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  1. nobody

    Paracord items for sale

    I have to say when I ordered this belt I thought i'd be getting a quality product. I had no clue. This belt was the best purchase I have made in years! Tinder you are an ARTIST. How the @#$% did you weave it so tight? The weave is intricate beyond what I have ever seen. (go up on your prices ....its worth more) My sons next scout meeting is Monday night. I FULLY expect every troop member to want one. Tinder pm me what measurements you need for that rifle sling....I'll be mailing the check Friday. One damn happy customer here!!!( So happy I had to drive to my brothers and get on-line as soon as I got home, just to let you know .....My boy hasn't taken it off since he got it.)
  2. nobody

    apocolypse kit

    WAY to high. you can buy all of that individually cheaper....again WAY to high.
  3. nobody

    How's your ammo supply?

    Very well put Capt. my 22lr exceed 10,000 rounds the next closest is my pistol, then assault rifle, 12 gauge is next and hunting rifles bring up the rear with just over 1000(remember I'm buying for three) A quick note on the 22lr , wal-mart has 333 rounds for $9.99
  4. nobody

    I love BOOBIES

    JHC.......I was talking about use AFTER a defencive position ....OH never mind...don't learn it what do I care.
  5. nobody


    my experiences just started last year so I can't judge yet. . maybe this will be helpful. Amazon has better deals on 1 gallon bags. and be has better on 5 gallon.
  6. I own my own business and on paper I make six figures, but I DO NOT consider myself upper class. I think Mitts hit it about right.
  7. nobody

    NEARLY time to say goodbye

    Yes it can....see Capt Bart.
  8. nobody

    NEARLY time to say goodbye

    It's been fun guy's but time to take "going grey" to the next good to each other and God bless.
  9. Bought yet another Tokarev and a 1240 round tin of ammo for it. I got a hell of a deal ..$300 for both. Picked up a box of 7.62x54R sp for hunting. Got 500 lbs of corn at a really good price..$80. Pimped out one of my sks with a ati stikeforce pro plus stock and scope combo. also ordered a bi-pod, muzzle reducer and tac flashlight for it(I am a firm beleiver that a plain jane gun is usually best....but I needed a project) Ordered a para-cord belt for my sons cub scout uniform(thanks tinderwolf) Filled my 250 gallon fuel tank. Topped of our pasta horde with the last of my mylar bags(25 lbs of assortied pasta). completed my salt stock (200 lbs). put up 50lbs of sugar and a 15 poiunds of coffee along with 1000 tea bags. Plan on digging a pit for our systern (400 gallon) tomorrow. I think it's on it's way(shtf) and spent the last week wrapping up all my loose ends. Hope ya'll have done the same. Been fun comparing notes with you guys but right or wrong I won't be back after today.GWG.
  10. Going to ground may be a good thing......I think this will be may last day in the open too.....good luck and God bless, see ya'll on the other side.
  11. The middle east has been a shithole for over 2000 years but if you point it out some arab/orc/piece of shit will have a hissy. They can kill who ever they want in the name of religion and we are to turn a blind eye, but if someone points out that the prophet that started such a barbaric belief system, must have been a real douche bag, they prove he was by declaring holy war. Before I get the "freedom of religion" speech, that is only if your beliefs don't infringe on mine...Killing any who will not convert is infringing....and that,s what said douche bag ordered. Fine with me if we have a holy long as both side play by the same rules. They wouldn't make it a week.
  12. nobody


    hey wolf, I had some go bad after 5 years. It was in the plastic bag it came in and i had stored it in a cool dry area. However 2 other bags were just fine, stored right along side the one that went bad. I'm not sure why some was bad the rest ok...just to be sure I bought mylar and bagged all my grains.
  13. nobody

    Greetz from Utah

    Welcome sir. glad to have you.
  14. nobody

    Time to roll/bend over again!!

    I'm with Dan. Just nuke the whole bloody mess and have done with it. Sure we'll feel guilty , but the world would be better off and they'd get 77 camels, but I don't think they'd mind.
  15. nobody

    Paracord items for sale

    like this one me your info and i'll get a check on the way.