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  1. honestly if i got the choice of either my fiance getting beatin raped or killed while i sit idly by because of stupid laws or i shoot the SOB and get stuck as big bubbas b**** in prison the rest of my life i woulld choose big bubba anyday. My fiances well being will always come before mine without hesitation or even a second thought
  2. ZM1995

    "Grey" gear

    hell if we caan get the tree huggers to fund well say screw the longhorn well get some copenhagen straight
  3. ZM1995

    CHat feature for logged-in members

    it is a very good point that nobody else would be able to read our posts and get help from them and i beleive all email sites have a chat option now-a-days
  4. ZM1995

    Article Ideas

    well coming from a country boy with a thick accent and an education from a smalltown public high school i say if you have a problem with the way people write on here does not mean you have the right to insult them so if you really dislike the way people write on a public website built to help people feel free to find yourself another a website where you can get off on making people feel stupid
  5. ZM1995


    thanks for the posts everyone those all seem like very usefull books but as im underaged i dont have a credit card so i cant order any of them :/ but i did check out that thread and it was very usefull esspecially the idea about the sandbox and watching the way people walk i do that every tume i go to walmart or the mall
  6. ZM1995

    Make a plan

    i got this im gonna start a thread where we can bounce ideas off of each other
  7. ZM1995

    Being gray and situational awareness

    that is a very good point navy vet ill have to practice on this more
  8. i remeber those day snake....some of the roughest fights i ever had ended with the two of us drinking a beer.....made some good friends after we were both bloody. i wish it was still that way these days when you beat the h3ll out of someone in a fair fight they refuse to let it go they just have to come back either with a weapon or their buddys or both its ridiculous
  9. ZM1995

    Being gray and situational awareness

    i was talking mostly about around town in ateotwaki situation where i want to go un noticed i wouldnt be around people i would haul a$$ straight to the mountains which are literally my backyard i do appreciate any advice you can give me so feel free to send me a message or email so we can discuss this further
  10. you only live about two hours from me

  11. ZM1995

    The Real Zombies

    that is a really good metaphor but i too prefer to call them sheep
  12. ZM1995

    Howdy. :)

    if you cant find something useful on this site than you obviously cant read lol
  13. ZM1995

    big boy,s hand gun?

    i love the 1911 it fits my hand perfectly and when ive got some 45 caliber ''ashtrays'' flying through the air it makes me feel warm and cozy its like a safety blanket
  14. ZM1995

    Survivorman Returns

    thats the problem with people these days their more interested in whats happening on the latest reality bull$hit than whats going on in the real world. on the rare occasion i actually watch tv the only things i watch are educational such as history, military, or discovery channels, or the news
  15. ZM1995

    put the "bug" in bugging out

    if they have bright colors or smell bitter or smell like almonds dont eat em thats all i can tell ya off the top of my head lol
  16. ZM1995

    Warning Magazine amendment

    well ladies and gents i dont know about you but im gonna go out and but as many thirty round mags as financially possible and im gonna cache the majority of them before those left hand @$$holes start their search and seizure
  17. ZM1995

    NEARLY time to say goodbye

    i may be a junior member but i have been coming to this site for years and you are definetly one of the people who has stood out to me with your posts and i will miss reading your opinoins take care and if your ever in virginia get online long enough to email me and well hang out
  18. ZM1995

    Survivorman Returns

    oh and dont get me wrong i do understand that at some their is gonna bbe fighting but if your gonna do a show on survival than stick to giving advice on survival orat least give some tips on how to resolve conflicts while in a survival situation
  19. ZM1995

    Survivorman Returns

    thats my kind of camping lol i hate how my dad and stepmom go ''camping'' i went with them this year before i even knew anything about the campground but when i got their i discovered it was a huge area completely covered with campers and dad was sitting in his air conditioned camper watching tv the place had electricity and water and showers for gods sake thatis not a campground that is a trailerpark
  20. ZM1995

    Survivorman Returns

    love that show i cant stand man woman wild if i wanted to watch a married couple fight in the woods id take my in laws hunting no promises they wouldnt have an ''accident''
  21. personally if i was with a group of survivors in a dangerous shtf or teotwaki scenario i would make it very plain to them that if they become a danger to myself or others from disobeying orders or just by making an ass of themselves i will without hesitation put a bullet in their skull but before any of you go thinking i am an unfair or unfit leader i should tell you that i dont beleive anyone is below me due to any race color creed or opion if somebody could make a more fit leader for the group i would gladly take orders from them without question i just refuse to deal with anyone who is a liability because their too damn stupid to listen to the person who is going to keep them alive i am also a firm beleiver in the democratic system which is why as a leader my group will have the opprptunity to vote on every decision we make as long as it does not put the lives of myself or others in danger in these situations their must be someone whois capable of making rational decisions in charge without that structure the group is doomed to fail but if anyone wants to discuss this further with me feel free to send me a private message so we can discuss our opinions without offending anyone i am always open to suggestions and willing to listen to others opinions not matter how different they might be from mine
  22. ZM1995

    Optimizing property for hunting.

    not to mention the fact that farmers are all experts when it comes to common sense a skill that is quickly becoming lost in most young people these days
  23. ZM1995

    Being gray and situational awareness

    i wish i could do that but i am six foot four but i learned long ago if i look like that guy that nobody wants to f*** with they never do
  24. ZM1995

    Optimizing property for hunting.

    heres a little something that will help your chances of harvesting some game thats less than permanant....walk if your out hunting and you havent seen or heard anything in your current location chances are your not going to for quite some time so just get up and walk slowly and quietly making sure you stop often to conduct slls (stop, look, listen, and smell) you will have a much better chance finding wild game that way. ps. I am speaking from expeirience in allmy years of hunting i have gathered more game while on the move than i have sitting down.
  25. ZM1995

    Makeshift weaponry thread?

    if you leave a glass bottle half full of whatever liquid it will knock somebody out cold my ''cough cough'' friend knows this from expeirience