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    Sawyer Water Filter Review

    Mr. Exit, I'm glad to know you're no longer "water pathetic" like I was. I'm currently searching for a large bottle what will attach to the filter so i can use it as a gravity feed.
  2. I took a 10 day trip with the family to Tahoe and the Sequoia's this month. It was my annual trek to get away from the concrete jungle of south OC. The whole trip was planned to be camping, hiking, and surviving outdoors. For my mental recharging and to prep the kids a bit and try to strip them of the typical OC kids life. Instead of carrying my 1.5 yr old son AND 15 pounds of water, I decided to pick up a water filter. I chose the Sawyer Squeeze Filter. Cheap, great filter on micron size, and easy to use. The guy at the shop I bought from had used it on a 10 day trip in the wild around Tahoe. He told me to never let if freeze as that would ruin the filter. Aside from that, there is no downside to the filter. First use was in a stream/river in Tahoe. Used a coffee filter to pre-screen the water, put my bottle in, filled it, dumped it into the squeeze pouch, attached the filter, and within 2 seconds had water coming out of the filter. Some reviews on amazon mention the pressure needed to push the water thru the filter. Those users must have had a dirty/well used filter. I had to barely apply pressure to get a solid stream of good water. I held it upside down so see if gravity would do the work for me, and sure as shinola, a slow stream of water came out. I think the best part of this product is that it is cleanable. Included in the kit is a large syringe that is used to backwash the filter with clean water. It was easy to push back thru. Thus, the filter can be used many times. It is supposed to be able to filter 1,000,000 gallons of water per filter. No other filter comes close to that number. I can't think of too many products that deserve a 10 out of 10. I'd give it a 9.5 though. The only downside I can think of is having to fill up the squeeze pouch, not get any water on the outside of it so as to not contaminate the good water. Aside from that, it is a perfect product.