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  1. friend of mine makes fun or the coast guard, "are they part of our military?" is a statement that has got him in some arguments.


    I always said that the positive side to being in the coast guard was if you get into any trouble you can always wade to shore ;)


    LMAO!!! snake that is so wrong but i can't help but laugh.

  2. ZM,

    I joined the Army because I'd read Socrates and understood his point about the city raised you, protected you, educated you and now you owe them. OK, I got it then and get it now, but when the rulers break the social contract, then the rules do change. I'm very proud of my service, I would do it again even knowing that I'd have 40+ years of back trouble as a result, because I love my country. I confess I talked my son out of joining the military when Clinton was president and I thank God I didn't have to serve under someone like Obozo.


    Still, the desire to serve the nation (remember you are defending the Constitution, NOT the bloody president) is a very commendable thing.


    Oh, in answer to the post's question: I was a 14E20 (Fire direction control) as an enlisted man, an 1193 FA unit commander, 1190 FA Ballistic Missile Unit Commander, and an 1981 Rotary Wing Unit Commander. I did get to play with some neat stuff.


    those do sound fun lol. unfortunately im more of a simpleton ill end up being the guy they tell to go here and shoot them lol

  3. Im going for the Boston marathon, the twin towers, the pentagon , and im going to stop this shit from happening ever again. I understand your reasoning for disliking the people in charge for screwing us over for them but you have to remember they attacked us and they cannot get away with it.

  4. Ladywolf,

    sounds like a plan. My bride and I are talking about getting a trailer (even a fema trailer) for some land we have as a BOL. Still, remember that a bus, trailer, RV, etc. are fundamentally not as secure as brick and mortar. I think (personal bias, don't know) it is probably safer than an apartment but you must plan on fire/disaster evacuation or protection. Do not try to ride out a tornado in a bus! Find yourself a spot for a storm shelter; make sure you have a fire evacuation path from EVERYWHERE in the bus (OK, I'm paranoid about fire), and realize that you are not as secure against forced entry as you are in a more permanent structure. You might consider an "armored" room - by that I mean a place where if some idiot is sitting on the road punching holes in your bus with his .22, you can duck down behind a bullet shield. Add some real, solid doors for a safe room on the inside and it is a pretty good spot.

    With none of those things, I still think you're better off in the bus in a more rural area than you are in an apartment. I've lived in apartments before and I did not like it!

    Just my not so humble opinion of course.


    fema trailers are actually pretty good you just won't be able to do alot of remodeling the walls aren't very strong and their not very insulated.

  5. It is truly up to you. Just keep a open mine about what you want to do. I loved my MOS (cavalry scout); I was either deployed or always in the field training. You also have to remember that if you are married and they are going to be stationed with you; how much time will your MOS allow you to be with them. Military life can be hard on families. As others have said someone that has not served does not have the right to trash talk a certain branch ( i support all branches).


    that was actually one of the mos that i was kind of interested in but what exactly do they do?

  6. Join whatever branch you really want to join no one like hearing regret lots of people in old unit would say "i should have been a marine" or "I should just joined the Airforce" and all I could say and think is "shut the fuck up" those chumps are just as bored and under appreciated as us, although I would say if you enjoy luxury and being pampered join the Airforce those guys truly get the top of the line gear and barracks life. If you want to go Army go for it, but know that no matter what branch you join until you complete a deployment no one in your unit will truly respect you. So to wrap this all up my experience was as followed years 1-3 years were good, 4th year okay, 5-7th year I was on medical hold and fucking hated it, but your experience will vary. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world and would do it all over again if necessary.


    i was born an army brat so I would be lieing if i said i wasn't partial to that particular branch lol

  7. vonBayern, many veterans from "other" services view the Air Force as the Chair Force or a farce, as you stated. However, we alumni are indeed aware that NOT "everyone" can qualify for the enlistment requirements for both officers and NCOs. While your being a forms squid, you can lay claim to having the Seal Teams and SBS crews, 90% of the time when the Seals are airlifted into an area, they are on USAF aircraft and have one or more PJs' on board with them. I NEVER considered sullying MY personal reputation by enlisting in the Squids, I learned that at a very early age.

    Take that!! (offered up in THE most sincere jab from one veteran to another!).I will however DEFEND any Squid's "honor" from any non-veteran attempting to denigrate any branch of the military!

    Best wishes in your recovery from squidom!


    idc what veterans say about other branches they have that right but anyone who isn't a vet has no right to talk shit about any branch so i to would defend any branch of the military from anyone who isn't a veteran.

  8. Guns I would have if starting over:

    1. I would start by inheriting my dad’s Savage 99 .308 lever action. Can use ammo for small to large game

    as needed. This is the rifle I shoot the best and most accurately, and a lot faster than a bolt action.

    2. Remington 870 riot/entry shotgun.

    3. Ruger 10/22 rifle

    4. Ruger .22/.22 magnum single action convertible revolver

    5. Ruger .44 magnum 4-inch revolver customized to .454/.45 Colt, or even left .44 magnum

    6. .45 acp semi-auto. Either an HK, 1911, Steyer, FN

    7. New Savage Model 42 .22 WMR over .410, unless they come up with some even better combinations. A .30-30 over 12 gauge would be great. A great “survival” gun. Serves a lot of purposes.

    8. If I had to have a concealable carry gun there are a lot to choose from and I would be happy with many of them.

    For deep concealment I just might use my S&W 642, or even something smaller. I would NEVER use a .380. You know what they say, “if you shoot a man with a .380 and he finds out about it he’s going to be pissed.”


    Maybe an S&W Governor with lots of shot shells for small game, and heavy .45 Colt for self-defense.


    savage makes a 30-30 over 20 gaug

  9. i picked mine up.both because its cheap ($150) durable and easy to use so i could use it as both a handout and a good bug out weapon i test fired the same day i bought it and i was immediately happy with the results i discovered it shoots high and to.the left but i learned last night that the front sight adjusts left and right for windage so i can tweek it until i get it shooting dead on