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    When did 'they' become the enemy?

    When did government become the enemy of the people? My guess would be Nimrods rule.
  2. Nah....just ahead of the curve.
  3. Peewee Herman "I know you are, but what am I."
  4. Wasn't it Churchill who said; "If you aren't a liberal in your 20's you have no heart. And if you aren't a conservative in your 40's you have no head."? I like that. In our 20's we should dream of helping the world. But with some maturity the realization comes that people who need our help just to survive really aren't worth the effort it takes to save them. Harsh? yes, True? with out a doubt. We as humans like to think we are so evolved that the rules of nature don't apply to us. We find more and more we are wrong in that assumption. Survival of the fittest is still the ultimate rule, and as humans our being "fit" involves our contributions to society. These days we spend too much time and effort trying to "save" the most useless parts of the whole, at the cost of the over all health of our human race. Soon our arrogance will demand a reckoning. Mother nature WILL enforce her laws. I hope you survive the cut.
  5. None can fix the major problems facing us.(7,000,000,000 people, plague, food shortages, energy,etc.) They can only hope to buy time. Voting for someone who you think will "fix it" is hopeless. I will cast my vote based simply on this;"Who is more likely to stay out of my way enough to let me do the things I have to do to be , at least somewhat, prepared?" Ron Paul would, but that ain't gonna happen. Romney talks a good game but that's about as far as i think it goes. Obama has shown he would like to be in on the choice's EVERYONE makes. Personally I'd take a bullet before I'd vote for him. But if he does win again, oh well, that just means there are more of "them" than "us" and I'll need my preps all the sooner.
  6. nobody

    Excoastie's knife!

    you'll be happier when you get them, I know I am.
  7. nobody

    Excoastie's knife!

    Well a BIG thank you to excoastie. I just received the knife that he sent me. My left forearm is now nearly bald from showing everyone how damn sharp it is. I had thought from the pics that the handle looked a bit large fits my hand perfectly. The pics don't do it justus. It's a hell of a good looking knife. I have carried the same knife deer hunting for a dozen won't be on my hip this year, my Excoastie skinner/butcher will. To all you knife nuts should know recommendations don't come any higher.
  8. nobody

    FEMA Camp answer...

    All those exec orders to say "We will do whatever the F#%k we want whenever the F#%k we want and shoot whoever the F#%k disagrees".......hell I already knew that. Hope and change ....If you think you have hope that'll change.
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    Iv'e used 3/16 for hogs before, never lost one, the biggest being about 150lbs....the BIG boys don't fall for snares, or mine anyway. You ever use nylon ribbon? 1500 lb pull and doesn't smell like metal.
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    welcome back.
  11. nobody


    LOL...I'll do the same, as soon as the weather cools.
  12. nobody

    Quickclot Alternatives?

    Are there any plantain look alikes? I see what I think is it, but wanna be sure.
  13. Ever have one of those days where every news was good news? Well today was one for me. To start Excoastie informed me I had won his knife give away! Then I got a call from a fellow prepper saying he had gone threw some old cache of his and found some sks gear he had forgotten to sale when he changed to the AR platform....and would I like it? It included 2, 30 round mags, bayonete ,cleaning rod and kit and a stock,....he refused to accept any payment! Then another call let me know my bid had been accepted on a job I sorely needed. I truly hope everyone had as nice a Labor day as I did.....but mine was hard to beat! Prep on!
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    I have a large supply of home made snares, but at Goodwill the other day i found a 500ft spool of 50lb mf fishing line for $2. I couldn't resist. I'm thinking shtf squirrel stew. Reg5., what size animal do you think would be the limit of 1/8 in wire rope? Iv'e snared coons with it fine, but wonder about say a 80lb hog?
  15. nobody

    Here it Comes

    wow. $16 a bushel is crazy. That'd double food prices, grain may be first but meat wouldn't be far behind. Then the fuel....
  16. nobody

    How's your ammo supply?

    I agree capt.The x39 holds the lions share of my ammo stock(accept 22lr of course) with about half as much x54.I'll stick with the x39 as home defence, the x54 is a good round for just about all north american big game and the 22s pickup the small stuff. I also bought an insert that lets me shoot x25 in my x54s, For up to deer sized game it is a good single shot option. I also mix a good amount of 12 gauge.
  17. nobody


    I think this guy puts an end to the argument.
  18. nobody


    Nice daggers in there coastie. Do you do any "skinners"?(schrade style)
  19. nobody

    What Percentage will make it?

    I think a large percentage will choose to "end the pain", it is an option I will never choose. When I was 20 one of my best friends chose that route. After seeing the aftermath I will endure. Capt., I for one among many am glad you didn't leave us early. Your advice is a steadying force. I also think our brides have a lot in common, they both saved us from ourselves. I thank god for mine everyday.
  20. nobody

    How's your ammo supply?

    Excoastie, you like some high dollar guns. I do to but I am trying to arm 5 people so my budget dictates surplus firearms(sks,nagants,tokarevs,10-22s) but I do like your choices. blackjac I have a 30-06, and love it.
  21. They are free to do it if they want, just don't expect me to drop everything and come to the rescue. I don't ask any to pull my fat out of the fire if i'm the one who sat in the flames.
  22. nobody

    cut shells.........

    When I was a kid we used cut shells for deer hunting. Up close they work really well, 40 yards or so they are deadly.