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    Im a Marine, a mechanic, and I major in Abnormal Psychology. That's all you need to know.
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  1. Yeah i have been kind of off the grid for a bit, dealing with some things that needed to get done for the advancement of other things. Um, what do you need? measurements of the weapon? i can send you a message with the dementions this weekend. i got to measure the weapon. Its a full length Government model 1911. I currently use an H harness but thats only concealable during the fall and winter. I want something low profile in black leather if thats the kind of work you do. Ill get the measurements to you as soon as i can before the weekend is through

  2. Hey bud, I sent you a message about the holster but you haven't responded so I'm bringing it here, the cost depends on tooling and assembly. Without having the piece to customize it to it would have to be pretty standard. There is an option we could discuss, but it includes shipping the holster back and forth a few times

  3. USMC_Survivor

    Anyone have a bug out truck camper?

    Sweet!!! I Like it man. I would love to go at it that way but I don't have a truck bug enough and enough money to get one. I want to build a bug out trailor and use that for mock buggouts and camping trips. Keep us updated on the project.
  4. USMC_Survivor

    Home invasion/ car jacking at gunpoint

    What is a kick lock? Is that like the tactical wedge that you put under your door jam? Cause (against my concerns) we have a sliding glass door. thank god for the fact that its a not actual glass but the lock for the door is junk. my brother and i made a top hinged rod lock out for the top and use the thicker part of a pool cue for the bottom. we have litterally attempted to force entry through this door and could not do it. But i would still like to do something more for the side door and the front door besides just deadbolts.
  5. USMC_Survivor

    What have you done for your BOV lately?

    I have a Jerhico low top cap for my one S10. That is the easiest way to make a secure area on your vehicle. I love it. Post a pic of your truck. I love pre runners. I have been fabricating a Ford TTB front suspension for my blazer BOV but decided it would be easier to just get the 6" lift to take the trails I run. I've ran my truck everywhere with no problems at all with the tires I run. And a little bit of suspension tweaking. I recently added a 5gallon fuel jug and a hand pump Syphon to my BOV. I really want the metal jerry cans but can't find em around here cheap enough
  6. USMC_Survivor

    Want to disappear?

    Damn all you gotta do tp see how much people see about u is Google yourself
  7. USMC_Survivor


    I was just reading about that game in game informer! I thought it was a new game for xbox 360 or ps3. I didn't realization it was a computer mmorpg. It looks really good but my wimpy ass laptop won't have the procession to play it. I need a new pc lol
  8. USMC_Survivor

    big boy,s hand gun?

    My BIG BOY gun is my Taurus .44 Mag that I throw down 300 grain Bear loads. This Pissy lil bastard will bust some shut up lol. I love it!
  9. USMC_Survivor

    big boy,s hand gun?

    I own a Bersa 1911 .45 and I love it. Got some different grips and it feels great. It really is a nail driver. Only thing I don't Luke is the smaller mag cap. I have a Rugar P 95 9mm and that is a great firearm as well. 15+1 cap and great weight distribution. Amazing firearm for an everyday carry and the most reliable handgun I've ever owned. But that Bersa 1911 ran me about $400 brand new from a private dealer w/ two 8 rd mags.
  10. You make holsters? Shit I've been trying to find one for my 1911 Government .45 that I like but they all don't look right. How much do you charge to make one?

  11. USMC_Survivor

    Anyone have a bug out truck camper?

    So any word on some pictures of the project man? You have a fan club here lol
  12. USMC_Survivor

    Anyone have a bug out truck camper?

    I'm buying an old 1/2 ton military trailor to build a bug out trailor out of. Me and a guy I work with made one and put a truck cap on it and sealed it up w silicone and its sweet. Plenty sleep 3 wide and lots of ground clearance. All you have to Do to the truck is get a pintle hook for the hitch reciever and splice the trailors old military tow cables to match.your truck if it hasn't already been done. I'll take some pix of that next time I go up to his house.
  13. Knowledge, experience, seat time... The Navy never gave you defensive driving training or convoy training?

  14. TY for the BOV invite, unfortunately i wouldnt have much to contribute.

  15. Hey man, I just started a group called BOV test group. Just giving you an invite. It's a group for those of us with a BOV we actually take out and test our limits. I'm hoping it will actually be kind of popular.