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    The Three Sisters.

    Tinder, we used pinto and the next year black eyed peas. Both worked really well. Do'nt use the "bush" type, Awake is right 'pole' will climb the stalks, makes easy picking.
  2. nobody

    DIY Special: Last House Standing

    heck ya....I'll be watching.
  3. nobody

    DIY Special: Last House Standing

    Dang it chick, my wife is always trying to get me to watch that channel.....she put you up to this?
  4. nobody

    $1,000.00 shopping spree...

    No those things aren't as cool, and they will not defend you. Store all the food you want but if you cant defend it , it just makes you a target. The things you mentioned also will not bring in food, firearms can. Not to mention the benefit of the "cool factor" is that owning something to defend and feed yourself usually makes folks take the next steps and the then the next....
  5. nobody

    Looking for a good hard wood to use

    Good choice but I'll stick with Bois de'arc. Nothings tougher.
  6. nobody

    The Three Sisters.

    Iv'e done the tree sisters.(minus the fish) It works really well. A bear to till afterwards due to the tight root systems tho.
  7. nobody

    $1,000.00 shopping spree...

    The model 60 is the best marlin i have ever owned, but the Ruger 10-22 is worth the $200 they cost.( i do understand the budget thing tho) Bill i agree on the pool shock. I keep a bucket too.
  8. nobody

    Is PETA really that retarded?

    Peta is as Peta does. In other words YES they are that 'tarted.
  9. nobody

    How's your ammo supply?

    lmao...the best thing. But if I buy another gun I'll have one pissed of woman to deal with, not sure why, Iv'e only bought 5 this year. She said if i'd sale some(good thing I don't believe in domestic violence) I could buy more. Catch 22 there....I don't sale guns.
  10. nobody

    Hello from Central Texas

    East side of central Texas here.(Tyler area) What kind of bush craft are you looking to try lefty? Short of trapping most are allowed in wilderness areas with the purchase of a $40 permit.(If your looking to build your own shelter they do frown on whacking live trees too)
  11. nobody

    The Final Insanity

    If you believe ANY politician you'll fall for anything. It is competitive lying. The most two faced,backstabbing,kiss ass wins. Hey they are 90% lawyers, what do you expect.
  12. nobody

    How's your ammo supply?

    22 ammo alone puts me off the chart. I have 2 class of firearms; those I consider shtf , and those that i use for hunting. They both are suitable for each use, but the price and availabity of ammo is the deciding factor.30-06 shells are about $1 each, while 7.62x54 are 19 cents.
  13. nobody

    $1,000.00 shopping spree...

    Good Advice Grant. Tell him to get to know the weapons, both use and maintenance. Water treatment options too, bleach and iodine are cheap. Pasta stores easy and is cheap.
  14. nobody

    The Final Insanity

    Danm whether you can spell or not you see things clearly and put that to words well...Damn fine post. Snake, if you leave who's gonna "pop the whip"....damn libs will over run us without your scatter gun tongue.
  15. nobody

    NEARLY time to say goodbye

    Keep in touch snake, miss ya already.
  16. nobody

    Ok that did it i am now ticked off....

    $5.99 for 32oz peanut butter.
  17. nobody

    How's your ammo supply?

    Jcms, you negative?!? Never, your a straight shooter and cut threw the pc crap. I like that. My old man only said 5 words a day and only then if 4 wouldn't do the job, that didn't leave any room for "pretty please" before every task he assigned. I like it honest. If i'm being a dumbass then call me a dumbass.
  18. nobody

    big boy,s hand gun?

    I have to disagree on that one. I have used 22s to kill pigs,dogs,and cattle..from point blank will do the job, but not always with the first(or sixth) shot. because of the lightness of the bullet it tends to hit bone and turn, riding along the skull or, just fail to punch threw. Now it's 9mm or bigger because of bullet weight. I am not knocking 22s, I love them for what they are , but they aren't instant kill every time ammo.
  19. I was wondering what percentage of members had, killed, butchered, and eaten an animal. Let's exclude fish from this pole.
  20. nobody

    Hi from West Virginia in Louisiana.

    Hey Breaker, glad to have you join our party and look forward to your view points. Firefly nerd here.
  21. nobody

    big boy,s hand gun?

    12 inch 12 gauge with slugs....and wrist braces.
  22. nobody

    big boys handgun...........

    careful water jet......babbelings MY job.
  23. nobody

    How's your ammo supply?

    My father inlaw is always on me to "pop the head"....Guess I just like the center mass shot, but maybe this old dog can learn a new trick.
  24. nobody

    What Percentage will make it?

    Crickets the other white meat huh. I like that idea. Got any links on the how to....Iv'e looked but yours are usually better.
  25. nobody

    Gun control Hysteria

    Everyone dies, some just make it interesting. Valhalla has no use for cowards.