I wonder if he remembers how well the last one worked out.
  19. nobody

    Suturing: an ounce of prevention

    A question i have had about related topics is. Is there an over the counter product that is an effective pain killer for localized use? Akin to novacaine?
  20. nobody

    Man locks self in plane cockpit in Baton Rouge

    I don't see the relevance.
  21. nobody

    New guy from Georgia

    Hey bob, check-out american prepper network and see if they have a chapter in your area.
  22. nobody

    Who knows their craft?

    Along with a few others, I agree with those lists. I break it down into three types of preppers. 1st. The ready. Those who simply wish to have the tools and skills they need to survive, any situation. 2nd. The afraid. Those who feel helpless and are looking to remedy that threw planning and preparing. 3rd. The Rambos. Those who think a bigger gun and more ammo solve all problems. The first two are hard to tell apart, and the afraid can become the ready, not that the ready don't know fear. But they already have a plan and and preps to feel secure in most situations. The third type aren't of much use to me. I was just hoping to have a quick way to tell the difference. I will say, from reading the posts here, I see fewer Rambos that at most sites. That's a good thing.
  23. nobody

    big boy,s hand gun?

    nuff said.
  24. nobody

    .22 cowboy guns question

    I also like the 40 grain, it is one of the reason i do't care for the CCI stingers, they are 32 grain i think. I have not tried the minimags , but i will on my next chance. Thanks.