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    Love the outdoors, being prepared, always learning to survive, avid camper and fisherman. Jack of all trades master of none.
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  1. Quad3

    CB Radios

    what about FRS radios? thats what my family uses theres tons of channels to choose from. mine has NOA and has a 35 mile range but over 15 its greatly limited by the land scape.
  2. Quad3

    3 hours ago in LA

    positive side its not, in a heavily populated area. did you go through the slide shows in that link? there were an awefull lot of sink holes in 2010.
  3. I wonder what the floats are made of? dont get me wrong thats a killer idea for coastal area or swamp areas. i can see a couple design issues that would concern me such as the way the floats open up so wide directly in front and in back of the unit, seem like there is quite the potential for objects to protrude through the opening and possibly rupture a float or even worse cause the track to pop off of the machine. would if still float if it lost a track? dont get me wrong id surely take one if i had the opportunity its got great potential just a little more R&D for a final production..
  4. Quad3


    I don't have enough property of my own to hunt on but I've hunted the city of Akron property that runs along the cuyahoga river in Geauga county.
  5. Quad3

    Here to learn and help

    Hey y'all my names quad3, I'm an avid outdoorsman who is always looking to learn more. I enjoy camping and fishing heck basically anything outdoors. I can hold my own in survival of myself and family but community is key. Looking for like minded people in my area who are of like mind in the event of necessity. Know who their friends are and who they can count on. We all hope that teotwawki doesn't happen in our lives or our children's but failure to plan is planning to fail. I'm not a crazy extremist far out guy. Very level headed and have been referred to as "the mans man". Here for community, friends, knowledge and being able to pass along what I know to improve another's life.